Safa Ahmad

Safa Ahmad, 17, who had tasted the bitter taste of poverty, was trying to learn tirelessly to serve his people. His passion and love for a better future was so high which didn’t match his age. But unfortunately, the criminals, who are used weapon, and trying to control the pride the human beings in everywhere and can’t tolerate ambitious people like Safa, killed him during a verbal quarrel, to stop the plant of freedom to grow up.

Safa Ahmad (23 June 1997 – 27 July 2014), studied in grade 11 and one of the active youths of SPA, was killed by three vagrants. Solidarity Party of Afghanistan – SPA expresses its condolences to Safa’s family, friends and all SPA members and sympathizers for the martyrdom of this indomitable and conscious youth, and is resolute to change the sorrows into the power.

SPA protest against attacks on Gaza and Urgoon

Everywhere in Afghanistan and Palestine, the blood of defenseless people runs in rivulets. With every passing day we witness unspeakable atrocities. Undoubtedly, cannibal neo-colonialists lurk behind every man-made calamity and destruction in the world and prolong their nefarious existence through war-mongering and the plunder of other nations. In the midst of all this, the so-called free world not only has and continues to keep silent in the face of massacres by the Taliban and the Zionists, it covertly provides weapons and other resources to the murderers too.

Since many years, the Gaza that is Afghanistan and Gaza, Palestine –sharing a common nature and a common fate– have been victimized by systemic conspiracies of western and regional powers. We call on the wakeful conscience of the people of the world to rise up against this wave of undisguised fascism and oppression which is taking the world towards animalistic barbarism, before it devours them too.

Attack on Kunar by Pakistani Army

Besides other various calamities in Afghanistan, the shelling of hateful Pakistani Army is a threat to residents of eastern provinces especially to defenseless people of Kunar and has put their life and possessions at risk. The terrorist-raising government of Pakistan that seeks its existence in the regional unrest, on the indications of its western masters, has stepped ahead to evacuate the area through their destructive air assaults to provide safe haven for raising the ignorant Taliban.

The corrupt government of Kabul, a mixture of proxies, are watching the crimes and rascality of Pakistani regime against our people and have adopted deadly silence against their offensives. The palace-dwellers, who have many disclosed scandals with Pakistani Generals, are giving some dogmatic statements, asking eastern border forces to be on alert, and providing a mouthful bit to their self-made media, and in this way walk out of their responsibility.

The hateful government of Pakistan, led by Nawaz Sharif and partners, are continuing with their yesterday’s dogmatic policies against their own people and the region, and are walking alongside the devilish footsteps of CIA ad MI6. This reactionary and filthy government, alike the blood-sucker regime of Iran, has always misused the back-breaking poverty, deprivation and triviality of the wretched refugees as cannon fodder and destructive tools to empower fundamentalism and wilderness in Afghanistan and in the region. The Pakistani Government, by relying on a bunch of Afghan traitors and hateful gangs of Gulbuddin, Mullah Omar, Haqani and etc, is trying to keep the unfortunate Afghanistan in their political, economic, cultural and even military captivity for many years. The Pakistani administration are now trying to deliver success to the warlords’ team, headed by Abdullah, in the elections, and once again install their yesterday’s down-to-earth slaves in the power.

8th Saur Statement

7th and 8th Saur – 27th and 28th April, are the shameful scares in our calendar, that followed more than three decades wilderness, destruction, deprivation, and collapse of all economic, cultural and social infrastructure of our country. But still the criminal of Khalqi-Parchami and the blood-sucker ignorant Tanzimis as the perpetrators of brutalities of the history, are ruling on the fate of our nation. They have put an scar on our national prosperity and pride by selling our motherland many times, but they themselves are enjoying their cozy life.

Our people sacrificed and tolerated miseries to crush the Russian invaders and their minions but unfortunately prosperity and security didn’t realized, and the price of poured blood was stolen on 8th Saur – 28th April by made-in Pakistan and Iran Tanzimi – fundamentalist parties’ leaders. In lieu of celebration, our people set in mourn of their loved ones. The destructive factional wars, assault of nation’s assets and honor and warlordism destroyed the eco-politics infrastructure of Afghanistan. Kabul became a blood bath. They massacred more than 70,000 Kabulis, and committed such wilderness that people still have them in their nightmares. The puppet regime of Karzai and his warlord brothers, without any  contrition and shame, are calling 8th Saur as “National Celebration”, which indeed is an insult to the blood of tens of thousands of our compatriots and covering the shocking crimes, that neither can be forgotten nor be erased from memories. The dark day of 8th Saur, not only squandered the anti-Russian resistance, but smoothed the path for further destruction and made the ground ready for capture of country by middle ages’ army, Taliban, and filthy governments of Pakistan, Iran, US and tens of other countries.

SPA Statement on 8 March 2014

March 8, International Women’s Day, marks women’s struggle and solidarity all over the world to assert their trampled rights in the face of the shackles imposed upon them by male dominance, tyrant regimes and the capitalist system. March 8 is the day that heralds the overthrow of inhuman institutions and revolt against inequalities which reduce the exalted position of women to that of baby-producing machines and instruments for satiating the carnal passions of men, and allows the most horrendous of crimes to be perpetrated against women. March 8 pays homage to, and renews our covenant with the blood of the likes of Nahid, Wajiha, Meena, Rosa Luxemburg, Leyla Qasim, Shirin Alam Holi, Zoya, Marzieh Oskoi, Tania and countless other women worldwide. These champions of women’s emancipation proved by their resistance, legendary struggle and the shedding of their blood that women can fight side by side with men for a society devoid of oppression and injustice, and that there is no other way for emancipation from bondage and misery.

Our country is devoid of independence and freedom, and is trampled underfoot by the barbaric raids of the occupiers and their vile minions; therefore, women’s rights and human rights in general have no place in our society. In a country which has been rendered bereft of independence, talking about democracy and justice is demagoguery. Consequently, we cannot congratulate our shackled women on this day, as it will be a hollow formality –what individuals and entities of our dollar-obsessed officialdom are doing. When the absolute majority of our women spend their lives in abject misery, and at each moment the most horrendous crimes are committed against them and the most demeaning indignities are heaped upon them, this day can only be commemorated by renewing our vow to intensify the struggle for securing women’s rights, and by exposing and expelling all forms of misogyny and its perpetrators.

Treaty with USA

Once again, a gathering under the name of Consultative Loya Jirga has been called to deliberate on the Bilateral Security Agreement, the title deed to the sell-off of our motherland. For months, the US propaganda public address system has been preparing Afghan public opinion for accepting the BSA and the entire city has been plastered with empty and deceptive official slogans. All roads leading to Kabul have been closed and the city has been put on a war footing with massive deployment of security forces. Tens of our innocent compatriots lost their lives during brutal Taliban suicide attacks aimed at derailing this gathering. Six working days have been lost to an assembly whose members have been hand-picked by the government. The Loya Jirga delegates, according to the wishes of the Karzai clique and the US authorities, will evidently vote for a document which will bring nothing to our homeland and our people but enslavement and the long-term continuation of war and bloodshed. Through such a calculated ploy, Karzai seeks to evade going down in history as Shah Shujah III, and to give the perception that it was the “representatives of the people” who endorsed the BSA document.

Throughout all this hullaballoo, sold-out intellectuals in the pay of the government, and others off the government payroll, dancing to the tune of their masters, have taken it upon themselves to justify the signing of the BSA and misguide public opinion through the so-called free media. Some of these inert intellectuals are Russian waifs from the era of the “Glorious Saur Revolution”, others –the larger portion– consist of technocrats and fundamentalist ‘brothers’ who howl in unison that “if the US deprives us of its patronage, we will be devoured by our dragon neighbors and Taliban monsters, we will lose financial and military aid worth $4.1 billion a year, we will be isolated and the bloodshed of the years of ‘civil war’ by the jihadi factions and Taliban tyranny will be repeated”. With tens of other such ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, they eulogize the noose of bondage which will heap riches on a chosen few but will bring misery to our unhappy nation.

crime of khalq and parcham regime

Finally the release of names of 5,000 victims of assassins of the hated regime of Khalqi-Parchami, removed the fake mask of devoted defenders of “Saur Revolution” and reopened the wounds of our oppressed people. The “Dead List” is a minor part of awful crimes of brutish regime of People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) in 80s. The massacre of these sellouts can’t be concluded by 5,000 or 10,000, and the list of 12,000 hanged prisoners hasn’t been taken out of archives yet. The Russian’s lackey assassins alike fundamentalist gangs by killing our defenseless people especially intellectual and educated ones, tried to “clean out” Afghanistan out of thoughtful and revolt minds.

The sellouts of Khalqi-Parchami are not “communist” but criminal demagogues, who under the flag of “people” and “workingman” and “equality” betrayed these values with full obscenity. Although they listed their victims with details, but after their collapse the blood-sucker of Tanzimi – Jihadi factions, Taliban and American killed tens of thousands of our compatriots without leaving any list behind. In this country all of well-known criminal and oppressors of 7th and 8th Saur (27th April 1978, and 28th April 1992), the slaves in stable of giants known as US and NATO, who should be prosecuted or spend the rest of their shameful life in prison, instead have been placed in parts of the government, “civil society”, BBC and other entities, busy in earning money and serving a new period of betrayal against the homeland.

Speech of Anne Carin in the 3rd Conference of Pakistan-Afghanistan progressive forces

Congratulations on your two days successful conference from me and from The Left International Forum.

Unity and understanding is the only way to fight against any type of aggression. In 2 days we have got a lot of information about the issue of fundamentalism and terrorism and the threats towards women's progress. Participants' contribution has given a great knowledge about the issue. The challenges for women are discussed, in fact women's freedom is a big threat to the fundamentalist and exploitive system.

This is the reason why fundamentalists are frightened from women. If women get their freedom there will be a global change as women are 50% of the population. This change can bring a global revolution.

Due to this, Left people all over the world should support women's struggle for freedom and continue this struggle.

The third joint conference of the progressive forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan

The third joint conference of the progressive forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan was held on June 23-24, 2013 in Kabul by joint efforts of the Awami Workers Party of Pakistan (AWP) and the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) with the support of the Left International Forum of Sweden - VIF (Vänsterns Internationella Forum). This international conference was hosted by the SPA and representatives of patriotic and democratic parties, organizations, social associations had participated which are active on women’s rights in the region. Also delegates of the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party of Pakistan, Bonded Labour Liberation Front, Laal Band and others were present.

spa demonstration

On May 2, 2013, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) staged a protest rally in Kabul to denounce the dark days of April 27, 1978 and April 28, 1992. Although this protest was due to be held on 28th April but the Afghan government refused permission.

We had similar protest last year which provoked Afghan ruling warlords and our party faced many restrictions and pressure from government, parliament and other bodies and they even tried to officially suspend our party.

But this year, the Afghan security forces, having direct order from the presidential palace resorted to force and intimidation to stop this demonstration. With different tactics they tried to terrify the protesters and disperse them. The personnel of National Directorate of Security (NDS), intelligence service of Afghanistan, illegally arrested eight demonstrators, including speaker of the demonstration, and beat them violently. Three of them are still in their custody and no information is available about them. According to the freed ones, the speaker of the party was wildly beaten in front of them along with wicked verbal insults; his face was in blood with critical health condition.


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