Resolution of the 3rd Conference of the Progressive Forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan

The third joint conference of the progressive forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan

The third joint conference of the progressive forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan was held on June 23-24, 2013 in Kabul by joint efforts of the Awami Workers Party of Pakistan (AWP) and the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) with the support of the Left International Forum of Sweden - VIF (Vänsterns Internationella Forum). This international conference was hosted by the SPA and representatives of patriotic and democratic parties, organizations, social associations had participated which are active on women’s rights in the region. Also delegates of the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party of Pakistan, Bonded Labour Liberation Front, Laal Band and others were present.

The participants expressed their main obstacles regarding the progress of women in the region related to their political, economic, cultural and social participation. They specifically discussed the threats by Islamic fundamentalists towards the women’s emancipation given the historical support to this reactionary trend by imperialism.

During the conference, the participants suggested joint solutions and programs to make the ground ready for women to play their vital and leading role in all aspects of life and especially at the decision making level of progressive parties.

Throughout the history, women have been treated like slaves but during the recent decades with growth of fundamentalism and terrorism empowered by imperialist powers, the level of barbarity and oppression against women in the region has increased drastically. The ignorant and misogynist forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the occupation by NATO & the United States of America, Taliban, Northern Alliance, and the governments contaminated with the fundamentalism epidemic and dependence in both countries, are the serious threats to the women’s advancement.

The participants agreed on joint practical actions for struggle. They believed that for the way out of calamity of women’s rights, it is important to continue with the joint conferences, meetings of patriotic and democratic forces, practical unity, and publication of joint print and electronic media to raise the awareness of people and to disclose the crimes of warlords, feudal-lords and fundamentalists.

The participants agreed on joint practical actions for struggle.

The participants of the conference agreed that Islamic fundamentalism in the region is the social base for imperialism and they are the products of support of the USA, Britain and other Western powers that continue to use them for their strategic and regional interests. Hence, the struggle against fundamentalism and reactionary forces is meaningless without struggle against imperialism.

The participants reached to some common conclusions:

  • The US and the West used the oppression of women in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a pretext to continue their military presence in Afghanistan. In fact, they are themselves complicit in crimes against women.
  • Besides struggle against misogynist men, we should not forget the struggle against misogynist women as well. Most of the women installed in the puppet regime of Karzai, are not the real representatives of women but they represent invaders, warlords and the worst violators of women’s rights.
  • The Karzai government and its lackey media are intentionally trying to make Afghan and Pakistani people fight against each other but we should distinguish between people and governments. The government of Pakistan and ISI are trying to keep the war going in Afghanistan while Pakistani people can’t be blamed for that. It is the duty of patriotic and democratic parties of both countries to raise the awareness of masses and encourage them towards unity against their totalitarian and reactionary governments.
  • Those political parties who haven’t worked widely amongst women and haven’t included them within their decision making levels, don’t have the right to call themselves agent of change, progressive or democratic. The wide work amongst women and keeping their demands in minds is one of the main standards for progressiveness of every freedom-loving organization.
  • Joint practical unity and cooperation between progressive parties and other organizations in both countries can neutralize the ideology of fundamentalism and terrorism.
  • Establishment of a joint website and formation of a committee between progressive parties of Pakistan and Afghanistan for spreading of the real and factual situation in the region, promoting democratic values and disclosing crimes of fundamentalists and terrorists, which can play a vital role in growth of progressive forces in both countries.
  • The active role of women in all affairs of society especially in political and economic aspects is very important. Awareness raising, educating and struggling against misogynist thoughts should start from domestic to societal level.
  • Women who have suffered the most from the crimes and brutalities of the fundamentalists are vital forces for fighting against ignorance of fundamentalism. By raising the awareness of women and organizing them, we can decrease the power of fundamentalism so we should strive to keep and strengthen international relationships of democratic forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • The participants agreed to give at least 50% representation to women in future conferences in order to get direct feedback from women.

23-24 June 2013, Kabul – Afghanistan



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