The Assault of Pakistani Govt. on Kunar Is Devilish Plot of US!

Attack on Kunar by Pakistani Army

Besides other various calamities in Afghanistan, the shelling of hateful Pakistani Army is a threat to residents of eastern provinces especially to defenseless people of Kunar and has put their life and possessions at risk. The terrorist-raising government of Pakistan that seeks its existence in the regional unrest, on the indications of its western masters, has stepped ahead to evacuate the area through their destructive air assaults to provide safe haven for raising the ignorant Taliban.

The corrupt government of Kabul, a mixture of proxies, are watching the crimes and rascality of Pakistani regime against our people and have adopted deadly silence against their offensives. The palace-dwellers, who have many disclosed scandals with Pakistani Generals, are giving some dogmatic statements, asking eastern border forces to be on alert, and providing a mouthful bit to their self-made media, and in this way walk out of their responsibility.

The hateful government of Pakistan, led by Nawaz Sharif and partners, are continuing with their yesterday’s dogmatic policies against their own people and the region, and are walking alongside the devilish footsteps of CIA ad MI6. This reactionary and filthy government, alike the blood-sucker regime of Iran, has always misused the back-breaking poverty, deprivation and triviality of the wretched refugees as cannon fodder and destructive tools to empower fundamentalism and wilderness in Afghanistan and in the region. The Pakistani Government, by relying on a bunch of Afghan traitors and hateful gangs of Gulbuddin, Mullah Omar, Haqani and etc, is trying to keep the unfortunate Afghanistan in their political, economic, cultural and even military captivity for many years. The Pakistani administration are now trying to deliver success to the warlords’ team, headed by Abdullah, in the elections, and once again install their yesterday’s down-to-earth slaves in the power.

The US invaders, to sustain their military existence and change Afghanistan as their jumping board in Asia and for other conspiracies, need some unrest with the help of Pakistani Army, who always have been used as their walking stick. They earn interest from this destructive fire. Without the direction of US government, the lackey government of Pakistan will never have the courage to invade Afghanistan soil and fire thousands of rocket on our people. If the shelling of Pakistan didn’t had the consensus of US, the White House wouldn’t had handed over its modern weaponries, worth of seven billion dollars, to Pakistani Army.

As our people have experienced the US and Allies’ assaults with their blood and will never forget its crimes against humanity; they will also never forget and forgive the interventions, invasions and hundreds of other crimes of Pakistani government in the last four decades of Afghanistan’s devastation. We have repeatedly emphasized: unless democratic and progressive governments don’t replace the reactionary regimes, security and prosperity will never realize on both sides of the border.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan – SPA considers the shameless Pakistani Army’s assault as US project, and along with our people, we strongly condemn this bullying act. We acclaim that until the ominous shadow of US is not removed over our people; the palace and cabinet is not cleaned out of ISI and VEVAK’s shackled proxies; the invasions and crimes of Pakistani and Iranian governments will not vanish from our homeland.

The blood-stained hands of US, NATO, Pakistan, Iran and other criminal-raising governments will not shortened, unless our people give hands together to punish the local menials and workingmen, because they are the ones who provide the ground for their foreign masters to commit invasion, looting and destruction.
SPA as a democratic and progressive party is committed to stand against and disclose the treacherous anti-humane policies of US invaders, lunatic fundamentalists and ostentatious intellectuals. We kindly shake the hands of those who struggle fearlessly for prosperity and democracy against spoilers; and ask for national unity for free and prosperous Afghanistan.

We defend every inch of our soil with our blood!
Cut the hands of invaders and their menials!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
June 3rd, 2014


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