The “Gaza” that is Afghanistan and Gaza, Palestine, Drown in Fire and Blood While the Oppressors Regale and Plunder!

SPA protest against attacks on Gaza and Urgoon

Everywhere in Afghanistan and Palestine, the blood of defenseless people runs in rivulets. With every passing day we witness unspeakable atrocities. Undoubtedly, cannibal neo-colonialists lurk behind every man-made calamity and destruction in the world and prolong their nefarious existence through war-mongering and the plunder of other nations. In the midst of all this, the so-called free world not only has and continues to keep silent in the face of massacres by the Taliban and the Zionists, it covertly provides weapons and other resources to the murderers too.

Since many years, the Gaza that is Afghanistan and Gaza, Palestine –sharing a common nature and a common fate– have been victimized by systemic conspiracies of western and regional powers. We call on the wakeful conscience of the people of the world to rise up against this wave of undisguised fascism and oppression which is taking the world towards animalistic barbarism, before it devours them too.

The monstrous crime which recently devastated the residents of Urgoon happened at a time when the whole of the senior corrupt officialdom was engrossed in wheeling and dealing to secure positions in the future government and had forgotten the issue of the people’s security. On the other hand, the parliament loungers –like all other criminals– made their hay while the sun shone, and without the slightest concern for the wretched condition of the people and the continuing tragedy, tended to the law of lifetime privileges for ex-MPs in order to secure their own future.

The bloodthirsty Taliban, on cue from imperialist countries intelligence agencies and supported by the Pakistani government, have, through intensifying their campaign of IED and suicide attacks, bombings and even direct assaults on civilian targets, turned the people into cannon fodder in their pursuit of their ominous goals. They shamelessly speak of “jihad against infidels”, but in practice are soul mates with US and NATO “infidels” and act as a reserve force for their satanic policies.

The martyrdom, injury and displacement of thousands of our compatriots from Helmand, Kandahar, Nuristan, Badakhshan, Urgoon and elsewhere, not to mention the intensifying poverty of the people and the various other threats they face, bear witness to the bitter fact that the enemies of our people have joined hands for the ruination and pilferage of this land. It will not be long before, with the support of US invaders, they form a regime more odious than the soon-to-expire one, a new regime which will be composed of arch-criminals and looters who will once more drive our people into further devastation.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) extends its deep condolences to the Urgoon survivors and the indomitable people of Palestine. The SPA condemns the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and the attacks of the Israeli fascists on Gaza. We strongly believe that not by shedding tears and denouncements, but only through struggle and mobilization of nations against oppressors of every kind can such catastrophes be addressed and such stains of shame on the name of humanity be removed and emancipation attained.

We believe that until and unless the hands of all invaders, their local mainstays and other meddlers are torn off the throats of our bereaved people, and until and unless a national democratic government based on the will of the people is soundly established, oppressed peoples will never witness or attain wellbeing or prosperity, and crime will continue to rule. We therefore call upon all popular institutions, forward-thinking individuals and progressive parties of the world to break the slow and sporadic struggle against ruling criminals and criminality, and to organize as a united fist for bringing awareness and mobilization to deprived nations of the world.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
July 23, 2014

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