The Orphaned Kids of US in Russia’s Arms

In 2001, when the CIA once again rented the “Northern Alliance” to pave the way for US’s military occupation, the Guardian wrote quoting a jihadi commander: “You can rent Afghan leaders, but you cannot buy them.” However, the history of these lackeys show that they can be bought, sold, rented, mortgaged and even bartered and they are open to any shameful and traitorous deal.

Rohani’s son committed suicide; do sons of Afghan criminal leaders have the audacity to do the same?

Sons of criminals and corrupt Afghan officials are undeservedly occupying senior posts of diplomats, advisors or deputy ministers. They do not feel ashamed of their fathers’ treacherous lives, and continue on their footsteps. While, given access to modern science and knowledge, the new generation is expected to have a more sensitive take of history, one that reflects some degree of shame with regards to their ancestral footprints, the case of Afghanistan and its new generation lives to the aphorism of like father like son. There are examples to the contrary, of off springs that rightly so, perceived it to be a shameful act to follow on the steps of their fathers:

Abdullah Wears Suites Worth Thousands of US Dollars on the Cost of Nation’s Blood

The chic clothing of Abdullah, alike showbiz celebrities, and his high expenditure, always were the hot discussion topics of people and social network websites, and one of the reasons for the people to hate him. However, few people may know that he, similar to Arab sheikh and Hollywood billionaires, is a costumer of the most expensive boutiques in the world.

Recently, Etilaat Roz Newspaper has given a reliable report on the topic, revealing the engraving of Abdullah’s name with gold-pated ink in world most expensive boutique as its regular costumer. This has been also acknowledged by Spanish site,, and Tajikistani’s Community in Canada.

Etilaat Roz reports:

The Occupied Afghanistan: A Hell for Women

The public execution of Zarmina by Taliban shocked the world and became an excuse for more than forty countries to invade Afghanistan under the guise of “Liberation of Afghan Women”. However during the last 15 years, every moment Afghan women are lynched in the “Democratic” and “Human Rights” rule of US/Nato minions, but world doesn’t care! The agony of Shakila, Tabasum, Farkhunda, Rukhshana and thousands of other Afghan women don’t make it to international news headlines.

The US and Nato countries treacherously misuse the bone-burning afflictions, and bring forward a bunch of filthy and governmental women in every international events and media. And shamelessly repeat, “with the arrival of international community and partners, the women have achieved much progress and freedom”, but you can watch the harsh realities of Afghan women in this clip:

The truth on Afghanistan

Source: Osservatorio Afghanistan, October 20th 2015

Mr Ubaid Ahmad Kabir, spokesman of Hambastagi (Solidarity Party of Afghanistan), was in Italy from October 22th to November 4th , 2015, on his mission to meet European politicians. He had been invited by CISDA ngo (Italian Cooperation supporting Afghan women).

In Italy, Mr Ubaid Ahmad Kabir met the Italian senator Mister Cociancich from the “Partito Democratico” (Democratic party), Mr Ezio Locatelli, former Italian deputy and member of “Rifondazione Comunista” (Communist Refoundation Party), the Italian deputies Mr Scotto and Nichi Vendola from “Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà” (Left, Ecology and Freedom) .

Afghan Women Are Being Tortured Under the Rule of US Puppets

On 9th August 2010, the Time Magazine published an Afghan girl’s photo with the caption “If we leave Afghanistan, this is what will happen”. This Afghan girl, Aisha, had her ears and nose mutilated by the savage Taliban for the crime of love and running away from home. This cover was published in order to persuade American people to support the permanent presence of US troops in Afghanistan. This misuse of Afghan women’s miseries has turned into a normal routine for US officials and the Western media.

Documentary reveals plunder of billion-dollar mines in Panjshir Province

The underground wealth of Afghanistan is estimated to be worth more than 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars. Some experts believe it is several times more than this amount. In an article on the mines of Afghanistan, Professor Michel Chossudovsky quotes the analysis by the World Bank and writes: “…the Ainak copper production alone could eventually capture as much as 2 percent of the annual world market.” He further adds:

“Geological surveys conducted by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and early 1980s confirm the existence of vast reserves of copper (among the largest in Eurasia), iron, high grade chrome ore, uranium, beryl, barite, lead, zinc, fluorspar, bauxite, lithium, tantalum, emeralds, gold and silver. (Afghanistan, Mining Annual Review, The Mining Journal, June, 1984). These surveys suggest that the actual value of these reserves could indeed be substantially larger than the one trillion dollars “estimate” intimated by the Pentagon-USCG-USAID study.”

Afghans protest court ruling in mob killing of woman

Source: AP; July 6, 2015

Afghans protest court ruling in mob killing of woman

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Dozens of Afghans have rallied to denounce last week's court ruling that overturned the death sentences for four men convicted for taking part in the mob killing of a woman outside a Kabul shrine in March.

The protesters, mostly members of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan and women activists, staged Monday's protest outside of the same shrine where Farkhunda Malikzada was killed by mob.

Many carried posters of the slain woman and shouted, "We want justice!"

Abdullah and Ghani

For many days the only news we hear from every corner of Afghanistan is that of increased fighting and insecurity, and how the Taliban and ISIL terrorists are advancing with every passing day. The people of Afghanistan have become fed up with this wave of instability and bloodshed. I was listening to the news on Afghanistan today (June 3, 2015) and each and every report described the disastrous situation in Afghanistan, and that it is sinking deeper in the quagmire of corruption, injustice, and war. While the corrupt heads of government are still fighting over the official posts, the current news shows that the national ‘terror’ government is dragging Afghanistan to another deadlock. However, this was foreseeable.

A small example that shows the bleak situation is today’s headlines on Tolo TV and One TV:

Prisoners raped by dogs, the ‘modern’ torture techniques of the US

The recent publication of documents by Senator Dianne Feinstein detailing the torture techniques and abuse of prisoners by the CIA, has once again exposed the nasty and criminal nature of the bloodthirsty US government. A brief overview of the documents shows that CIA officers are savage sadists whose lust for inflicting suffering is satisfied by tying up, beating, and killing others. Any person who knows the bloody history of US invasions and interventions knows well that the US-installed military dictators and stooges in every corner of the world use inhumane torture methods as a weapon to intimidate their people and suppress uprisings. What interested me in this regard was a book called ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ by German journalist and politician Juergen Todenhoefer which is a memoir of his trip to Afghanistan and to Bagram prison in particular. Such rare books that expose the policies of imperialist countries are usually buried in the heap of pro-US books and forgotten.


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