Fethullah Gülen’s Schools and Dormitories: Centers for the Promotion of Fundamentalism in Afghanistan

Fethullah Gülen’s Schools and Dormitories: Centers for the Promotion of Fundamentalism in Afghanistan

In the four bloody decades, Afghanistan has seen oppressive, figurehead and anti-democratic regimes; each has played a criminal role in destruction of the country's education and has been the cause and circumstance of the cancerous growth of ignorant groups hostile to progressive science and culture. US imperialism and the reactionary governments of Arabs, Iran and Pakistan through the bloodthirsty, evil Jihadi-Taliban mercenaries and intellectuals, have made a fatal blow to the idea of resisting any kind of aggression and the usual humane culture of Afghans, engulfed the minds of several generations with the drug of Ikhwanism (Muslim Brotherhood), deprived and kept away of knowledge and scientific achievements.

The Washington Post published an article about Gülen and interviewed Graham Fuller, a RAND Corporation researcher and former head of the CIA in Afghanistan (1978), who said: "... In 2006 he wrote a letter to the FBI and in it stated that Fethullah Gülen was not a threat to US national security and called on the government to refuse to extradite him to Turkey."

Another stinking offspring of the CIA1, the course of Fethullah Gülen did not get left behind from the caravan, and since 1995 has established Afghan-Turk chain schools, private high schools, kindergartens, private intermediate schools, entrance exam preparation courses, Turkish language courses, religious schools, dormitories and cultural and human-aid institutions and have rooted in several provinces of Afghanistan and are adding to the army of fundamentalist ignoramuses in order to achieve the goals of US imperialist terrorism.

In an interview with TVNet (August 13, 2006), Nurettin Veren, a Gülen confidant, described the nature of Gülen schools and colleges:

“...These schools are used as spy nests for the Americans... I was the founder of all the Gülen colleges from Central Asia to Russia and Siberia... We work to move our cadres in the parliaments of all countries to defend the interests of the Gülen movement and the United States... When Uzbek President Karimov closed the Gülen schools because of the presence of spies, Gülen immediately told me to go to Uzbekistan as soon as possible and repair the relationship by buying a USD 1 million car gift to Karimov. English teachers from the United States arrived in Central Asia with red and blue passports and began working.”

“The Gülen movement turns its students into robotic idiots, brainwashing them so that they pass over their parents and everything for the sake of Gülen’s interests...” - Nurettin Veren, a former Gülen agent

Among the number of Gülen's spy nests in Afghanistan, I will mention a sample of its three institutions, along with other traitor and criminal groups inclusive of Jihadi, Talib, Daesh, Hezbollah, Jamaat-Tablighi, Fatemiyoun, Najm and dozens of other terrorist groups aimed at spreading the poison of hypocrisy and ignorance and medieval thoughts are active in the dark temple called Afghanistan.

The Afghan-Turk schools were one of the first centers of hunting talents and espionage for Gülen in Afghanistan, which, with more than two decades of activity, provided the suit and boot wearing fundamentalists to our Talib bitten society. Behind the appearance of good teaching quality, qualified teachers and other facilities of Afghan-Turk schools, lies a dangerous and rotten reality that is still hidden from public view. The majority of Turkish and Afghan teachers in these schools were either followers of Gülen's ideas or strong sympathizers of the Gülen reactionary movement who, while teaching science subjects, did not miss any opportunity to propagate fundamentalism in the classroom and encouraged students to study the works of fundamentalist ideologues, Said Nursi and Gülen. The leadership of Afghan-Turk schools, especially its Turkish teachers, supervised dormitories and courses in Kabul and the provinces whose main mission was to brainwash and dry out nationalistic thoughts and feelings among students.

A collection of 40-volume “Stories for Children” series being distributed across Afghanistan by Gülen movement to infect the minds of Afghan children.
A collection of 40-volume “Stories for Children” series being distributed across Afghanistan by Gülen movement to infect the minds of Afghan children.

The content of Verne's speech in the interview, which applies to the nature of all branches of fundamentalist groups from the Imam Zadeh production center in Qom, Iran, to religious schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, confirms the above claim. He says:

"The Gülen movement turns its students into robotic idiots, brainwashing them so that they pass over their parents and everything for the sake of Gülen’s interests... They hypnotize the students so much that they tell each other that if you do not pray the morning prayer, he (Gülen) will see you from America... He (Gülen) with an innocent appearance, cultivates the Ethiopia of terror in their minds... He does not value human beings; he continues his relationship with human beings with the vision of where and how they become useful."

Baran-e-Omid Publishing, headquartered in Qala-e-Fathullah, Kabul, is one of the publishing centers of Gülen’s books in Afghanistan, which has so far distributed 20 works by this fundamentalist mullah in most provinces after being translated into Persian. Gülen's book "Eternal Light" has also been translated into Pashto and is widely available in bookstores in the western and southern provinces of the country. With publications in different parts of Kabul, Balkh, Baghlan, Ghazni, Takhar, Herat, Samangan, Jawzjan and Faryab, these publications serve to promote Gülen's reactionary ideas. When I went to Kabul bookstores to find Gülen’s books, there were almost no booksellers who were not familiar with Gülen's name and did not have his books. A collection of 40-volume “Stories for Children” series with highly reactionist content for a meager AFN 1,600 and a transfer fee of AFN 30 across Kabul shows that the Gülen movement is trying to infect the minds of children and adolescents with the toxins of fundamentalism, alienated them from science, and raised them as anti-democratic and anti-secularist.

The goal of expanding Gülen's vast empire in the field of education and promotion was to train millions of ignorant fanatics who, if necessary, for the interests of Pentagon, deploy them as a multiform army of the United States to wreak destructive turmoil in war-torn countries and justify its intervention and aggression. Inspired by the CIA, Gülen began to incite prejudices and brainwashing of his followers from an early age.

Sharifuddin Azimi, like any other politically neutral psychologist, appeared on Tolo TV's "Bamdad-e-Khush" program (December 21, 2020), while sitting aside a representative and translator of Baran-e-Omid Publications, having a "Stories for Children" series in hand, talks about "The wrong culture in dealing with children" and "domestic violence against children", enumerating the benefits of storytelling for children, without making the slightest indication of the dogmatic and narcotic content of the "Stories for Children".

If our psychologist had a certain amount of conscience, he would have taken a step forward with his hollow and harmless phrase "wrong culture... and violence against children" with the phrase of "wrong culture of demeaning with children and violence against children in families, is rooted in the domination of the Jihadi-Talib culture of force and gun in the society."

Billboard in Kabul for books of Gulen
A billboard in Kabul displaying books of Gülen in Persian.

Again, he calls "storytelling for children" the tranquilizer of children victims of trauma. But his tongue becomes dumb to recall the rotten and reactionary images and thoughts in Baran-e-Omid Publications' "Stories for Children" of which there is no more dangerous intellectual “trauma” for Afghan children and the younger generation.

Yes, "the child learns from the story of identity and courage." Need an example? Look at a generation of recruited rascals in Jihadist parties and savage Taliban ranks, how Nebraska University during the war against the Russian resistance, by publishing books on "violence and hatred of communists" for homeless Afghan children, prepared intellectual food for creation of the ignorant army of rascals.

Graduates of Gülen schools and colleges in Central Asian countries have found their way into the parliaments of those countries and have become strong agents and sympathizers of Gülen and the US government. The most talented ones of Gülen schools from various countries and Central Asia are sent with scholarships to the United States where after returning to their home countries, are installed in high-ranking government positions to sacrifice their lives for sabotage in favor of the United States and the implementation of its colonial plans.

Enayah Education and Training Center is one of the Gülen-affiliated dormitories (on five floors with a monthly rent of USD 2,000) located in Kart-e-Chahar luxury area of Kabul. There are 80 students in this dormitory, who receive AFN 5,000 (around USD 65) a month from each student in exchange for extraordinary facilities in order to prove themselves independent. Students are required to read and comment on Gülen's works daily after each meal and before going to bed for half an hour before prayers. Every Wednesday night, all students are forced to study Gülen's works, and the Turkish teacher interprets the verses of the Qur'an to the students according to his/her own wishes and in justifying Gülen's thoughts. Each room has an administrator who is called the "Aabi" (big brother) and his job is to control the students in the room to prevent them from listening to music and watching movies and political debates. Prior to handing over Afghan-Turk schools to the vicious Erdogan, Afghan-Turk teachers supervised the dormitory. The conditions for entering the dormitory are very difficult and the applicant will be accepted after signing the 40-page sheet which states the strict articles of adherence to Gülen's principles and so on. These types of dormitories are networked in many countries and several provinces of Afghanistan.

In addition to dormitories, there are well-equipped religious schools in different provinces of the country, supervised by Afghan-Turk teachers, where religious instruction, mainly Gülen works, is taught. Gülen-affiliated schools, dormitories and other educational institutions also enflame religious and racial prejudices2 in the minds of students, incite religious divisions between Shiites and Sunnis, and, at the discretion of eligible students, invest in them and send them on scholarships to neutralize and deprive them of their sense of humanity returning to serve the interests of US and Gülen.

Faiz Mohammad Osmani, the former Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs Ministry, who also hosted a religious program on Tolo TV for some time, used the ministry seat to install Afghan cadres of the Gülen movement in various branches of the ministry and facilitate the wider operation of Gülen-related schools.

Of course, Gülen's filthy figures in the puppet-regime are not limited to Osmani, including Yusuf Pashtun, who also has the American slave necklace. (It is said that Atta Mohammad Noor, seeing Gülen's warm relations with the West, became a marked slave and sinecure of him too). The mercenaries of Gülen are abundant in the parliament and local administrations, and it is through them that it carries out its despicable plans.

Gulen schools worldwide.

Gülen-related dormitories, schools, and educational institutions in Africa, Pakistan, Central Asia, Latin America, and other impoverished countries are tasked with enlisting the most talented, recruiting them into the CIA, and proceeding them to advance the US government's imperialist goals in different parts of the world.

Progressive and anti-fundamentalist elements and forces must take the danger of Gülen-type reactionary and intelligence groups seriously and shed light on these deadly viruses.


1- Regarding the confirmation of the US love affair with its Turkish servant Fethullah Gülen, it is enough to quote Gülen from Nurettin Veren, who was once a Gülen confidant and right-hand man: “...The US government is in charge of the world and we aren’t not only blocking its projects but we will stand by its plans and support them.”

2- While Gülen establishes intimate relations with the heads of state of Christianity and Judaism, the aggressor regime of Israel, the Vatican, and the centers of Western religious power in the name of dialogue between the Abrahamic religions during questionable meetings but in line with the devilish policies of the United States imperialism, during a divisive speech of his, names the Shiites as "hypocritical, deviant, divisive in the Islamic world and the tool in the hands of Jews".


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