Neither the 7th nor the 8th, Twenty eighth, twenty eighth!

Members of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan place flowers on the tomb of King Amanullah Khan in Jalalabad

Ninety three years ago, in this very same city of Kabul, now encircled in barbed wire, King Amanullah raised his sword and proclaimed Afghanistan an independent country. In the light of unfettered thought, guided by the lofty principle of national unity, and with indomitable determination and intrepidity, he launched a national all-out insurrection against British colonialists and raised Afghanistan to the pedestal of a free and independent nation. By doing so, he showed other Asian nations the road to emancipation from the chains of colonialist domination.

Today, 28th Assad (18 August), is the anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence and the sacrifices the heroes of this land gave to attain it. Afghanistan today is blanketed in silence, and there is no sign of felicity or jubilation in the faces of Afghans commemorating this great day. Surrounded by concrete walls and barbed wire, our cities resemble vast prisons. It is as if history has been defaced; the majesty and glory of the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their afflicted people seem to have faded. Karzai’s puppet regime, which honours the passing away of any old thief and criminal and commemorates our history’s days of shame and catastrophe, seeks to obliterate the glorious memory of Afghanistan’s Independence Day.

Our indomitable nation, true to its spirit of fierce independence, beat back the savage onslaught of Soviet social-imperialists and their venal 7th-Saurist (*) coup d’état agents. But the criminal gangs of jihadi predators appropriated the harvest of our people’s sweat and blood and defiled the sanctity of the freedom, independence and every other lofty objective that had been attained at the price of the lives and limbs of two and a half millions of our tormented compatriots. Afghanistan fell into the clutches of khadi-jihadi and Taliban beasts of prey, and its material and spiritual riches were devastated by the foot soldiers of ignorance, carnage and rapine. Instead of national heroes such as King Amanullah, Mahmoud Tarzi, Wali Khan Darwazi, Abdul Khaliq and thousands of unknown martyrs, all of glorious memory, 8th-Saurist (**) arch-criminals were bestowed the titles of “Hero” and “Baba” and imposed on our people. Instead of the glorious 28th Assad, the blood-dripping 8th Saur –this paragon of shame and infamy– was marked on our calendars so that the names of true heroes should be erased from memory. Those drowning in the cesspool of ethnic chauvinism tout a nondescript thief and British stooge, that curse of post-independence Afghan history, Bachai Saqao, as a “national hero”, thereby further distorting our history.

In those days, it was the defeated British colonialism that plotted and planned and incited bigoted ignoramuses against the fledgling rule of King Amanullah who was piloting the country towards progress and prosperity. They succeeded in diverting the course of our history towards the abyss. Today this sad history is once again being repeated in our country. Under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”, “reconstruction”, “democracy”, “women’s rights”, etc., the American occupiers and their Western cohorts, in league with the mafiosi tenants of the presidential palace in Kabul and their venal and perfidious “opposition” groups, have turned Afghanistan into a nest of war-mongering spies and a graveyard for the Afghan people. What they have brought to the people of Afghanistan is nothing but devastation, rapine, whoring, terror, suicides, the rule of narco-lords, unemployment, crushing poverty, and unfathomable corruption. All this is the inescapable baggage of foreign aggression and occupation. In a country that has been robbed of its independence, only an obedient media, mercenary intellectuals and authorities of the tin-pot government can extol the blessings of the imaginary democracy, freedom and justice that they enjoy.

The American aggressors who under the banner of NATO peace-keeping forces and “the international community” have not yet accomplished their mission of murder and destruction in Afghanistan and other parts of the world, have tried the old familiar British stratagem of “divide and rule” many times in this country. They have time and again sought to hammer out traitorous so-called “national” fronts and coalitions for the purpose of sacrificing our people’s unity and solidarity for the attainment of their nefarious objectives. They and their string-puppets sometimes espouse the fragmentation of Afghanistan and at other times call for reconciliation with the Taliban hordes –crusaders of ignorance and venality– as the only solution to the impasse they find themselves in.

At this very moment, these aggressors are desperately trying, under the guise of their “peace plan” and in accordance with their policy of appeasing the known murders of our people, to bring together the 7th-Saurist and 8th-Saurist arch-criminals, sold-out intellectuals, suicide-attack-loving “talib jans” and Golboddin the Vampire in one coterie. Thus, they will have completed the vicious circle of Afghanistan's devastation and will be able to impose another mercenary and odious government on our ravaged people.

On the other hand, the ISI and the criminal Pakistani army, whose bloody hands have been the movers and shakers of the jihadi-Taliban infamies of the past three decades in Afghanistan, make their hay while the sun shines. With their recent blatant aggression and rocket attacks on the eastern provinces of Afghanistan, they mercilessly target the lives and livelihoods of the afflicted people in order to project their villainous might and influence. The UN-sanctioned NATO cannibals, standing alongside the mullah-mafia Karzai government, have –despite all their bluster of might and muscle– been reduced to pathetic and impotent spectators, objects of our tormented people’s ridicule and contempt. The blood-thirsty regime of Iran, too, has turned our country into its theatre of interference through the purchased services of a bunch of degenerate Afghan espionage agents.

History teaches us that a country that is not independent cannot claim any self-respect, as all its material, spiritual and moral assets and attributes are assailable. Attainment of independence is the first step towards realisation of freedom, democracy, justice, territorial integrity and other human and social values. If ninety three years ago our ancestors rubbed the snouts of the British aggressors in the dirt and emancipated our country through their intrepidity and untold sacrifices, today, once again, all conscientious Afghans who are devoted to their country and people are faced with a momentous duty. With our forefathers’ courage and spirit to emulate, it is incumbent upon us not to allow our country to serve as a chessboard for foreign players, or for foreigners to abase and humiliate our nation anymore. Only through protest, insurrection and struggle for emancipation against foreign aggressors and native traitors will we be able to lay claim to integrity and devotion to the motherland.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan hails the ninety third anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of our beloved Afghanistan and calls for the immediate withdrawal of all occupiers and interveners. We believe that until and unless occupiers and interveners are made to flee in disgrace through the might of our collective fist, they will not leave us in peace. The SPA has the restoration of our lost independence as a top priority on its list of objectives, and will not shrink from any risk or sacrifice in its march towards the realisation of a free, independent, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan, devoid of any defilement of ignorance, fundamentalism or dependency.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan emphatically repeats that our nation is in a calamitous situation, under siege by multifarious enemies. Manifold dangers threaten the unity and territorial integrity of our beloved country more ominously than at any other time. It is possible that native predators will, at any moment and on instructions from their foreign masters, drag our captive Afghanistan towards complete annihilation. History has placed monumental destiny-shaping duties on the shoulders of patriotic and progressive forces. The democratic movement is wounded and is only crawling forward, but it devolves upon us to draw inspiration from the courage and selflessness of the likes of Amanullah, Abdul Khaliq, Sarwar Wassif, Abdurrahman Ludin, Mir Bacha Khan, Sayed Kamal, Ghulam Nabi Charkhi, and countless other paladins of our nation’s historical struggles. It devolves upon us to shun any and all empty posturing, intellectual verbosity and pathetic differentiation and discrimination along linguistic, tribal, regional, religious, sectarian or parochial lines, and together to take practical steps towards the salvation of our ravaged homeland.

Through attainment of independence, forward toward the unity of all Afghanistan!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

Kabul, 28 Assad 1391 (18 August 2012)

* 7th Saur 1357 (27 April 1978) marks the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) takeover of political power in a bloody coup. The PDPA welcomed the Russian occupation and intervention a year later, beginning a chapter of bloodshed and destruction in Afghanistan.

**8th Saur 1371 (28 April 1992) marks the downfall of the Russian puppet regime of Mohammad Najibullah and takeover of power by the Islamic fundamentalists who were equipped and financed by the US, Arab countries, Pakistan, Iran and others. The four-year civil war which killed thousands, destroyed the country and saw the perpetration of unspeakable crimes against civilians by the fundamentalists’ factions.


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