Our people will prosecute the war criminals of three decades!

crime of khalq and parcham regime

Finally the release of names of 5,000 victims of assassins of the hated regime of Khalqi-Parchami, removed the fake mask of devoted defenders of “Saur Revolution” and reopened the wounds of our oppressed people. The “Dead List” is a minor part of awful crimes of brutish regime of People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) in 80s. The massacre of these sellouts can’t be concluded by 5,000 or 10,000, and the list of 12,000 hanged prisoners hasn’t been taken out of archives yet. The Russian’s lackey assassins alike fundamentalist gangs by killing our defenseless people especially intellectual and educated ones, tried to “clean out” Afghanistan out of thoughtful and revolt minds.

The sellouts of Khalqi-Parchami are not “communist” but criminal demagogues, who under the flag of “people” and “workingman” and “equality” betrayed these values with full obscenity. Although they listed their victims with details, but after their collapse the blood-sucker of Tanzimi – Jihadi factions, Taliban and American killed tens of thousands of our compatriots without leaving any list behind. In this country all of well-known criminal and oppressors of 7th and 8th Saur (27th April 1978, and 28th April 1992), the slaves in stable of giants known as US and NATO, who should be prosecuted or spend the rest of their shameful life in prison, instead have been placed in parts of the government, “civil society”, BBC and other entities, busy in earning money and serving a new period of betrayal against the homeland.

Those members of Parcham and Khalq, whose hands are not stained in the blood, based in Afghanistan or any other parts of the world, should raise their voice jointly to condemn their oppressor and lackey heads and leaders, asking for their punishment and should differentiate their path from them:

Shahnawaz Tanai, Javed Kohistani, Gen. Wahid Taqat, Faqir Mohammad Faqir, Bariq Shafee, Khalil Roman, Kabir Ranjbar, Suraya Parlika, Noorulhaq Ulumi, Khalil Zemar, Mir Afghan Bawari, Zahir Tanin, Anahita Ratibzad, Nabi Azeemi, Maiwand, Malik Sitez, Ewaz Nabizada, Mohammad Gulabzoy, Abdullah Nahibi, Farid Mazdak, Suraya Poya, Daud Panjshiri, Bahin, Abdul Hameed Muhtad, Abdullah Shadan, Sima Shadan, Zahoor Razmjo, Jamila Palwasha, Habib Mangal, Sultan Ali Kishtmand, Sulaiman Laiq, Dastagir Panshiri, Asadullah Sawari and …

The dirty government of Kabul is a drug mixed of criminals of recent three decades of Afghanistan, kept aside the “Transitional Justice” like every national issue, by forgiving all assassins of the people through the corrupted house of parliament, where our wounded people are asking for the punishment of Parchami, Khalqi, Tanzimi and Taliban. The history shows that not forgiving and forgetting, but the decisive settlement of past can grantee the national unity, justice and prosperity of a nation.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) considers establishment of a progressive-democratic government based on people’s will, can heal the deep wounds of our motherland, and continuously asks for the prosecution of all spoilers of Afghanistan by chanting the slogan of “No to US, No to Taliban, No to other criminals, Power in the hands of the People!” So by organizing the mass rally, once again we condemn the brutal and unhuman crimes of Russian and US lackeys, and ask our sorrowful compatriots to continue this justice-seeking action until the prosecution of criminals’ heads and expelling of the occupiers.

Shame and death to Parcham and Khalq and their Tanzimi and Taliban partners!
Our people will never forget and forgive the blood of their loved ones!

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

Kabul, September 29, 2013


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