SPA Protest Condemning the Testing of MOAB in Afghanistan

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16 April 2017 – Kabul: A group of SPA members gathered to protest against testing of Mothers of All Bombs by US Govt. in Achin District of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. They expressed their hatred against US crimes and its puppet government of Ghani-Abdullah. The protestors were carrying placards with text against the occupying policies of USG and pictures of our people’s trivialities. They chanted slogans: “No to USG, No to Fundamentalism – Power to the People!” “Testing of deadly weapons is a crime!” “The US War Against Terrorism is a mockery!” “The real cause of war in Afghanistan is USG!” “Taliban and ISIS have been raised by USG!” “Cut the meddling of USG and its minions from our country!” “We must arise, our silence is our death!”

Selay Ghaffar, Spokesperson of SPA, stated that in the rivalries of West and East, Afghanistan is drifted into quagmire:

“It is 16 years since the occupation of Afghanistan by US. The occupiers, in the guise of ‘War against Terror’ entered Afghanistan, converting it into the graveyard of our defenseless people. The killing of more than 250 thousand Afghans by US and Nato forces; the destructive bombings; testing of chemical weapons; and now throwing the biggest bomb in Achin District, is the result of occupiers’ B52s, which the puppet government of Afghanistan and its enslaved penmen are shamelessly asking our people to be thankful of US forces. They appreciate this so-called attack, and trying to say that there was no civilians causalities, only killing ISIS militia. The National Terror Govt by signing of enslavement agreement and consensus of this test, committed the most heinous crime against our people. However, the freedom-loving people of Afghanistan shouldn’t let our motherland to become the arena for rivalries of Western and Eastern powers.”

Then Mahmud, a Kabul citizen facing many trivialities recited a poem. The youths from theater section of the party made a prototype of MOAB carries by dummies of Trump, Ghani and Abdullah. The gathering ended by reading of SPA statement.


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