Let us unite to oppose the suicide-attacker manufacturing center in Kabul

Let us unite to oppose the suicide-attacker manufacturing center in Kabul

The offer of a blank cheque by the Saudi government for establishing the ‘largest Islamic center in Kabul’ which is actually an official center for training suicide attackers is yet another terrible news for our people. Fortunately, this act was strongly opposed by our compatriots who have been the victims of the terrorism and ignorance of fundamentalist groups and their foreign supporters for several decades. This opposition shows our people’s awareness in recognizing such ploys.

The heads of the Saudi government, who are drunk in their luxurious life, have nurtured Islamic fundamentalism of the ISIL and Taliban type for years and backed the most bloodthirsty beings in our country for decades. This serves them their purpose of dragging our people and the people of other Islamic countries into the trap of ignorance and brutality.

In the past, Al-Azhar in Egypt; Haqqania, Lal Masjid, and hundreds of other religious schools in Pakistan; and Akhundi religious schools in Qom of Iran, were centers for the creation of Taliban and breeding extremism. This nourishment of fanaticism sank Afghanistan and the region into bloodshed and destruction. Now, the establishment of the biggest center for the creation of ignorant, anti-progressive, and anti-humanity people in Kabul will drag Afghanistan to more misery and misfortune. The joint corporation of Ghani and Abdullhah, these lackeys of foreign powers, has shamelessly signed the agreement with the infamous Saudi government against the wishes of our nation. This is an unforgivable treason against our homeland and our people.

the Saudi King with George Bush
While Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi King, is clinking glasses with the criminal George Bush, he is polluting our country by building centers for training suicide attackers.

The construction of the Faisal Mosque and Islamic University in Islamabad, financed and supervised by the Saudi Wahhabis, is a grave lesson and experience that must not be forgotten. These centers were established under the name of Islam but are actually Taliban-manufacturing factories, and export centers for crimes and suicide attackers in the region, and especially for our country. The most dangerous terrorists of the Al-Qaida, Haqqani network, Taliban and fundamentalist parties are the products of these centers.

Saudi rulers, who have treacherous ties with the US and West and are their representatives in the Islamic world, have presented this blank cheque in accordance with the US policy of nurturing terrorism and Wahhabism in our country. The US, which created the brutal ISIS for the Middle East, is planning to put our country on the same road. This new project is designed to brainwash our youth and change them into savage suicide attackers who are devoid of humanity. They use the name of Islam to establish such colonial centers, but the truth is that they want to cut off the roots of the traditional Islam our people follow and portray it as a barbaric religion to the world.

We shall not allow the establishment of a factory for manufacturing suicide attackers in the heart of our country at any cost and save our children from a grim future.

During the Soviet-Afghan war the US filled the pockets of dark-minded and reactionary groups with millions of dollars to implement the ‘green belt’ plan. This made Afghanistan a safe haven for the fundamentalist factions and the Taliban, the bloody and disastrous consequences of which are still ongoing in our country. The US talks about the “war on terror” but in reality it has never hesitated in funding and supporting these infamous and inhuman groups. Islamic fundamentalism is an important weapon for the warmonger US to destabilize the region and in turn administer blows on its rivals, China and Russia. An important strategy the US is working on is to exert its influence over Central Asia and Tibet by making Afghanistan the hub of terrorism and fundamentalism. The construction of this center in the heart of Kabul serves this very aim and poses a serious threat to our country.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan stands for progressive thoughts in our ailing homeland and raises its voice with all the enlightened people of our society to recognize this lethal ploy which is the establishment of a sanctuary for breeding extremism and ignorance. We join hands with all anti-fundamentalist, democratic, and justice-seeking figures and forces and calls upon them to stand up against the influence of foreign powers in our country and the inert local government. We shall not allow the establishment of a factory for manufacturing suicide attackers in the heart of our country at any cost and save our children from a grim future.


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