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HDP elections campaign

SPA Message to HDP on Election Results in Turkey

Dear Members and Supporters of HDP,

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA), representing freedom-loving and the most devastated people of the country, would like to congratulate Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) for its landmark victory in the June 7th election. Despite facing existentialist threats from the Hitlerite fascism of the ruling party –AKP, you showed great bravery and dedication which is a source of inspiration for us. Your victory is a joy not only for SPA but for all peace-loving and progressive forces around the world. Your success is a slap on the face of the fundamentalism that even their repugnant Ikhwani brothers are shedding tears here in Afghanistan.

We believe your success is not only a hope for the oppressed people of your country, but it is a gleam of hope for other oppressed nations of the world, especially of Islamic countries, where the occupier imperialist countries in close collaboration with their local vile minions are busy in shedding blood and rapacity. We believe so, because you insurrected against merchants of religion, whose soul-mate brothers are imposed on the bruised shoulders of our people since last 4 decades; you stood against those who consider woman only as a tool to satisfy their camel lust, and showed them the real power and position of women; your election manifesto can be a model for all democratic parties of the world.

We are hopeful that your presence in the parliament can pave the path for a real democracy and restoring secularism in Turkey, and be a pressure force on Turkish government to stop its meddling in other Middle Eastern Countries, in particular Afghanistan, where they have their military presence and support the most odious forces.

We shake hands of every comrade of HDP for their tireless struggle, efforts and sacrifices which led to a shining victory. We also pay homage to those who lost their lives during the election due to the terrorist attacks of the ruling party on your campaigns.

In solidarity,

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
June 5, 2015

bandaged voters
Huseyin Toprak is one of the great human being who was hurt during bombing on HDP election campaign, but despite being hospitalized, he came to vote for democracy and equal rights.

SPA Message to HDP on the Eve of Elections

Dear Comrades of HDP,

The revolutionary history of Turkey is full of sacrifice and struggle for a better world free of oppression, rapacity and fundamentalism by the indomitable daughters and sons of this beautiful land. Your epic fight has been an inspiration and pride for all progressive and forward-thinking forces around the world.

The brouhaha of the current Turkish government for peace and democracy was unveiled during the siege on Kobani, when they closed the border to stop the innocent residents of Kobani flee the war, and kept on providing a safe corridor to ISIS -the bastard procreations of Erdoğan and his fundamentalist brothers and NATO’s imperialist governments. We believe without your moral support to Kobani warriors, life would have been much harsher for them. On behalf of revolutionary forces and people of Afghanistan, we express our gratitude to your support to Kobanians.

The fundamentalist and fascist government of Turkey, besides suppressing the freedom-loving people and forces of its own country, is playing a very dirty role in other countries as well, such as Afghanistan. Abdul Rashid Dostum, the notorious Afghan warlord who has committed war crimes in all regimes of last 30 years, is a blue-eyed son Turkish government. His name has been mentioned as one of the heinous war criminals in the HRW’s report on Afghanistan called Blood-Stained Hands, published in 2005; but today he is the 2nd Vice President of Afghanistan.

We are closely following Turkey’s 2015 general election. The Peoples' Democratic Party – HDP’s popularity has been so prodigious, that has forced the murderous ruling party to return to its known old nature of fundamentalism and spreading terror by directing bombings and attacks on your offices and threatening your campaigns. Indeed, they are afraid of HDP’s acceptance amongst workers and masses of Turkey, but they are forgetting that “The people united will never be defeated!”

We express our best wishes to Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the upcoming elections and hope for your further struggle to sway the path for elimination of religious, gender and racial discrimination, and restore secularism in Turkey. We are hoping not to see Turkish mothers witness the torture of their beloved ones in the hideous prisons of the country.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
June 14, 2015


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