Let’s crush the creators of calamities of 27 and 28 April by mobilization and mass unity!

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Thirty five years back, the Russian social imperialists by their Khalqi and Parchami slaves through the bloody 7th Saur coup, merged the country into the riot which burns our cities and villages until now.

The occupation of 6th Jadi by the Russian invaders to guarantee the existence of puppet regime of Parchami-Khaliqi which continued by bombarding of Afghanistan’s villages, massacres, captivations, torturing and hangings tens of thousands of innocent human beings, placing millions of landmines, disrespecting our believes and cultures and displacement of one third of country’s population to dooms-land of Pakistan and Iran; made the spontaneous resistance movement of our people more stronger and wider.

Amid this the invader government of America taking the advantage of the golden opportunity, from overseas to Vietnamize Afghanistan’s war for her strategic rival and also to steal the initiative of Afghanistan’s resistance war and drifting it in accordance to her inauspicious goals; used the backend of warfront, refugee camps of Pakistan, for her devil deeds and with power of their dollars and weapons handed over the leadership of resistance to a bunch of fundamentalist, ignorant, corrupt and dependent traitors who actually stabbed the anti-Russian movement from behind through their treasons and barbarization.

On 28th April 1992, the puppet regime of Najib was fallen down by sacrifices of our poor and brave but in lieu of having independence, freedom, justice and welfare; they were tormented. The subsequent gap after infamous defeat of Russians and their lackeys were filled by the hated the made in Pakistan seven factions, made in Iran eight factions and remaining of traitors of Khalqi and Parchami, in consensus with Pakistan’s ISI, Iran’s VEVAK, Saudi Arabia’s Ri'āsat Al-Istikhbārāt Al-'Āmah and other invaders. In this way, the celebration of victory and pride of a nation that had knelt a superpower, was converted into mourning day by religious executioners. The real resistance fighters put down their guns, people’s butchers continued with their looting, robbery and dishonor essence by using religion under the name of Jihad. So, 8th Saur was recorded as more darker and shameful day than 7th Saur in our history.

For the criminal factions, destruction of Kabul city was their premier and holy duty to show their loyalty and obedience. The order of burning, demolition and devastation of country’s defense, security, economic and cultural infrastructures, which had been given many year back by Gen. Akhtar Abdul Rahman, Head of ISI, was implemented by Gulbudin, Rabani, Masood, Sayaf, Fahim, Dostum, Mazari, Mohsini and other cruel criminals. Even Rabani invited Hamid Gul, ex-head of ISI, to come to Kabul and take care of the administration affairs. These felons killed more than 70,000 innocent Kabulis during their wild offence to get wealth and power from the war; destroyed more than 80% of city’s buildings and looted all governmental buildings and infrastructures and national assets. Forgave all Khalqi and Parchami criminals during an order; bestowed compensations of aggressive war to Russians; stole our historical monument and sold them out in Peshawar’s markets and gifted a part of it to Pakistani Generals; raped our people; provoked ethnic and religious hostilities; instead of healing our people’s sorrows from the war, was gashed; and overall merged the country into quagmire of catastrophe and calamity even worse than Russian’s and their lackeys. So, the role which CIA and ISI had in mind for these factions, was done precisely.

Therefore, Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) considers 8th Saur no salvage day, but a dark day and shameful scare in the history of Afghanistan, and every year condemns it as day of blood and treason.

The weary environment from murderer factions, made the ground ready for America and Pakistan to so by implementation of Taliban and Al-Qaeda project, start a new page in Afghanistan. They imported Middle Ages creatures, Taliban, to the country to finish the sovereignty factional wild hyenas, which indeed they had expired. During these five years, thousands of ignorant terrorists called Afghan-Arabs cascaded into Afghanistan to change our country to a center of religious wilderness, terror and craziness. The dark workbook of these criminal groups and 11th September incident, was a good excuse for America and NATO to occupy our country under the cover of “Fight Against Terrorism”.

With the military invasion of America, apparently the ignorant Taliban were removed from the scene of our country and instead the puppet regime of Karzai was brought forward. Once again, the blood-sucker and filthy warlord leaders with new brands were brought suited and booted, who had oppressed Afghan people for many years. Since eleven years, our country is caught in the coil of dangerous superpower of America and her allied more than countries. Our independence has been stepped over and our beloved Afghanistan been transformed into competition ground for various countries’ intelligence services. The bloody heads of 8th Saur, who were yelling against “infidels” in the name of “Jihad”, now have worn the slavery chains of “infidel” America and NATO busy in earning wealth and selling religion and a bunch of intellectuals are serving them in exchange for dollars. The daily massacre of our compatriots by invaders and suicide bombers grown by them have put our people in grief; the mass presence of mafias in part people’s life; unique corruption in the history of world; drug-based economy; continuation of dreadful oppression and rascality against women and girls; 65% unemployment and collapse of 96% businesses; are the examples harsh times for our captive nation which all of their roots are in the doomsdays of 7th and 8th Saur.

The heads of 8th Saur have gone so far their slavery and servitude in favor of invader government of America, that they are convincing them to say in Afghanistan, as they feel themselves fatherless in the absence of their troops. Until America is present in our country, we can’t talk about peace, property, territorial integrity, human right and other humanitarian values.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) is resolute, relying on Afghanistan’s people and in cooperation with other real nationalist, freedom-lover and progressive, to fight retaking of independence until complete withdrawal of invader troops and dis-powering of their lackeys, and realization of democracy and securing of justice. We believe that only by unity and struggle against factors of 7th and 8th Saur and foreign masters, we can clean these shameless scares from our country.

Cut the hands occupiers from Afghanistan!
Shame to creators of 7th and 8th Saur calamities!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

28th April 2013


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