If We Do Not Rise, Every Corner of This Land Will be Mirzaolang!

If We Do Not Rise, Every Corner of This Land Will be Mirzaolang!

Our nation is once more grieving the shocking killings of their innocent compatriots in Sare Pul. On August 6, the savage ISIS and Taliban captured Mirzaoalang village in Sayyad district of Sare Pul province, and according to reports, brutally killed more than 50 civilians and tens of poor families were taken hostage. This massacre is reminiscent of the Yakawlang massacre in January 2001, but more atrocious because even women and children were not spared this time, defenseless people were beheaded and bodies were torn to pieces.

In Afghanistan, no ethnicity or religion is safe from massacres and genocides which target the poorest of our compatriots. Upon the orders of their US, Pakistani, Iranian, and Arab masters, these religious murderers are trying to turn Afghanistan into a hotbed of sectarian and ethnic conflicts with these vicious attacks on ethnic and sectarian minorities, just like in Iraq. Luckily, the majority of our people belonging to all ethnic groups and sects are sympathetic towards the victims of such attacks, and have deep hatred for the enemies of our nation’s sovereignty and prosperity, and have turned the sweet daydreams of these foreigners and their minions into nightmares. A wave of solidarity and unity between the conscious Sunni and Shia people of Herat after the bloody attack by ISIS brutes on the Jawadia mosque, was a message to the enemy that the people will not fall into their devious trap of creating divisions and conflicts between them. A handful of lackey, so-called intellectuals, and traitorous officials who are drumming ethnic conflicts will drown in the wave of the unity of the most ill-fated strata of the society.

If on the one hand, these criminals are slaughtering our Hazara and Shia compatriots in Kabul, Herat, and Mirzaolang, on streets, in mosques, and in villages; on the other hand, they are killing our Pashtun and Sunni compatriots in Helmand, Paktia, and Jalalabad, leaving their mourning families behind. This is how our land has become the slaughterhouse of its people who share this pain.

What is shameful here is that all the “not-respectable” officials whose treachery, corruption, and servitude to foreign countries has led to this bloodbath in the country, are doubtful and “worried” about the Mirzaolang massacre: local security forces have complaints; the governor of Sare Pul is wailing; the Defense and Interior Ministries are crying; Abdullah has “condemned” the matter as usual, and Ghani is screaming that Taliban and ISIS have crossed their limits and passing off empty threats against them; and NATO, the master of all of these people, is apparently worried about the insecurity in Sare Pul and has made the grand scientific discovery that “violence and destruction hinder Afghanistan development”. Everyone is complaining about this invisible force and why this force has not landed from Mars to rescue the people of Mirzaolang. The answer of every person in this country to Ghani, the stooge, is: you crossed your limit when you made Dostum your deputy; when your double-headed government signed the shameful security pact with the US; when you caressed the criminals of the Northern Alliance; called the Taliban murderers your brothers; welcomed Kabul’s butcher, Rocket-yar, like a bride, over the dead bodies of 70,000 Kabulis; took KHAAD agents like Atmar in your arms; and while the wounded body of our motherland is doused in blood and destruction, your only pain is installing several sold-out agents in key posts in your filthy government.

Instead of feeling ashamed and remorseful for failing to provide security, Atta Mohammad used this horror as another opportunity to target Arg and increase his own power by installing one of his long-time lackeys, Zahir Wahdat, as the governor of Sare Pul. Where are Atta, Mohaqiq, Dostum, Salahuddin, and other paper “rescuers” who brag of “mobilizing millions”, to “rescue” the people of Mirzawalang from the hands of Taliban and ISIS?! Where are Zahir Qadeer, Mirwais Yaseeni, Hazrat Ali, Amanullah Khairi, and other thugs of Nangarhar, so they can direct their “people’s unity” towards Sare Pul and help the people? Where are Sayyaf, Qanooni, Ismail, Arghandiwal, and other murderers of “protection and stability”, so they can bring “stability” to Sare Pul and “protect” the most oppressed people? And where are Karzai’s darlings, Spanta, Nabil, Najafi, Barahawi, and others, who shamelessly call themselves the opposition and “people’s axis”, but have turned to stone in the face of the calamity in Mirzaolang? The aim of all these oppressors and traitors is power and money, which is why their sold-out conscience does not shake with the streams of blood of our nation.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) expresses its sympathy with the loved ones of the victims of Mirzaolang, and tells the mourning people of our country that every corner of this land is Mirzaolang. No foreign occupier and its internal lackeys can save us from this grave of barbarism and crimes, because they are the cause of this current disastrous situation. Our liberation and freedom is in the unity of all the oppressed and suffering people from every ethnicity, linguistic background, and sect, against the murderer occupiers and their brutal crusade of fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist brutes.

With consciousness and mobilization, we can deliver a deathly blow to these murderers!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

August 9, 2017


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