Only by throwing out the hirelings associated with April 27 and 28 can “Independence” and “Democracy” be rendered meaningful

Not only have we always endeavoured to expose the crimes of all those associated with 7th and 8th Saur (1), we regard these two black days as eternal stains of shame in the history of our blighted country and as the starting point of all the misfortunes of our hapless people. Today, after years of anguish and suffering, instead of seeing these criminal gangs of Khadis (2) and Jihadis either on the gallows or rotting away behind bars, we see them rampaging at the highest rungs of the mullah-mafia state in Kabul, under the patronage of their Western masters, particularly the American invaders.

These gangs, acting as the sworn enemies of the people of Afghanistan and as the cudgels of Russian, American and regional pillagers, have not spared any effort at devastating our beloved country, throttling the cry of independence in the throats of the people and inculcating decadent fundamentalist and capitulationist thoughts and treacherous cravings in their minds.

The quisling “7th Saurites” prostrated themselves at the feet of Soviet social-imperialism with their trademark cries of “hurray” and with the slogan of “shelter, clothing, bread” on their lips. They tortured the best and worthiest children of the motherland in the ghoulish torture chambers of Khad and mowed them down in their Polygon killing fields. But the flames of the legendary resistance of our people, whether inside the Hitlerite prisons of the Khalq and Parcham gangs or in all corners of the country, incinerated the aggressors and their indigenous mercenaries.

The reign of blood and betrayal and roughshod riding brought about by the fundamentalists –far more odious than the “democratic” reign of the Khalqis and Parchamis– brought carnage, rape, pillage and horrors reminiscent of Genghis Khan’s onslaught in its wake. The infamies perpetrated by the fundamentalists have been etched in the annals of shame. The “8th Saurites”, nurtured by the US and raised by Pakistan and the criminal regime of Iran, were brought to power by these progenitors. The harvest reaped from these pestilential seeds has been the utter destruction of the city of Kabul, the decimation of over 65,000 residents of the city, the outpouring of emigrants, the plundering of the people’s material possessions and spiritual and cultural entitlements –in short, the utter destruction and devastation of whatever Afghanistan possessed and could call its own. This pillage and devastation continues to this day. The fundamentalists, bastards of the American CIA, the Pakistani ISI and the Iranian VAVAK, in fact constituted a green security belt in South Asia for the purpose of containing the Russians. It was for this reason that the US organised, armed and funded them in order to consolidate its hold on the region and have them at its ready disposal for the pursuance of its aggressive and conspiratorial objectives. These treacherous jihadi parties deemed the assassination of national and democratic personalities as their sacred duty and have annihilated, with the blessings of the US government, untold numbers of nationalist, revolutionary and patriotic individuals. They not only stole the fruits of the great resistance of the courageous Afghan people; by fanning the flames of ethnic, religious, linguistic and power-grabbing wars and hostilities, they committed unprecedented crimes against our nation. The people of Afghanistan will not forget or forgive these crimes until vengeance for the blood of its treasured children is visited upon the leaders of the Khalq and Parcham “democratic” gangs and the jihadi and Taliban fundamentalists.

After the scandalous failure of the infamous jihadi groups, the US did not let up on its treacherous policies and brought its mediaeval and misanthropic back-ups, Osama and the Taliban, onto the stage. By unleashing this religio-fascist force on our people, the US strove to prevent our people from moving towards liberty, democracy and progress. Thus, against the backdrop of the wretched political and economic situation in Afghanistan, the weariness of the Afghan people from three decades of war, the decimation of democratic, progressive, patriotic Afghan personalities, etc., the United States paved the way for the attainment of its long-time ambition, the occupation of Afghanistan.

Subsequent to the September 11 incident, the US and its allies entered the graveyard that was Afghanistan under the spurious banners of “fighting terrorism”, “rebuilding Afghanistan” and “upholding human rights in the country”. For the attainment of their long-term objectives in the region, the American aggressors who carry plunder and crime with them wherever they go and have never been agents of any sort of peace and happiness in any part of the world, once again turned our country into a battle field –or rather a buzkashi field. They hoisted the most tin-pot government in history, composed of Khadis, jihadis, Gulbuddinis and Taliban opportunists under the titular leadership of Karzai, on to the scarred and bruised shoulders of our bereaved people. These lackeys, who until yesterday disembowelled each other in the name of kofr (infidelity) and Islam at the bidding of their foreign masters, have now cuddled up in the joint interests of master and servant; they have the reins of power in their hands and at the same time constitute the “National Front”, the so-called opposition to the Afghan government.

Our innocent people are, on the one hand, butchered and bombed out of existence by the blind bombardments and the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the occupation forces, and on the other hand, they are victimised and terrorised by attacks and killings unleashed by the Taliban monsters. Despite the pouring in of billions of dollars, insecurity, murder, carnage of defenceless people, unbridled corruption, extreme poverty and pauperisation, rape, staggering production of narcotics, unemployment and drug addiction are all at an all-time high. Consequently, our country figures at the very bottom of UN human development indices; the only instances where we have the “place of honour” among countries of the world is in the production of illegal narcotics, poverty and corruption!

In order to further entrap Afghanistan in its devil’s snare, the government of the United States follows the old policy of “divide and rule”. The US-proxy/jihadi Afghan government, together with its mercenary media and sold-out intellectuals strive night and day to condition hearts and minds to accept permanent US military bases in Afghanistan, and nauseatingly indulge in praising the sell-out of the motherland and in theorising the “necessity and advantage” of being enslaved by the United States.

Under such circumstances, the tin-pot Karzai government is not even shamed by the glaring ruins of Kabul. It is a spectator to all the infamies and atrocities raging all around it, and insolently celebrates the Black Day of 8th Saur with exorbitant expenditures, thus sprinkling salt on the wounds of the people. At a time when over eighty percent of our people lead arduous lives of misery under the poverty line, celebrating the Black Day of 8th Saur under the shadow of the Stars and the Stripes as the Afghan Day of Independence is ridiculing our captive nation.

We salute the popular insurrections of the courageous peoples of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iran and other countries against their autocratic and dictatorial regimes. We firmly believe that such popular insurrections are the only path towards liberty, and as such, is needed more than ever in our country. We believe that without the people’s struggle and an all-Afghanistan insurrection against tyranny, ignorance and occupation, there will be no liberty or happiness for our nation. Such struggle can only be victorious if it is oriented and led by national, democratic and progressive forces.

These days the reactionary and menial elements of the so-called opposition also talk hypocritically of popular insurrection in our country. In actual fact, they fear popular insurrections because when the people rise up it will be against the occupying masters of this so-called opposition, and with the demise of the master the lives, ambitions and muscle-flexing of the lackeys will ebb fast. It is not surprising that the top dog of the 8th Saurite traitors’ camp recently voiced his fears of a people’s uprising and warned against the leadership of such an insurrection falling into the hands of “Facebook youth”.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan regards the 7th and the 8th of Saur as black days of shame in our history, from the consequences of which we have yet to rid ourselves. We demand the persecution and trial of the perpetrators of the devastation of the past three decades, those who are responsible for the internecine wars, the murder of thousands of innocent people, the destruction of ninety five percent of our country’s economic infrastructure, and hundreds of other crimes and treacheries. Millions of our compatriots who bore the brunt of the atrocities that have been committed await the day of reckoning and dispensation of justice. There can be no talk of democracy in our country until justice is meted out. History teaches us that it is futile to rely on sanguinary and criminal superpowers for the attainment of justice, democracy and salvation.

The Solidarity party of Afghanistan calls on all national, progressive and democratic individuals, personalities and institutions to join hands in unity and solidarity against the 7th Saurite and 8th Saurite criminals, and not allow the destiny of our unhappy people and country to be shaped any further by these traitors and their foreign masters.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

8th Saur 1390 (April 28, 2011)

Kabul, Afghanistan


(1)- Sour 7th (corresponds April 27, 1978 in Afghan calendar) the day Khalqi and Parchami factions of pro-Russia People’s Democratic Party came to power in Afghanistan through a bloody coup, which followed occupation of Afghanistan by Russia and decades of war and atrocities in Afghanistan. Sour 8th (April 28, 1992) the day fundamentalist bands took power in Kabul after the fall of puppet regime and started a reign of terror and destruction.

(2)- Related to KHAD, the dreaded intelligence agency of the Russian puppet regime, which was in fact Afghanistan branch of KGB, responsible for arrest, torture and murder of tens of thousands of innocent Afghans.


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