The United States military base, a slavery chain for Afghanistan

Despite the frequent bombardments and killings by the U.S. military forces and the Taliban and the civilian casualties all across Afghanistan, the puppet Afghan government and some western-backed intellectuals are talking about the permanent U.S. military bases in Afghanistan and are trying to count it a huge achievement for Afghanistan and a real cause of prosperity in the country.

The involvement of the US government in Afghanistan, that has a history of cruelty, has not only improved conditions in the country, but the increase of corruption, poverty, murders, poppy cultivation and trafficking, supporting criminals and the tempting of talented young Afghans through providing huge salaries and scholarships and the employment of a huge number of CIA trained intellectuals as spokesmen for the president and the cabinet ministers, were among the challenges the country faced in the past one decade.

Those who seek their own benefits in the presence of the US government and are stepping alongside the invaders, are not ready to step aside from this circle of viciousness and will stay at the service of the US and its allied governments to protect their and their families’ legendary wealth, which they have gained through drug smuggling and government power.

These elements, despite some friendly criticisms, are the strong defendants of the US government and cite it as the only salvager of mankind, in the absence of whom the Afghan nation will be once again trapped by the Taliban! But these western-backed elements deny the fact that it was the United States that created the Taliban and other fundamentalist factions and is now planning to add our homeland into its fifty first state by waging the counter-terrorism war, peace and reconstruction processes and establishing permanent military bases in the country.

Those who cite the establishment of the US military bases in the country as a guarantee for “freedom and democracy” are the recruited elements who are used to have foreign supporters, otherwise they will be forgotten forever as a result of the people’s uprising, just like their brothers Zainul Abidin, Mubarak and Qaddafi.

Ever since the establishment of the US-backed regime in Afghanistan and the signing of the 60 years strategic agreement with the then Afghan foreign minister, Rangin Spanta (he has taken fifty thousand US dollars from the Iranian regime for praising Iran’s Islamic Hijab law and gained a bad reputation for being involved in his brother’s corruption case), the United States has started establishing military bases in Khost, Farah, Logar, Helmand, Kabul, Kandahar, Nangarhar and other provinces of Afghanistan, which according to a report have exceeded 400, by buying and renting huge pieces of land.

It is now evident to every single Afghan that the United States has long-term plans to stay in Afghanistan, and that the withdrawal of its forces by 2014 is just a lie. Although the US will decrease the number of its troops by 2014, but it will start strengthening and expanding its military bases in the country.

The puppet Afghan government is trying to convince the masses that the presence of foreign forces is necessary in the country and is thus providing ground to sign an agreement for the long-term presence of the United States in Afghanistan, or in other words to legitimize the colonization of the country. While the country is lacking independence and freedom and is ruled by outsiders and a number of criminal and corrupt Afghan elements, the government, parliament and any institution will have no legitimacy, and our people will give no importance to such agreements, as they did to the former Soviet Union.

The United States, according to its congress representative, Jim Moran, who has called the Afghan government “the most corrupt state in the world”, should stop signing such agreements with the most corrupt and mafia government of the world, and should also stop making deals with the Taliban and other enemies of freedom and democracy, if it is not lying or supporting the criminals.

The US that has 737 military bases in more than 130 countries of the world and is willing to act as an international police, has brought no prosperity and happiness to any of these countries, including Afghanistan. The US has turned into a more atrocious government than the former Soviet Union. It is also trying to convince our people to support its military bases in the country by making propagandas, such as the recent killing of innocent people in the US air and ground attacks in the eastern Kunar province, which was blamed on local civilians as parents burnt their children to punish them!

The historical uprising of people in several Arab countries is not only against government authorities who have fabulous lives at the costs of cruelty and imposing poverty on the people, but also against the presence of the US military bases in the Arab countries and the influence of Israel in the region.

President Obama’s administration must realize the fact that alongside the voices of the courageous people of Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and other Arab countries for democracy that has struck at the foundations of his government and other governments under the US domination, our people will also not stay calm against him and his Afghan counterparts for establishing military bases in Afghanistan. Mr. Obama’s administration that could not prevent the uprising of masses in the Arab world will also not be able to stop the uprising of the suffered Afghan nation in the future.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan that is standing firm against the foreign invaders and the Jehadi-Taliban criminals and is struggling for independence, democracy and social justice, considers the United Stated’ permanent military bases a stronger chain at the hands of Afghans and earnestly urges all the anti-fundamentalist, revolutionary, democrat and patriotic elements and factions to unite against the foreign and internal enemies of the country and do not allow permanent military bases in our occupied land, as well as not allow the traitorous activities of the United States, Pakistan, the blood thirty Iranian regime and fundamentalists to exterminate our country by dividing the nation.

No honorable Afghan will accept the establishment of military bases, except the American bitches!
All the invaders, hands off Afghanistan!
Nor the US, neither the Taliban and Jehadis, an independent, free and democratic Afghanistan!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
6. March. 2011
Kabul, Afghanistan



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