The snouts of all enemies, indigenous and foreign, need to be rubbed in the dust through a general insurrection!

If at one time Afghanistan was the graveyard of its enemies, doubtless today this country has become a collector’s showcase of aggressors and meddlers. Except for criminals and their ilk, no honourable and patriotic Afghan can accept the prevailing corruption or the bullying and humiliation imposed on it by its neighbours.

Now, after years of fighting and committing crimes in Helmand, Kandahar, Zabul, Kunduz, Wardak and other provinces, the locus of the fighting has been dragged to the east of the country. It is now the turn of the inhabitants of the eastern parts of our country to be decimated and driven out of their homes by Pakistani bombardment, US and NATO assaults and Taliban savagery. The unabashed roughshod riding of the Pakistani militarists which has claimed the lives of hundreds of our defenceless compatriots is in conformity with the policies of the occupiers. The aim is to create fear and use the Pakistani threat as a rationale for perpetuating their presence in Afghanistan and for underlining the “necessity” of setting up their permanent military bases here, thus setting the stage for the perpetual bondage of our country.

The Pakistani government is one of the most despicable regimes in the region. For decades it has hatched traitor and criminal jihadi “Tanzeems” for Afghanistan, given ISI blessings to the assassination of countless Afghan patriotic personalities, and has procreated, financed and brought to power the Taliban and continues to nurture them to this day. The Pakistani government has spared nothing in rearing and supporting Hekmatyar’s fascistic Hezb-i-Islami party and today’s suicide attackers and terrorists. The latest Pakistani crime against our country and people, the most recent treachery it has committed, is its blatant violation of the Afghan-Pakistani border. In the eyes of our people, Pakistan is one of the prime causesfor destruction and devastation in Afghanistan.

After the discovery and killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan has utterly lost all credibility in the eyes of its friends. It therefore seeks to regain some dignity be exploiting to its own benefit the utterly scandalous, all-pervasive mafia domination of the political, military and economic situation obtaining in Afghanistan. The Pakistani government seeks to exploit the brouhaha surrounding the shifting of responsibility for the management of the war against the Taliban to the so-called “national” Afghan army to flex its military muscles and wring concessions for itself and its Taliban proxies from the moribund Karzai government. In a situation in which the likes of Rahim Wardak, the so-called Afghan “defence minister”, and many other members of the cabinet, provincial governors, ambassadors and other Karzai-regime bigwigs are former agents on ISI payroll, it is quite natural that they should all feel too embarrassed to stand up to Pakistan, and for Mr Karzai not to dare to utter a word in denunciation of Pakistan’s treacherous aggression against Afghanistan. In fact, when Karzai grovels and toadies to the Taliban, again and again addressing those savage murderers as “Talibjan” [Taliban, dear], “disaffected brothers” and “Afghan bachaya” [O ye sons of the Afghan motherland], how is it possible, and on what basis is it conceivable, that he will not kowtow to the godfathers of the Taliban? A government so utterly hated and detested by the population, composed by the most sordid, most sold-out and corrupt criminals in our history, will never be able to stand up against the neighbours’ bullying and aggression and staunchly and resolutely defend the people and the country’s borders.

At this juncture in time, the arch-traitors, criminals and heroin barons of the so-called “opposition” and “National Front” are seeking to masquerade as being “anti-Pakistan”. Thisis as revolting for the people of Afghanistan as the pronouncements of presidential and foreign ministry spokesmen and other closeted Pakistani-spy spokespeople. Those who have been raised in ISI cradles and have spent their lives in rapine and plunder have no right to vociferate against Pakistani bullying and thuggery, and spew their lies of “defending” this wounded land and people.

Under the obtaining circumstances, the people of Afghanistan know of absolutely no individual or group in the Cosa Nostra of the Afghan state and government who can inspire a rising up against the treacheries of the Pakistani government. Any summons by any government official for resistance against Pakistanshall get the reception that it deserves from our people: the reception of the exhortations of a traitor criminal, worthy of being slapped into his face. The only suitable response can be the historic insurrection of all tribes and ethnicities making up the people of Afghanistan in emulation of the heroic insurrections of the Iranian and Arab peoples –a general insurrection primarily against the occupiers, the tinpot Afghan regime and their “opposition” bed partners. The rising tide of such an insurrection movement for freedom in Afghanistan and even its relative success shall make the governments of Pakistan, Iran, or any other inimical government, think twice before entertaining any thoughts of greed or aggression against this land.

We firmly believe that unless the occupiers are expelled, independence is gained, democracy is built and secured and criminals of whatever ilk are brought to justice, any country –be it a neighbour or distant– will be in a position to threaten and betray our country and impose its will upon us.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan deems the American and NATO occupiers to be enemies of our people and demands immediate and total withdrawal of their forces from our country. And just as we warned the criminal regime of Iran, while expressing our solidarity with the people of Pakistan we warn the spy- hatching government of Pakistan to stop launching rockets and missiles against our mourning people and desist from adding any further to its record of treachery and betrayal of Afghanistan. On the glorious day of the insurrection of the peoples of Afghanistan and Pakistan for freedom, the Pakistani government will have a lot to answer for.

The world has changed. The thunderstorms of the Arab Spring are sure to reach Afghanistan and Pakistan and consign the ISI-state of Pakistan and the Mafia-state of Afghanistan like chaff to the dustbin of history.

May the meddling hands of the Pakistani government in Afghanistan be cut off!

Hail to the advent of independence-seeking, democracy seeking national insurrections in Afghanistan and Pakistan!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan


20th Saratan 1390 (11th July 2011)


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