Victory to Our People’s Struggle against Invaders and their Fundamentalist Lackeys!

Today, on 7th October, a decade has passed since the invasion of Afghanistan by the US and allies; an invasion hardly different from that of the Russians on the Dark Day of December 27,1979. The US, having learnt from the raw action of the Russians, used her massive propaganda machine to mentally prepare the people of the world for this invasion, and then cunningly convinced more than 40 other countries through the UN for invading our country, under the false banner of “war on terror”, “reconstruction”, “democracy”, “human rights” etc. US and allies toppled the medieval-aged Taliban regime within a few weeks and instead imposed on our hapless people the most corrupt and anti-humanity government in the world.

Terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, these inhumane phenomena, have been nourished to a monster through the covert and open policies and programs of the US in the last four decades; that have not only burnt the Afghan people in their conflagration of ignorance, crimes and barbarism, but also affected many other countries. It was the US government that helped pave the way for Afghanistan’s destruction by providing financial and military support to criminal fundamentalist bands.

Ten years ago, the US announced that it has learnt its lesson from past mistakes and will not foster fundamentalists again. But in the past ten years she is practically supporting murderers whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, while talking about “war on terror”. The US and its allies have placed the most detested elements in her puppet regime and the so-called opposition, and permitted these traitors to loot and oppress our bereaved people. In this way, the West’s crimes and treachery against the people of our country has continued in the last decade. The US doesn’t want to cut ties with the fundamentalists and terrorists because it has discovered by experience that these self-sold and xenophile people can easily wear the chain of slavery for dollars and power, and sacrifice the interests of their nation in accordance to their master’s orders. Even the human-eater gangs of Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami, while apparently chanting from their Pakistani masters’ wings for Jihad against America; are actually collaborating with the US behind the scenes; and Karzai's puppet government’s important posts are held by their key members who have dedicated their lives to serve the occupation forces.

Today, Afghanistan is not only occupied by the US and NATO, but neighboring governments especially Iran and Pakistan, have found wilder space to increase their economical, political and cultural influence here. These countries have turned a bunch of cowardly and treacherous Afghans into their mercenaries to reach the Presidential Palace. Pakistan’s government is shamelessly shelling our people but the traitorous so-called officials are silent. Iran’s brutal regime, besides training and nourishing the fundamentalist assassin gangs of Akhundi manner, has started the surge for cultural offensive through her lackey writers, and additionally supports the Taliban financially and by provision of arms.

The US and NATO’s war in our country is like a false play to throw dust in the eyes of the people of the world. It’s been witnessed in several provinces of Afghanistan that the US provides arms and money to indigenous and foreign Talibs to create havoc. US supports the mafia government and cruel warlords from one side, and then tries to make the situation worse; thus bringing about the perfect circumstances for justifying its permanent bases. By sowing seeds of discord among our different ethnicities, they have inflamed the tribal, linguistic and ethnic divisions in an unprecedented way; for they have established that they can enslave a divided nation very effortlessly. US forces and NATO are least concerned for our people's lives and have consistently killed our innocent people, especially women and children, in their ruthless operations, bombardments and usage of advanced weapons of mass destruction.

Afghanistan has turned into the biggest producer of drugs, is the most corrupt, insecure and poor country (80 percent of its population lives below the poverty line) with the highest rate of unemployment in the world. The condition of women in particular hasn’t changed much; they still live in hell-like conditions. Foreign forces themselves have a part in turning Afghanistan to a Mafia state and in its corruption, and have embezzled billions of dollars. Despite the flow of tens of billions of Dollars, "reconstruction" is nowhere to be seen and our people's lives have not changed. There are just a few mediocre, seasonal and short-termed projects and no fundamental structures have been laid. In complete control of all the vital economical arteries of the country, the US is feeding its cultural trash to our people too. America takes away the national identity and pride of the youth and clears the country of struggling forces by promoting neutrality and cultural immorality and through the provision of Dollar, NGOs, scholarships and position of power.

The US and allies organized the 2001 Bonn Conference with all the Jehadi criminals and handed over our country to her blood thirsty agents of Northern Alliance and its technocrats. The second Bonn Conference is being perpetrated to include the Talib fascists in its puppet government as well. America's slaves are looking forward and preparing for this conference, but for our people these meaningless conferences are a source of disgrace.

The hue and cry raised about the withdrawal of foreign troops by 2014 is nothing more than a blatant lie. The US will never leave Afghanistan voluntarily because she doesn’t want to lose her foothold here and because of its interests and long-term aims here. On the contrary, she will try to guard her bases in the country so that it has an upper hand in the competition with powers like China, Russia, India and others. Although, America's star of luck is setting, Obama's government is searching for ways through militarism and rapine, to bring more poor countries under such conditions. The US, with over 700 bases in 120 countries of the world, wants to become the world's gendarme. But these thuggeries of the US won’t last long. The contradictions among imperialists intensifying, the inevitable economic crisis, resistance to the oppression and exploitation in the Third World countries, and protests by people in the big imperialist countries, have all added up to strike big holes in their "New World Order", and has frightened and left big world powers, especially the US government, completely helpless.

With the help of a bunch of her reactionary intellectuals and lackeys in the so-called opposition of "Change and Hope", the US has started a widespread propaganda to prepare the Afghan nation's mind to accept the permanent chains of slavery. Scores of traitorous "analysts" and "officials" are vulgarly propagating about the gains of signing the official document of selling Afghanistan to the US and her permanent bases in our country. Our people are tired of the war and have felt to their bones the pain of an occupation. They understand that it is these crumbling, puppet governments with no back up among the masses, and despicable fundamentalist parties that need foreign presence to protect them from being destroyed by the people. Our people may not tolerate living in the shadow of occupiers and a handful of sold-out obedient servants. It has not been observed in history till now that invaders have brought welfare and peace to some country and the blood stained experiences of the ten years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq ratify this fact.

Tormented compatriots,

Our ancestors created eternal legendary to safeguard the honor and independence of their homeland and rightly our country is popular for bravery and fighting for freedom against foreigner, which has also earned it the title of “Graveyard of Empires”. But today our beloved homeland is deprived of its independence and dominated by a group of foreign spies and professional killers. Cruelty and injustice has reached its peak and is strangulating the poorest of our country. If we sit silently and with all this oppression and bullying and don’t rise for independence, freedom and democracy, our forefathers may curse us from their unknown graves. Silence and accepting the chains of slavery don't suit the dignity of a proud nation; struggle and insurrection are the only paths to freedom. Let's free ourselves from the trap of worthless tribal, linguistic and ethnic conflicts, that our oppressors have brought about to divide us, fight and rise, as one, for independence and freedom against foreign invaders and their internal traitors, so that our country finds its old place among independent countries of the world.

"Solidarity Party of Afghanistan", calls October 7 a day of mourning and gloom, like the dark days of December 27, April 27 and April 28, and recognizes it as a stain of disdain in our history. We shake the hands of all national, patriotic, freedom-seeking and anti-fundamentalist forces of our country that struggle to gain our independence and sovereignty against foreign invaders and their internal reactionaries.

May the hands of occupiers and meddlers be cut off from our country!
Hail to the uprisings around the world against despotism and colonialism!
No Occupation, No Taliban, No Northern Alliance; Power to the People of Afghanistan!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

October 7, 2011 - Kabul


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