Without the Prosecution of Criminals of 28th and 27th April, Our People Will Never See Peace and Prosperity!

Without the Prosecution of Criminals of 28th and 27th April, Our People Will Never See Peace and Prosperity!

Although, many years have gone by since the dark days of 28th and 27th April, but still our tormented people have no emancipation from the calamitous results of these two ominous days. The two awful days which took hundreds of thousands of victims from our nation; displaced millions; thousands of free and conscientious human beings were disappeared; child of 7 years old to mother of 70 were raped; our economic and social infrastructures were destroyed; our nation’s assets were looted; and hundreds of other brutalities and depravations. It has been proved for our people that the arches of Khalqis-Parchamis and leaders of Jahadis are the main causes of our country today’s unfortunates and trivialities. It is due their betrayal that Afghanistan became the middling ground of the tyrant governments of Pakistan and Iran, and forty occupier countries led by US.

It is more painful when still a large number of the perpetrators of these two nefarious days rule the destiny of our people, and, under the banner US and Allies, are busy in another round of oppression, rapacity and felony, but shamelessly carve themselves as “hero”. Specially the criminals of 28th April, who with order of their Pakistani, Arab and Iranian masters converted Kabul and all Afghanistan into slaughter-ground and debris, are so shameless that they don’t accept the one millionth responsibility of their wilderness and to save themselves from guillotine of justice, relate the factors of destruction and bloodthirsty of last four decades to “outside hands”. However, it is a clear fact that in every phenomenon the internal factors are more essential compare to external ones. If these felonies had not happened in Afghanistan, for sure, our people would not have faced the terrors of Taliban and ISIS, explosion and suicide bombing, and continuous airstrikes of US and NATO.

The government of Afghanistan, made up of most corrupt traitors-to-country and lackeys of occupier countries, under the cloak of “peace process”, are repeatedly paying tribute to human-killers of Taliban and pro-Gulbuddin, freeing the murderers from prison. However, peace without justice is meaningless. The justice which in the course of the last one and the half decades have been painfully immolated towards the desires of oppressors and predators. The sanguinary suicide bombings of in Kabul and provinces, are the consequences of these traitor-to-the-nation policies and our devastated people are their main victims. Indeed, the mullah-mafiaso government of Abdullah-Ghani, alike the rotten government of Karzai, are the implementers of those traitorous policies, dictated by John Kerry and White House. The insecurity in North especially in Kunduz, sinking of country into violence, ethnic and religious hostilities, poverty, unemployment, crises and extremism are the rational results of these demagogic policies. The US is trying to convert Afghanistan into center for international terrorism and narcotics, and via this country export instability to Russia and China, to cripple its rivals. The people of Afghanistan are paying heavy price for the US neo-colonial programs and its Afghan leaning staff.

Tormented Compatriots!

Until and unless we don’t clean out the blots of shame of 28th and 27th April and don’t clear the accounts of their calamities, Afghanistan will never witness peace and happiness. The culture of impunity of criminals and external minions, is the reason for our homeland to sink day-by-day into dangerous quagmire of oppression and terror. Let’s give hands to hands to liberate our country, prevailed in darkness and wilderness. Except for unity, awareness and struggle of our own aggrieved people, there is no other path for liberation and security.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) calls all the freedom-lover and upstanding organization and elements of Afghanistan for mobilization and struggle against all brands of fundamentalism, reactionary forces and foreign interference. Unity and struggle are the only path to reach peace, justice and democracy. Only those nation of the world have lived in security and pride, whose nation, under the banner of a progressive force, have gone to war against unjust.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

26 April 2016


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