Consultative Loya Jirga, a trap for the eternal enslavement of our homeland

Treaty with USA

Once again, a gathering under the name of Consultative Loya Jirga has been called to deliberate on the Bilateral Security Agreement, the title deed to the sell-off of our motherland. For months, the US propaganda public address system has been preparing Afghan public opinion for accepting the BSA and the entire city has been plastered with empty and deceptive official slogans. All roads leading to Kabul have been closed and the city has been put on a war footing with massive deployment of security forces. Tens of our innocent compatriots lost their lives during brutal Taliban suicide attacks aimed at derailing this gathering. Six working days have been lost to an assembly whose members have been hand-picked by the government. The Loya Jirga delegates, according to the wishes of the Karzai clique and the US authorities, will evidently vote for a document which will bring nothing to our homeland and our people but enslavement and the long-term continuation of war and bloodshed. Through such a calculated ploy, Karzai seeks to evade going down in history as Shah Shujah III, and to give the perception that it was the “representatives of the people” who endorsed the BSA document.

Throughout all this hullaballoo, sold-out intellectuals in the pay of the government, and others off the government payroll, dancing to the tune of their masters, have taken it upon themselves to justify the signing of the BSA and misguide public opinion through the so-called free media. Some of these inert intellectuals are Russian waifs from the era of the “Glorious Saur Revolution”, others –the larger portion– consist of technocrats and fundamentalist ‘brothers’ who howl in unison that “if the US deprives us of its patronage, we will be devoured by our dragon neighbors and Taliban monsters, we will lose financial and military aid worth $4.1 billion a year, we will be isolated and the bloodshed of the years of ‘civil war’ by the jihadi factions and Taliban tyranny will be repeated”. With tens of other such ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, they eulogize the noose of bondage which will heap riches on a chosen few but will bring misery to our unhappy nation.

Other bloodthirsty circles such as the Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami who are usually in league with Karzai and other presidential palace squatters and share in the plunder of our country, oppose the Consultative Loya Jirga in words but surreptitiously send representatives to attend. The posturing as champions of independence by these perfidious groups is more tail-wagging towards their Pakistani and Iranian masters than out of dedication to our national interests and values.

Snapshots of the atrocities of the criminal occupiers.
Snapshots of the atrocities of the criminal occupiers. Each of the above scenes is a mark of shame on the foreheads of sold-out intellectuals and pundits who have shouted themselves hoarse in advocacy of the continued presence of the US military.

There are some who have protested the legality of the Consultative Loya Jirga and have growled to the media with puffed up indignation that they will not participate in the proceedings, but their track records are well known. At the slightest raising of their masters’ finger they will be in the front row of the seated assembly delegates, and like all their other sold-out peers, their protestations will die out with the slightest morsel of privilege that is thrown their way. All these interest groups, despite all the false indignation and resentment that they have vociferously displayed these last few days, deem the permanent presence of the US in Afghanistan to be a blessing for them.

The brazen Americanophiles argue that the US and its allies have, as it were, transformed Afghanistan into a heaven on earth during the last 12 years, and if they leave all those ‘gains’ would be lost. They are blind to the more than 100,000 of our innocent compatriots killed by US and NATO bombs and to the humiliation and indignities inflicted upon our people by the foreign forces. They do not see that it was these very same foreign troops who drew the factional terrorists, the most odious war criminals and the most corrupt individuals out of their holes and imposed them as leaders and destiny-makers upon our people, and continue to support them with all their resources. They consider the US ‘war on terror’ as vital for Afghanistan, but gloss over the fact that the two diabolical entities, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, were created and nurtured by the CIA, and that identical entities are even now being supported by the US in Libya, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world. During the past 12 years, the US transformed Afghanistan into the global drug and mafia capital of world, manifold times more dangerous for our country than ‘terrorism’ –witness the nearly 2 million of our compatriots who have been turned into zombies through drug addiction.

Karzai, Fahim and Khalili
Karzai and his yes-men are screaming that if the BSA is not signed, Afghanistan will return to the 1990s. This argument is put forward by a president whose right and left hand men are the main perpetrators of the atrocities and disasters the country suffered during that period.

There are those who argue that without the US presence the ‘democratic values’ of the past 12 years will be obliterated, but what they keep mum about is that in a country where there is no justice, where a small minority straddles the people, where the most bloodthirsty mafiosi rule, where looting and embezzlement wreak havoc, where there are 14 million unemployed and more than 80% of the population live below the poverty line, and where rape, domestic violence, and other atrocities against women are common, speaking of democracy is both meaningless and irrelevant. Continued US presence will perpetuate the pain and suffering which has consumed our country during the past decade. Karzai and his coterie wail that the US bases provide Afghanistan protection against predation by Pakistan and Iran. But who doesn’t know that the interference and sabotage of these two vicious governments has been going on throughout the past decade to the extent that they have managed to penetrate the palace and presidential office and install their spies in the warp and weft of the puppet administration. Didn’t the Karzai government itself designate notorious terrorists of the fascistic Hezb-i-Islami Gulbuddin –renowned lackeys of the ISI – to key cabinet posts? With its rocket attacks on Afghanistan’s border provinces, Pakistan violated our territorial integrity with impunity while Karzai and his US masters sat on their hands. We believe that the US presence will instigate our two neighbors and all the other countries in the region to fan the flames of war and instability in Afghanistan all the more resolutely, out of fear of the threat they feel and in order to keep our country a hotspot for the US.

Karzai and his yes-men are screaming that if the BSA is not signed, Afghanistan will return to the 1990s. This argument is put forward by a president whose right and left hand men, the main perpetrators of the atrocities and disasters the country suffered during that period, sit in the forefront of this showcase assembly. When one considers that the US kept these odious criminals under its wings for the past 12 years and shielded them from prosecution, what guarantee is there that if needed, it won’t re-arm and re-finance these very same anti-national and murderous entities for another round of fighting and bloodshed? Hasn’t it been with US arms and dollars that such criminals, both factional and Taliban, destroyed our country in the past? Is it any secret that the most bloodthirsty and repugnant dictators in the world, the likes of Suharto, Pinochet, Saddam, Fujimori, Zia-ul-Haq, Hugo Banzer, Noriega and others, who have led their nations to calamity and devastation, were all procreations and mercenaries of the US? To expect peace to be brought by the arch-warmonger, the US, is nothing but a delusion.

Criminals in Loya Jirga
Murderers and predators from the civil war days sit in the forefront of such showcase assemblies.

Karzai, a past master in chicanery, proclaims that the US will never use Afghan territory against any other country and that its presence would be beneficial for peace and stability. Military bases are evidently for war, not for peace. The US imperial might is in financial decline, therefore the US is desperately scrambling with tooth and claw to assert its hegemony through war and aggression. China and Russia, as emerging superpowers, pose a challenge to US world hegemony, and countering them ranks first and foremost in US world strategy. The US occupation of Afghanistan and its presence in our country is dictated by this strategy. The US, with its blood-drenched track record of barbarism around the world, doesn’t have and never will have the slightest interest in the stability of our country or in the prosperity of our people. Essentially, no country in history has ever attained anything through dependency on another country. This is something that is never debated by our sold-out ‘statesmen’ and ‘political gurus’.

With some 800 military bases outside its borders, the US has its finger on the pulse of our world and seeks to prolong its own shameful lifespan through occupation, plunder, and the breeding of quislings and lackeys around the globe. The peoples of countries where the US has bases protest and rise up against them every day. The savage crimes of US troops in Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Laos, Iraq, Italy, Columbia, Ecuador, Diego Garcia and many other parts of the world in past years flaunt all laws and principles of human dignity. US hubris is the outcome of one-sided agreements signed by puppet governments. It is the younger generation of such countries who have to suffer for the unforgiveable mistakes of their fathers. Their painful experiences should be a lesson for the people of Afghanistan.

Karzai, Spanta, and other US stooges highlight only two articles of this agreement as being of dispute between the two countries. Karzai, who craftily styles himself a nationalist and independent president, acts as if he is pressing his masters to take the interests of our people into consideration in this agreement. But anyone with a modicum of political awareness can realize that this agreement has been drawn up and imposed upon our people mainly to promote the needs and interests of the US, and that signing it will, in  practice, trample on our independence, sovereignty, and national pride. Even if a number of popular and agreeable articles are included in the BSA, the US will not consider itself bound by it, just as it does not consider itself bound by any agreement in the world. Has it been on the basis of any agreement up till now that the US has brutally bombarded hordes of our innocent men and women in Azizabad, Haska Meena, Narang, Shinwari, Ganjabad, Garnai, Shindand and elsewhere? Those who shamelessly claim that the US will not allow any US soldier who commits a crime to go unpunished, can they present one example of a perpetrator of such carnage who has been justly punished for what he or she has done?

Karzai, the third Shah Shuja
Through such a calculated ploy, Karzai seeks to evade going down in history as Shah Shujah III, and to give the perception that it was the “representatives of the people” who endorsed the BSA document.

Our people have, during the past 12 years of occupation and rule of a puppet government, learnt that the mafia Kabul regime is one of the most sold-out and impotent governments in the region and the world, and is neither independent in its international or internal issues, nor can it take the smallest step without the permission of the US. International agreements such as the BSA can only hold water if they are concluded between two independent and national governments, not between a master and a slave.

There is no doubt that our people are besieged in a mortal circle of predatory foreign occupiers and their indigenous hounds, but we cannot break this siege by taking refuge with the most murderous and bully government in human history. Unless our people of all ethnicities unite and embark on the path of peace and prosperity, there is no other way we can escape this deadlock.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan calls upon all national and freedom-seeking entities and personalities who are fed up with the impositions and deceptions of the occupiers and consider such made-to-order assemblies as the continuation of the neo-colonialist policies of US imperialism, to put aside their secondary differences and gather around each other so we can take practical steps towards establishing an independent, free and prosperous Afghanistan. This can only be possible if progressive elements make effective efforts towards mobilizing our people.

Agreement with the US is fatal for our suffering homeland!
Without independence, attaining peace, freedom, and stability is an illusion!


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