The Blood of Farkhunda Is Conscience of Every Honorable Afghan, Let Us Not Allow the Traitors to Step Over Our Conscience!

The Blood of Farkhunda Is Conscience of Every Honorable Afghan, Let Us Not Allow the Traitors to Step Over Our Conscience!

The lynching of Farkhunda in Kabul, not only shocked Afghanistan but the world as well. Farkhunda became the symbol of terror against a nation, which since four decades have incinerated in the inferno of ignorance, crime and occupation.

However, it was clear from the very first days that the ruling murderers, supporting the main predator of Farkhunda, are trying to hide the case with fraud, and halt the wave of protest of people. First the heads of security forces, with their obvious unawareness, and the high officials who supported the case, were salvaged from trail. Then, they promised to arrest some hangers-on of Shura-e-Nizar (a military faction of Jamiat-e-Islami founded by Ahmad Shah Masoud), perpetrators of this brutality such as Habib of Deh-Afghanan, but to this day there is no news of their arrest.

Although, the ironic court sentenced some of them guilty, but the court of appeal, which was held covertly under the supervision of palace-loungers, decreased their sentence: the criminals of first row were exempted from hanging to life-time imprisonment, and others the same. These behind-the-scene dealings, once again proved that the current useless and imposed government that is as much traitor to country, is supporting the most felonious blood-suckers against honorable blood of Farkhunda.

Farkhunda doesn’t only belong to her family anymore. She has become the conscience and honor of every Afghan who carry the sense of honor and humanity. It is our duty, in chorus with our wakeful people, don’t let the ruling criminals to shamelessly step over the blood of Farkhundas, and announce the criminals of this case as innocent alike their other thousands of conspicuous crimes and betrayals, and forget about it. Don’t let the minions of US Govt. and butchers of our nation to easily silence the justice-seeking cry of bruised people.

If we don’t raise our voice as single clenched fist against these unjust and violation of delivering justice to Farkhunda, with no doubt, in the next court, stained in virus of corruption and fundamentalism alike other courts of Afghanistan, the criminals will be set free away from public eye.

We can defend the innocence of Farkhunda through resolute determination and practical steps. In battle between the guardians of ignorance and barbarism on one side and supporters of justice on the other side, we must place the justice on its supreme position. The history has shown that the continuous popular resistance can force the most unmerciful rulers to surrender and retreat.

One should forget that a bunch of dishonored people have utilized the case Farkhunda as a dollar obsessed project, and after receiving prizes from presidential palace, they have joined the herd of predators, and through apparent beautiful words, are trying to divert public mentality. We must sweep these felon elements from the row, condemn and defame them as traitor to women’s rights.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) considers the mafia government, ruling the fate of our people, as criminal and traitor-to-the-nation who never respect democracy and justice. Therefore, if we don’t arise, in chorus with people and consciously, don’t break the silence via all-out unity and collective mobilization, the blood numerous Farkhundas will be violated by hangers-on, dancing happily in the mourning of people. The fate of our homeland and people forever will be mixed in blood, pain and ignorance.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

July 6, 2015


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