Photos of Protest Gathering Against the Unjust Hearing of Farkhunda Case

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July 6, 2015; Kabul: More than 600 members and supports of SPA and Kabul citizens gathered in the incineration place of Farkhunda to condemn the lynching of Farkhunda and unjust hearing the court. The protesters including women and me were shouting the slogans: Arise, Our Silence Is Sham! Arise, Our Punch Is Our Gun! We All Are Farkhunda, We Will Perish Ignorance! We Are Enemy of Abdullah-Ghani, We Are Alive For Our Country! Farkhunda, Your Memories Are Alive! The Once Who Have Incirnerated You, Are Our Enemy! They Are A Bunch of Traitors, Walking in Ignorance! The Predators Killed Farkhunda!

Additionally, the protesters were holding placards carrying the lynched photo of Farkhunda and slogans such as: Dear Farkhunda, It is shameful to set silent unless we don’t prosecute your murderers! Without seeking justice for blood of Farkhunda, chanting slogans of women’s rights is betrayal to women! If the corrupt and traitor courts of Afghanistan forgive them, Our people will not forgive! We should not allow the number one perpetrators of Paghman crime, the real murderers of Farkhunda escape justice! Compatriot, if you stay silent, tomorrow it will be your mother and sister turn! Unless the traitors are removed from power, everyday another Farkhunda will be victimized!

Additionally, the protesters condemned the killings of Jalraiz District soldiers by Taliban and impartiality of central government. They emphasized that besides prosecution of Taliban for this crime, the arch of Abdullah-Ghani should be prosecuted as well.

Malalai Joya had also joined the protesters and during her short speech she stressed that she will seek justice for blood of Farkhunda until the criminals are prosecuted. She added:

“We shouldn’t expect the government composed of arch-criminals to prosecute their fellow criminals who were involved in lynching of Farkhunda. This government knows only knows to put veil on crimes. However, it is for our people to don’t set dull, turn the bloodied cloak of Farkhunda into flag of freedom and struggle for justice. We can achieve justice and respect blood of Farkhunda through mass pressure of people.”

Selay Ghaffar, Spokesperson of SPA, said:

“However, it was clear from the very first days that the ruling murderers, supporting the main predator of Farkhunda, are trying to hide the case with fraud, and halt the wave of protest of people…. One should forget that a bunch of dishonored people have utilized the case Farkhunda as a dollar obsessed project, and after receiving prizes from presidential palace, they have joined the herd of predators, and through apparent beautiful words, are trying to divert public mentality…. We can defend the innocence of Farkhunda through resolute determination and practical steps. In battle between the guardians of ignorance and barbarism on one side and supporters of justice on the other side, we must place the justice on its supreme position. The history has shown that the continuous popular resistance can force the most unmerciful rulers to surrender and retreat.”

At the end Malalai Joya and Selay Ghaffar put the founding stone for building of a monument, where Farkhunda was incinernated, to be a remembrance symbol of the plight of Afghan women.


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