Mr. Ambassador, do not mistake our party and people for your traitor servants!

In response to the rudely threatening of Iranian ambassador in Kabul

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan staged a demonstration in Kabul on 13 January 2011 to condemn the murdering of some innocent Afghan refugees by blood thirsty regime of Iran on Afghan-Iran border; in addition our party has raised voice to condemn the execution of our innocent people by this murderous regime in the past.

According to the custom of all reactionary and anti-people regimes, who label their oppositions with various accusations, Islamic regime also puts dirty accusations on huge freedom loving movements of Iran. Some months back when Solidarity Party of Afghanistan demonstrated against execution of Afghan refugees and freedom-loving prisoners of Iran by this cruel regime, the foreign ministry of Iran called us “supporters of Jundullah”, a more reactionary group than Islamic regime, and this time, Feda Hussein Maliki the Iranian Ambassador in Kabul, with a fascist and arrogant tune, imputed our demonstration to the “western agents”, you say Kabul is Jamaran, he asked Afghanistan government to “identify and arrest” the protestors.

We didn’t pay attention for their first dirty accusation (imputing us to “Jundullah”) by Spokesman of Iran’s foreign ministry; Ramin Mehmanparast, because it was unvalued and just to make laugh the kids, but we think that Iran Ambassador has mistaken our party for their dirty intellectual and non-intellectual Afghan servants, from Jahadies and Taliban to Parliament members and others like Sayed Hussaini Mazari, Mawlavi Mokhtar Mofleh, Alami Balkhi, Ali Jebrahili, Omar Dawoodzai, Kazim Kazimi and some other such dirty spies of Iran.

Mr. Ambassador, keep such indelicate and boorish tunes for using against disobedience of your above mentioned gangs. Using that against an Afghan party in Afghanistan is like sputum which makes dirtier your face and your blood-sucking regime.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan has not just protested for murdering and misbehaving with Afghan refugees in Iran, but we are proud that our party has disclosed the execution of revolutionaries and best children of Iranian peple by criminal Walayat Faqeya regime, we have supported freedom-lovers and imprisoned revolutionaries who are the symbols of inspirational resistance in the most horrible slaughter house of the world. With no doubts, solidarity with Iranian freedom lovers will make the life hard for your Islamic regime, who currently see herself like a wild cow surrounded by fire of freedom fighter.

Mr. Maliki, the way your government is hand in hand with our internal and external enemies, we have also vowed to the inflammable blood of executed heroes of Iran like Farzad Kamangar, Sherin Alam Holi, Wakili and thousands of other and also with the untold sufferings of political prisoners Nasrin Setoda, Majid Tawakooli, Zainab Jalalian, Habib Latify and others from tortures of your brutal and murderer brothers.

As you hideously call “Sedition” and “western provocation” the huge uprising of Iranian people, it is quite natural to put such dirt of yours on us, but this statement is so joint with tommyrot and bungles which, even dog and cat of Afghanistan will laugh on it. As it is obvious for all, that our party has strong position against occupant forces of America and NATO and wants their urgent withdrawal from our country. But the religious blood thirsty regime of Iran, by suppressing revolutionary movements in these three decades has made the best service to the big powers besides having many hidden dealings with “big Satan” and Zionist regime of Israel.

The Ambassador of the regime which has hands on kidnapping and murdering, chained-killings, executions of oppositions and raping the virgin female prisoners before execution, is threatening us and asks for “identifying and arresting of protestors”, otherwise “probably Islamic republic of Iran will rethink on fuel transition and some other issues”.

So the anti-American acts and stopping of the tankers because of “America uses” was nothing, just a lie? And it proved that the noisy dog will not bite? First the funny reason and now this childish evasion on stopping fuel transition to the stricken nation in this cold winter. Shame on this Akhondi reasoning!

But you are lucky Mr. Maliki in facing the most corrupt and mafia government in the world that you are acting like pharaohs and gangs against a party in another country and lathering on us. No law will allow you, except the Fars chauvinism mixed with medieval and bloody religious autarchy. We If the democratic-minded forces and our people were not facing occupants and their servants, if we had a government with even less people bases in this mournful country, with no doubts they would had thrown you out of the country within 24 hours.

Your regime should not see us on the mirror of some Parliament members who are in the payroll of VAVAK or traitor and honourless intellectuals who are being “celebrated” in Iranian Embassy, those who shamelessly write Panegyrics and Jeremiads for Khumaini. It is a long time that our people recognize those politicians, writers and poets as the mustiest spies and servants of your barbarian regime, because they are not ready to defend national interests of Afghan people and are not writing against your dirty regime. Our people, who are tortured by neighboring countries especially Iran, are now full of hatred against your regime and have realized her wildness and extremely anti-democratic nature. They have risen from all tribes, religions and languages unitedly to opposite your interventions and show part of their anger and hate by throwing the rotten eggs and red paint to the spy house of your regime in Kabul. Whereas you are alone in attacking us, we believe that the majority of Iranian suppressed people are defending our movement against your criminal republic.

But Mr. “Ambassador” you are right to worry from spreading of Iranian pro-democracy movements and imagine the same destiny for you and your regime leaders as that of Mohammad Reza Shah and Zin Albdine ben Ali.  Therefore you cross the character of an ambassador and diplomatic frame to bite our party and people, this also show weakness and inability of a blood-thirsty regime which is on headland of collapse by the strong arms of her people.

Mr. Maliki, but you can continue threatening our party even by your gunmen in the embassy, as it is usual in your regime, but we will not threat you in response, because your regime is under the toughest and overturning threatening by glorious movement of Iranian people, which has made the regime to count end of her infelicitous lifetime.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
16 January 2011


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