Let Us Support the Epic Resistance Put Up by Kobani!

YPJ Female Fighter

Since many weeks the indomitable people of Kobani, including women and men, old and young, have been standing heroically and stalwartly against the hordes of ignorance and terror. Such steadfastness has gained them the support of freedom-loving and upstanding peoples around the world. There have been widespread demonstrations of solidarity with the defenders of Kobani in all major cities of the world, despite the fact that the so-called free world and the western media have largely ignored them.

What makes the Kobani movement an outstanding and awe-inspiring example to the world is the presence of armed women, veritable lionesses, in the forefront of the battles. Those determined women, aware of their place in legend and in history, fearless, hearts brimming with love, stand, fight and die side by side with their men, but will not give up their homeland to stone-age murderers. The radiant example of Kurdish women in Kobani is a great lesson in love of country and of humanity for all captive nations enthralled by puppet regimes, especially for organizations of freedom-loving women. A people united will never be defeated!

It is no secret to anyone that ISIS is the bastard procreation of the USA, Israel and the UK. ISIS was nurtured and armed with the most modern armaments of a full-fledged army by the regional surrogates of the mentioned powers –Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. This ultra-reactionary and inhumane group, like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, is paving the way, in the name of Islam, for the neo-colonialist schemes of the US and the West. They embroil the Middle East in fire and blood in order for the long-term plans of imperialist countries to be implemented in this strategic region.

The brouhaha of the “International Coalition Against ISIS”, led by the US and its allies, is sheer demagoguery. On one hand, the allied hypocrites chant anti-ISIS slogans and talk of air strikes against them, but on the other hand they continue to wage a criminal war against the Syrian people and shamelessly arm and fund ISIS through Turkey, Israel, Qatar and the reactionary regimes of the region. Not considering such support enough, they even have ISIS casualties treated in Turkish and Israeli hospitals, while Kobani defenders die at the Turkish border because they are not allowed entry into Turkey. The Turkish government bellows its antagonism towards the same Bashar al-Assad regime it was cuddling up to in 2004, when countless Kurds were being tortured in Turkish prisons.

Diren, YPJ fighter
Diren, 19, a YPJ fighter, in a report with Gabriel Gatehouse of BBC News said: "We're not scared of anything. We'll fight to the last. We'd rather blow ourselves up than be captured by IS."

In order to deceive public perceptions, Obama has personally expressed his concerns for Kobani. But the progressive Kobani liberation movement is an eyesore for the US and its allies in the region. They would love for those unrelenting freedom fighters to be suppressed in order for Syria to be drained of any and all democratic and progressive elements. It is for this reason that not only no help is being given to them, but rather Kobani is being put under siege through all aid and supply routes via Turkey being cut off. At the same time, Erdoğan’s fascist government carries out bombing raids against bases of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the only steadfast defender of Kobani in the region.

The autocratic regime in Turkey is standing shoulder to shoulder with Pentagon war demons and has practically taken on the role of ISIS supporter and patron. By crushing the “Defense of Kobani = Defense of Humanity” protests, the Turkish regime has once again shown its odious inhumane essence, and by stabbing the Kobani resistance in the back it has practically declared war on the insurrected and indomitable people of Kurdistan and is playing with fire. On the other hand, the murderous Khamenei-Rohani regime –paragon of ignorance and criminality towards progressive dissidents and ethnic and religious minorities– has put on a ridiculous show of antagonism towards ISIS in order to regain some measure of respectability in the international arena.

The meager resources available to the warriors of Kobani are totally incomparable with the armaments that are at the disposal of ISIS and the titans standing behind it. The Kobani fighters are sadly alone, but their great determination to defend their homeland and their freedom has put ISIS and its patrons to shame. The admirable and legendary resistance of the people of Kobani has motivated scores of volunteers from other areas to join their ranks. Such volunteers have reported to the Kobani trenches by breaching the siege laid by Turkey, and with unequaled courage and commitment have created human shields to defend the city and people of Kobani. The gloriously defiant spirit of Kobani is best exemplified in the words of one Kobani commander: “We will either die or attain victory. No combatant will desert the city. The world is merely a spectator and has allowed these monsters to wreak carnage…”

In a situation where the US and its allies are pushing the world towards war, horror and barbarism, the heroic Kobani resistance stands out as an inspiring gleam of hope which must be defended. We need to learn from the human spirit and epic determination of the defenders of Kobani. The Kobani war of liberation is a flicker of the conflagration to come under the feet of the US and other great powers and their clients who hatch dangerous plans for the region and irrigate them with rivers of blood. Some analysts compare the resistance of Kobani with that of Stalingrad in World War II –the watershed in the ignominious defeat of Hitlerite fascism.

Kabul (October 12, 2014): SPA Demonstration in solidarity with indomitable people of Kobani.

Notwithstanding western media censorship, the valiant struggles of the people of Kobani have reverberated around the world and, as a source of inspiration, have made their way into the hearts of all free peoples of the world. Kobani has taught valuable lessons to all freedom seekers and has brought unity and a sense of direction to the ranks of anti-imperialist and anti-fundamentalist forces around the world. Kobani may be under siege from all sides and faces existentialist threats, but the legendary resistance of its people will go down in history. Kobani is already victorious, even if ISIS conquers the region.

Our people have, since years, known with their whole being the bitter taste of bloodshed and betrayal, and have witnessed the mushrooming of a variety of enemies who have been falsely given grandiose titles by the occupiers. It is time for us to take inspiration from the indomitable people of Kobani and stand up unfalteringly against the occupiers and their vile minions who are playing with the fate of our nation.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA), despite all the stifling calamities it is faced with inside Afghanistan, and despite being alone in the struggle against the occupiers and mindless fundamentalists, proclaims its unreserved support for the tireless struggles of the heroic people of Kobani and other tormented nations of the world. We call for a joint, unremitting fight against religious fascism and vampire world powers. Defence of the just cause of Kobani is the duty of all who fight for a world free of oppression and injustice.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) joined world campaign of International Day of Solidarity with Kobani, and have organized rallies in 7 provinces (Bamyan, Nangarhar, Balkh, Herat, Takhar, Farah and Nimruz) of Afghanistan. SPA Supporters in Europe have also arranged gatherings in Hannover and Berlin – Germany and Zaandam - Netherlands.

No power can defeat a resolute people who have risen up!
Servile analysts in the service of the US, the wakeful conscience and courage of Kobani women should put you to shame!
Let us rise up like the Kurdish lionesses, otherwise we can never hope for emancipation from the chains of ignorance and oppression!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
1st November 2014


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