We Can Overcome The Occupiers And Their Minions Through Our Unity And Insurrection!

Injured child by NATO air strike in Kunar

Thirteen years have been passed since the occupation of Afghanistan by US invaders and its allies. The occupation was conceived through the sanguinary conspiracy of 9/11; it started with the thunder of B52s flying under UN and NATO flags and reached its ultimate goal with the signing of the enslavement document by US minions in the Afghan Presidential Palace. During the traitorous Bonn conference and under the convenient excuse of the “war on terror”, restoring “democracy”, “human rights” and “reconstruction”, the US imposed the tried and tested enemies of our nation, which it had trained over a lifetime, on the bruised shoulders of our people. The result has been multiple re-run episodes of bloodshed, devastation, rapacity, poverty, and flourishing barbarism. The occupation only fattened a bunch of felons and traitors to the motherland and converted them into billionaires.

Only a few months after the onslaught, the US administration announced that terrorism had been defeated and the Taliban had been consigned to the dustbin of history. However, after the passage of 13 years, this ignorant vampire group has re-emerged, stronger than before, in 32 out of 34 provinces of the country and daily terrorize our people and commit untold atrocities.

It is no secret that the decrepit medieval Taliban regime was created and nurtured by the US. Today those self-same sons of the CIA and the ISI are paving the way for long-term US and NATO involvement in Afghanistan. The procreation of the Taliban thugs in our country by the US was such a successful strategy that the US has now re-implemented the same scheme by unleashing the ISIS monsters on the suffering people of Syria and Iraq.

The 7th of October 2001, trumpeted by US lackeys and their propaganda machine as the day of felicity for our nation, was in fact nothing but a blot of shame in the annals of our contemporary history. This date marks the complete swallowing up of our country by the world-devouring superpower and its lackeys. With the US and NATO occupation, not only was terrorism not eradicated but drug-lords and warlords were legitimized and installed in power. Peace has become an unattainable desire for our people and with each day droves of the most deprived and most oppressed sections of our compatriots are being slaughtered. Not only has justice not been dispensed, but with the installment of professional murderers and criminals at the helm of power, with every passing day we witness the most egregious instances of injustice and oppression being meted out to the population. A professional murderer like Dostum who was on the run in 2001 is now the Number 2 in the country. Women suffer under worse oppression than when the Taliban were in power, and the rate of self-immolation among them has reached unprecedented heights. Afghanistan has become the world champion in drug production and corruption. In a recent survey, Afghans have been rated among the saddest people in the world. There is no cheery news of economic development or infrastructure projects benefitting our people; the violations committed against our territorial integrity by the odious governments of Iran and Pakistan have worsened, and their sold-out lackeys have been installed in high positions in the government of the country. The list of the woes that have tormented our people during the past thirteen years needs sheaves of paper to enumerate.

Our history and people have not yet even come to terms with the humiliation of the Gandamak and Durand Line treaties. The signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement with the US, the deed to the selloff of our motherland, is now an added blot of shame in the annals of our history. By accepting the establishment of permanent US bases on our land and signing the strategic treaty and security agreement, a coterie of criminal traitors to the nation have finalized the sale of Afghanistan. Thus, with the signing of the BSA, the current puppet regime, composed of a mixture of the same sold-out traitor-to-the-homeland elements, has dealt the final blow to the integrity of the motherland. The shackling of our people with the chains of slavery and misery is complete. If we do not rise up and, like our forefathers, teach an exemplary lesson to the occupiers and their local minions, if we do not destroy this colonizing fortress through our collective mobilization and all-out insurrection, our lot will be abject servitude for years and years to come.


The contradictions between world superpowers have reached their peak. Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are the nodal points of these contradictions. The first victims of the conflicts arising from these contradictions will, with the first spark, be the countries which have taken on the role of the leaning staff of imperialism. With nine military bases, allowed by US minions, in our country, Afghanistan will be in the forefront of the hostilities which threaten the world with a third world war.

In such a chaotic situation, it devolves upon the deprived nations of the world, particularly on our people languishing in captivity, to gain awareness and wake up from the slumber of indifference and impartiality, stand up in unity and solidarity, and mobilize around conscious political organizations. It will be thus that they shall neutralize the conspiracies of the predators who suck our people’s blood, and step forward boldly and resolutely on the path of independence, democracy and social justice. No nation which is dependent on a foreign force has ever been seen in history to have attained peace, stability, democracy and prosperity. Satanic powers such as the US only export death, misery and criminality. To expect anything else from them is to delude oneself. One must not be fooled by venal traitors who earn wages from the US for facilitating the acceptance of dishonor and servitude through poisonous propaganda, psychological warfare and public brainwashing.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) once again emphasizes that as long as the ominous shadow of occupation and the odious handmaidens of the occupiers hold sway in Afghanistan, whatever regime that comes to the power will not be a representative of the people’s will but rather a puppet of the invaders and a guardian of the invaders’ interests. Even if such a regime goes through the so-called election process a hundred times, it will neither be independent nor democratic, and will bring nothing to the people except servitude. When a country is devoid of independence, the government of that country will inevitably be installed according to the occupier’s will. This maxim has been adequately proven by the bedding down of the presidential candidates in the US embassy and their slavish attendance on John Kerry.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) resolutely believes in the people’s unwavering determination for emancipation from the yoke of neo-colonialism. It is due to this belief that the SPA considers the unmasking of the inimical policies of our country’s enemies and raising awareness for mass mobilization to be its mission. We believe that, guided by freedom-loving organizations, our warlike people will rub the snouts of the superpower warmongers and their indigenous dogs into the dust. In our struggle for achieving independence, democracy and social justice, we warmly grasp the hands of all anti-occupation and anti-fundamentalist entities in our common battle against the agents responsible for the miseries of our nation.

Death to the occupiers and their locally hired lackeys!
Only through unity and solidarity can we achieve democracy and prosperity!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
7 October 2014


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