7th and 8th Saur: Celebration for Criminals, National Mourning Day for Our People!

8th Saur Statement

7th and 8th Saur – 27th and 28th April, are the shameful scares in our calendar, that followed more than three decades wilderness, destruction, deprivation, and collapse of all economic, cultural and social infrastructure of our country. But still the criminal of Khalqi-Parchami and the blood-sucker ignorant Tanzimis as the perpetrators of brutalities of the history, are ruling on the fate of our nation. They have put an scar on our national prosperity and pride by selling our motherland many times, but they themselves are enjoying their cozy life.

Our people sacrificed and tolerated miseries to crush the Russian invaders and their minions but unfortunately prosperity and security didn’t realized, and the price of poured blood was stolen on 8th Saur – 28th April by made-in Pakistan and Iran Tanzimi – fundamentalist parties’ leaders. In lieu of celebration, our people set in mourn of their loved ones. The destructive factional wars, assault of nation’s assets and honor and warlordism destroyed the eco-politics infrastructure of Afghanistan. Kabul became a blood bath. They massacred more than 70,000 Kabulis, and committed such wilderness that people still have them in their nightmares. The puppet regime of Karzai and his warlord brothers, without any  contrition and shame, are calling 8th Saur as “National Celebration”, which indeed is an insult to the blood of tens of thousands of our compatriots and covering the shocking crimes, that neither can be forgotten nor be erased from memories. The dark day of 8th Saur, not only squandered the anti-Russian resistance, but smoothed the path for further destruction and made the ground ready for capture of country by middle ages’ army, Taliban, and filthy governments of Pakistan, Iran, US and tens of other countries.

Remembering hundreds of thousands of these shocking events’ victims, and insisting for struggle to prosecute perpetrators of these crimes; are points that differentiates the progressive and freedom-loving forces from group of criminals’ supporters and their foreign masters. In no cost, we shouldn’t allow that Tanzimi, Talibi and Khalqi-Parchami cruel continue with their betrayals without any tension under the flag of US, and misusing terms like Transitional Justice, Democracy and Human Rights.

Systematic and conscious attends are underway in the last decade to erase the bitter memories of and consequences of 8th and 7th Saur from people and history’s memory. The main aim of this campaign is to prepare the ground for long-term rule of yesterday’s perfidious-men with modern titles in the shadow of US invaders and its allies for permanent captivity of our homeland. “Forgetting Past” and “Forgiving Criminals” are treacherous theories, against all accepted humanitarian principals, which had no positive result in any country of the world. No decisive dealing of past will result in repetition of these crimes in future and we have experience its destructiveness in action. These theories, made by US, are propagated by its payees with demagogue, so the filthy and blood-sucking elements of that country are freed from nation’s justice and ride on people’s shoulder to realize the occupation’s policies. If today our country has become the most corrupt, mafia-ruling and insecure country in the world; the reasons can be seen in the empowerment of those traitors, who have a history full enslavement, barbarism and hostility against progressiveness and democracy. It is due to these anti-humane theories, that today the killers have got the courage to call themselves heroes shamelessly and not even accepting the responsibility of their crimes in Kabul one over millionth.

Sorrowful compatriots, those who humiliated your loved-ones and relatives ruthlessly and sold your lovely county multiple times, today are forgiving each other and have the control of the country. No awakened and aware nation will let its assassins enjoy life, without clearing the accounts with them. Unfortunately, many killers of our people, with support of US, not only have escaped prosecution but have put on the innocent bird’s feather and busy in disloyalty and looting. They don’t have any place amongst our people, are trying to spread the tribal, lingual and religious hostility amongst our people to attract a group towards themselves. And in this way, push our imprisoned country towards tribal fights and even division.

From US and its puppet government’s point of view, if the terror and killing are targeting our innocent people; they are not considered terrorist and criminal. Therefore, the Taliban killers are called “Brother”, and received with respect. We witnessed it in the recent project of elections: those criminals that should have been prosecuted, were allowed to be candidates. It can’t more insulting for our people that the representative of dirty party of Gulbuddin, who continuously sends suicide bombers from ISI’s safe homes in Peshawar to kill innocent children and women, was allowed to take party in the elections. The hated representative of this party was shouting the terms like Democracy and Human Rights on one side but on the other hand he was defending the suicide bombing.

In the current ironic process of presidential elections, most of the candidates are part of 8th Saur destroyers or have relied on these type of known killers to enter the process, who are intending to enter the presidential palace by corruption and use of force. On one hand, these criminal are talking of democracy but on the other hand, they are warning that they will climb to the mountains and will go for violence. It is so, now the fight against the creators of calamities of 8th and 7th Saur gains more value than anytime. It draws a wide line between organizations and elements working for democracy and people, and the payee so-called intellectuals who allied with national traitors and acting according to US and its fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist actors.

The spoilers of 8th Saur and all foreign puppets, who see their existence and bullying in presence of US bases, are shamelessly propagating the “infidel” US as salvage angels of people. But anyone possessing tiny bit national conscience and know about the dirty history US government, knows that this country has no other gift rather than death, destruction and filthiness for our people in the last three decades.

We believe, until the grim shadow of Tanzimi and Talibi terrorist along their crime partners -Khalqis and Parchamis- are not removed from our people, Afghanistan will be never face prosperity and instability.  It is these enemies of our people, acting as relying force of US occupiers and hated governments of Iran and Pakistan, and the reason for the current heart-breaking situation. These, lovers of dollar and power, in exchange for personal and group gains, easily give up the independence and national interest to the aliens.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) kindly asks all of justice-seeking and freedom-lover organizations and individuals to give hand to hand against these thieves, without any compromise, practically work for independence, democracy and justice with any possible means. These eminent fight first crosses the path of fight against occupiers and devils of 8th and 7th Saur, whose ominous shadow is on our country.

Shame and death to the criminals of 7th and 8th Saur and their crime partners!
We can cut the hands of killers of our people only by widespread mobilization and movement!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
28th April 2014


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