Our fiery salute to imprisoned freedom-lovers of Iran! Curse and shame to the blood-thirsty regime of Iran!

The brutal regime of Islamic Republic of Iran is far ahead of all despotic regimes in torture and killing of different-thinkers and freedom-lovers. In the recent months, the regime has started a wave of execution of warriors and from the start of the year, on average one prisoner is killed in every eight hours. To uncover these crimes of walayat faqih (“government of the theologian”), 29th January has been announced as International Day to Defend Political Prisoners of Iran. Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) is proud to say that we will have demonstrations in many cities and if we didn’t have financial constraints and difficulties, we would have taken action approximately in all over Afghanistan.

In parallel to public uprisings of warrior people of Iran, the Hitleristic regime of Khamenei / Ahmadinejad is relying on execution of imprisoned freedom-fighters to try to frighten them. But the regime has turned a blind eye to the last year when Farzad Kamangar was executed along with his four comrades, Dr. Saeed Masori wrote from the prison: “Don’t make us afraid of chopped head… Woe is we, if the execution of our friends and compatriots make us frightened instead of more provocation… To show how much I am afraid of these executions, I am ready to be the sixth one executed after these five people.” This dominion and great answer which is indeed current words of majority of imprisoned freedom-lovers and people of Iran that the knife has reached to their bone marrow, undoubtedly has shaken the criminal regime and has made the regime more crazy and lunatic.

The nonstop insult, torture and shoot down of freedom fighters of Iran by executors of regime, makes our people remember the bitter days of criminals of Jehadies, Taliban, Russian invaders and their Khalqi and Parchami when they hanged thousands of aware and patriot human beings or sent them to slaughter-field of Pul-e-Charkhi prison without any trial, but the so called free world were not more than a neutral viewer. But on its own turn, SPA can’t view the massacre of the bravest and most reflective children of Iran from today’s world blind eyes and so considers her solidarity with revolutionary forces of Iran as her non-missing duty. Those organizations, press and intellectuals who eludes to show their decisive and explicit support with freedom fighters of Iran and don’t condemn and decry bloody regime of walayat faqih ("government of the theologian") , will carry a shameful face with them in the history.


Our people are passing harsh moments under the claws of various enemies. The endless corruption of mafia government, unemployment, poverty and covered shameful deals with “Jehadi Brothers” and “Talib Jan – Beloved Taliban” has tormented the tolerant shoulders of people. The invader American and allies in collusion with regional countries are busy all day and night in civilians’ bombardments, humiliation and their cruel house-search of our poor and innocent people, and calls all of these crimes and oppressions as “War Against Terrorism”, “Reconstruction” and “Development”. Similarly, the disastrous Islamic Regime of Iran which is converted into the regional cancer has hunted, killed, displaced our refugee people in masses, and uses such bad words against our people which only their own heads deserve.

In coordination with International Committee against Executions, SPA strongly condemns the secret and visible executions by bloody and traitor regime of Iran and expresses her heartedly solidarity with the relatives and followers of these victims.

We are empowered by the resistance warrior women and men of Iran who have even changed the slaughterhouse of walayat faqih into combating ground. Their inspiring letter and songs; and hopeful, energetic and stimulating cry all mournful mothers makes our party members more resolute in struggle for independence and democracy against religious and non-religious despotism. We fully believe that people of Iran having such mothers and youths who are honor of freedom-lover humanity, will reach to victory. We consider the victory of people of Iran over regime of scourge and gallows as victory of our own afflicted and injured people. Today Tunisia, tomorrow Iran and Afghanistan!

Long live and keep roaring the freedom-loving movement of people of Iran!
Shame and down with bloody and traitor regime of Khamenei /Ahmadinejad!
Keep up the solidarity of freedom-loving forces of Iran and Afghanistan!


Solidarity Parity of Afghanistan
January 29, 2011


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