Struggle Against Occupation and Fundamentalist Is the First Step for Emancipation of Afghan Woman!

Struggle Against Occupation and Fundamentalist Is the First Step for Emancipation of Afghan Woman!

Today we commemorate International Women's Day at a time when the blood Farkhunda and Rukhshana has not yet dried and thousands of women burn in the inferno of violence and tyranny. For the past 15 years, this deplorable and painful situation of Afghan women has been used in a shameful and treacherous way under the slogans of “Afghan women’s freedom” but in reality, the women’s situation is unprecedentedly calamitous and unbearable, with heart-wrenching cries rising from every part of the country.

A nation ruled through terror, the crimes and disgrace committed against Maryams, Sehers, Marwas, Seher Guls and Bibi Guls does not end here. Our people in Paktia, Helmand, Kunar and Shah Shaheed are blindly bombarded by the US-NATO occupiers; suicide bombings of Taliban and Daesh in many cities has taken many innocent lives; the warlords are getting better-armed under the name of Arbaki militia and “people’s uprising”, starting the blood-curdling violence at checkpoints; the cat-and-mouse game between Arg (presidential palace) and Taliban/Daesh has left thousands of villagers homeless; the war criminals and corruption-ridden officials are occupying stronger positions with greater luxuries; religious minorities groups are slaughtered; workplaces for progressive forces are under a tighter and suffocating control each day; unparalleled censorship and self-censorship is rampant; poverty, unemployment and famine is soaring; youths are fleeing this mourning country in droves; the country is surrounded by fake schools, clinics and soldiers to loot the nation and fatten up the mafia officials. Here, the women are the first and easiest prey and bear the most traumatizing physical and mental pressures.

Reactionary and misogynist forces and governments are trying to nullify the radical and deep impact of 8 March and celebrate it like 25 November, (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) a neutral and pro-government day only limited to symbolic celebrations and flower bouquets. But these days pays homage to the blood of the American workers, Mirabal sisters of Dominican Republic and thousands of other noble and rebellious women like Rosa Luxemburg, Sakine Cansiz, Meena, Naheed Sahed, Wajiha, Berta Cáceres, Zoya, Shirin Alam Holi, Marzieh Oskoi, Carmen Aguado and her 12 fellow fighters (popularly known as the ‘The Thirteen Roses’), Jelan Ozlab, Tania, Leyla Qasim and countless other women worldwide. These champions of women’s emancipation rose in the dark ages of male domination and injustice and through their resistance and legendary struggle against capitalism, fundamentalism, reactionaryism and tyranny and ultimately giving their lives, proved that women can fight side by side with men and not play second fiddle or a mere showpiece. Thus celebrating this day is only meaningful and valuable if it renews our covenant for a resolute and uncompromising struggle against every kind of oppression and gender inequality.

Afghanistan was occupied by US and its allies under the name of “women’s freedom” and “democracy”, but as expected, the dirtiest flunkeys, misogynist and anti-democracy elements, dressed in designer suits, rule over our wounded people. During the Kabul infighting, criminal and ignorant Jehadi bands did not pity 70-year-old grandmothers and 7-year-old girls, enjoyed watching childbirth and committed many other brutalities, are today completing the puppet apparatus along with some traitorous dolled-up showpiece women. Today our country is clawed by the agents and mercenaries of the hated governments of Pakistan, Iran and the other 40 countries, who use the word ‘national interests’ in their foundations and actions but practically sacrifice it to benefit their foreign bosses. This is the nature of every occupation force that depends upon the most reactionary, bloodthirsty and notorious groups and elements to stay in power and control the nation’s fate. The dark US history bears witness on how it empowers and equips the most notorious and murderous dictators and atrocious terrorists to implement its ominous and destructive aims. Today a man like Donald Trump sits in power who proudly confesses raping women and it is unknown which barbaric group will take over besides the Jehadi, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Daesh dragons.

One of the main demagogic slogans in elections of Ghani-Abdullah was ‘women’s rights’. At a women’s gathering, Ashraf Ghani shouted on top of his voice, “A government who cannot ensure women’s security has no right to call themselves the government”. To fool the public, he publicly followed the court case of a rape victim and directly contacted the close kin of the victim and made Bibi Gul his partner and made a million-dollar budget but remains unknown to which pockets of obedient women of Arg the money went to. But during the time when the horrific crime against Farkhunda shook the nation, Ghani-Abdullah calmly headed to the US and tried painting Afghanistan as a heaven on earth there. Two years have passed since the most sorrowful incident in our history but the real murderers are still walking free. In these two years of Ghani’s presidency, hundreds of horrendous crimes against women has been registered and half our population is under violence, even worse than Karzai’s mafia period. Ghani who speaks of ‘women’s immunity’ has only provided immunity to the most criminal misogynist and inhuman Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. While memories of the physical and mental tortures on thousands of women and victims of Jehadi atrocities are still fresh, a sickly and traitorous petty emir is welcomed, who started his shameful political life with acid-attacks on women and till date, remains as a disgraceful mark in our history.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) believes that solidarity and courageous struggle of women can only break this cage. No foreign forces or their puppets can save us, which is why the rebellious Kurd women rose against occupation, fundamentalism and reactionary forces. Equal rights for women, freedom and democracy in Afghanistan is only attainable through the untiring and selfless struggle and sacrifices of women and men of our homeland.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

8th March 2017


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