The Ominous Vultures of 7 and 8 Saur Still Rule Our Nation!

The Motherland Simmers in Blood and Betrayal – Silence Is Shameful!

Seventh and eighth Saur are two calamitous days in the blood-drenched history of our homeland which are permanently associated with criminality and devastation and can be never forgotten.

On 7th Saur 1352 (27 April 1978), top dogs of both Khalq and Parcham factions of the KGB-hatched PDPA opened the way for the Soviet invasion of our country, which, in addition to destroying the country and forcing the exodus of entire populations from vast swathes of rural areas, shed the blood of 1.5 million people. With the victory of the Islamist mujahedin on 8th Saur 1371 (28 April 1992), not only was the end-result of the sacrifices of the 14 years of anti-Russian war of resistance squandered, but, more calamitously, Afghanistan was turned into a blood-bath and a land of ruins. The 8th Saur hordes ravaged the entire infrastructure and the backbone of the superstructure of the country and launched a brutal systematic assault on the life and honor of our countrymen, especially of our women.

Both entities, agents of the 7th and 8th Saur calamities, wore foreigners’ badges of slavery around their necks. Acting according to the dictates of the policies their foreign masters, particularly the Russians, Americans, Pakistanis, Iranians and the Saudi Arabs, they dragged our country towards the abyss. The sorrowful skies of our country are still overcast by the dark clouds of those two infamous dates. To this day, the murderous associates of those two days of shame continue to act jointly as agents of grief, misery, bloodshed and foreign interference, and with increasing ferocity visit our people with their barbarity and rapacity. The impunity enjoyed by these marauders is the reason why, despite the passing of two decades, we continue to be victims of predation and brutal oppression. That is why some jihadist leaders have taken insolence to the point where, instead of asking pardon from their victims, they growl menacingly at the nation and threaten them with a repetition of their years of terror and dog-fighting in Kabul.

Due to their reactionary and misanthropic nature, the fundamentalist predators rent and disemboweled each other over power and influence so savagely that even their masters despaired of them. The same masters brought forth their replacement agents, the virulent Taliban, who, during their ignorance-ridden rule, relegated Afghanistan back to the middle ages.

A similar scenario faces us today. To succeed where its jihadist and Taliban agents failed, the US has unleashed the more ferocious ISIS on our people. Behind the scenes, our Afghan palace-loungers collude with this treacherous and increasingly dangerous project. Throughout Afghanistan, the outrage and disgust that has been generated by the criminality, corruption and bullying of the warlords and the Taliban have prepared the ground for ISIS to step forward and speedily pull parts of the country into the sway of its rule of ignorance and barbarism.

The treasonous actions of the 7 and 8 Saur oppressors have turned Afghanistan into a competition ring of the US/NATO aggressors and neighboring countries. During the last 14 years, the US pegged its disastrous and expansionist strategic plans deep into our homeland. By imposing puppet regimes composed of most sold-out elements on Afghanistan, the White House achieved its ultimate goal of legitimizing its permanent presence through its mystery-shrouded military bases on our soil in order to have a finger on the pulse of the region and repulse its upstart rivals. The pernicious triangle of warlords, technocrats and erstwhile lackeys of Russia played a major role in selling Afghanistan so cheaply to the Americans.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) firmly believes that the impunity enjoyed by the butchers of the nation and their instalment in positions of power is the primary reason for the current catastrophic situation in our country. History teaches us that unless a nation deals decisively and rigorously with its past, it can never expect a bright future. We repeat what we announced, during widespread demonstrations condemning 7 and 8 Saur last year: “Under no circumstances should the jihadist, Taliban and Khalqi-Parchami traitors be allowed to relax under the US flag and continue their tyranny and treachery through abuse of the slogans of ‘transitional justice’, ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’.”

With deep understanding of the current deplorable confusion in the country, and in chorus with our people, the SPA calls upon all people-oriented and patriotic organizations and individuals to break the spell of lethargy and silence, to stand in unity and to open a popular resistance front against the aggressors, the Khalqi-Parchami and jihadist bosses, the Taliban, ISIS and all other traitors to the nation. Only thus can we attain independence, democracy, prosperity and wellbeing for our homeland. Unity cannot be achieved without sacrifice and tribulation. Until the status quo continues, Afghanistan will remain open to the treacherous plots of foreigners and their local sold-out hangers-on, and will continue to incinerate in the inferno of tyranny and neo-colonialism.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

24th April 2015


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