The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan will never be intimidated by terrorist threats of criminals!

Solidarity Party does not fear terrorist threats of criminals

Breaking the silence on the tyranny of the criminals and traitors of Afghanistan’s recent history, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan mobilized hundreds of people in Kabul to participate in a rally against those perpetrators of the tragedy marked by April 27, 1978 and April 28, 1992, and for the first time burned the portraits of Khalquis, Parchamis, Jehadis and Taliban criminal leaders on the streets of Kabul. This action lit a flame beneath the feet of the traitors, and disrupted the intimidating environment that has been perpetuated by these criminals for more than three decades.

The dealers of “Jehad” and religion brokers who see the blazing flame of justice-seeking by the victims of their own atrocities as a new threat to their mafia domination, now seem frightened by slogans of “Down with Criminals” filling the streets of Kabul. In the past few days, the Solidarity Party has been the target of attacks from officials and non-officials who have been trying to narrow down our circle of activities. Several warlords in the Senate outrageously demanded from the government to make the party illegal and tried to coerce its leadership on the legal panel. They questioned the Director of National Security for not taking action against our party. Similarly, a few warlords in the lower house made hue and cry against us, demanding the Solidarity Party be dissolved. They even asked the Ministry of Justice to postpone its registration. And some cowardly warlord’s crooks gave us threatening phone calls thinking we would after three generations of tyranny be afraid of such threats.

Conversely, the Solidarity Party received overwhelming support from patriotic elements and groups, and our mailbox is filled with a large number of solidarity messages full of love from people inside and outside Afghanistan. These people showed their support of our actions and expressed their willingness to stand alongside us. This unprecedented support and solidarity gives us strength to solidify our position and to never give up.

We anticipated such backlash from the criminals. These mafias that pretend to be pro-democracy are actually wolves in sheep’s skin. Through the charade they perform and the bolstering of complicit U.S. power these once ignorant rapist thugs, many of them going so far as to drop their beards and Jehadi garb for stylish haircuts and suits and ties, continue to wield their crimes, but they cannot hide their faces that remain unchanged. They accept freedom of speech and democracy only when their position is not in danger and use these values as pawns for achieving not their manifestation in society but to protect their own vested interest.

In order to mislead people they try to paint a different picture of our rally, spitefully proclaiming that the Solidarity Party was somehow insulting the entire resistance of the people against the Russian aggressors. The fact is we have always maintained that the defeat of the Russian aggressors was the result of sacrifices made by our masses and constitutes a most noble part of our history. Our message clearly focuses on a glaring issue that stands in the way of progress for the Afghan people: that this gaggle of so-called Jehadi leaders, the hirelings of Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the U.K. and the U.S. who hijacked this noble achievement and betrayed all Afghans. After the fall of the Dr. Najib’s regime, together with the country-sellers Khalqis and Parchamis they committed heinous crimes throughout the two decades of their scrambling for power, crimes and tragedies our people still grapple with. Insults to injury, the perpetrators of this disaster are still holding onto power. There was no way for them to escape the wrath of their victims witness to the innocent blood they shed but to announce amnesty for themselves as soon as they occupied seats in the Parliament.

We don’t pay any value to such childish threats by these traitors. If they dare to hold a trial, we invite them to stand before their own corrupted court with open doors so that all people are allowed to judge whether the Solidarity Party is being convicted of an actual crime or it would only serve to burst the bubble of the Jehadi atrocities they have steadfastly worked to cover up and obscure. They who gained power from the blood and sacrifice of others and money flowing freely from the foreigners are afraid of such open trials and therefore attempt to shut down the opposing voice by force, confidently leaning upon their reliance of foreign masters. The Solidarity Party does not fear their bloody-stained swords, and is committed to confront these fake bears with the majority support of the misery-stricken people of Afghanistan.

To flee from justice, the criminals of Khalqis, Parchamis, Jehadis and Taliban are so proud to put on the slavery chains of Iran, Pakistan, the U.S. and U.K. and relying on their foreign masters roar against us. They should understand if Afghans are united and stand up then even the mighty war machines of NATO, CIA, ISI and VAVAK can’t protect them from people’s wrath.

History reminds us that the growing seeds of real democracy, freedom and justice always require sacrifice. Like the young Tunisian who inspired “Arab Spring”, our ill-fated nation also needs people who dare to accept all risks and guard freedom against the traitors. By repelling the violent and bullying forces, we will sparkle the glimmer of hope for an “Afghanistan Spring”. The Solidarity Party is strongly committed to such a cause and calls upon all democratic and national forces to speak out. Instead of talking and giving theories we adhere to the notion we must focus on practical steps and organize and educate the poor people.

The traitors officially sold our country to the U.S.; threatened Afghanistan to the perils of division; triggered rift among the various ethnicities of our diverse and proud country; imposed a mafia-state on our nation and installed the most corrupt and treacherous regime and have put our nation at the brink of complete collapse. Under these circumstances, those who stay quiet will be condemned forever by our nation. We don’t want to be denounced in history. We therefore move forward and will never stop till we achieve independence, freedom and prosperity for our beleaguered Afghanistan. We extend our hands of friendship to all patriotic forces at this very perilous time.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

May 7, 2012


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