The Motherland Simmers in Blood and Betrayal – Silence Is Shameful!

The Motherland Simmers in Blood and Betrayal – Silence Is Shameful!

As was foreseeable, with the imposition by the US of the “National Terror Government” on our people, Afghanistan is daily sinking into a miasma of barbarity and agonizing misery. Poverty, unemployment, corruption and bullying of the population by the thugocracy on the one hand, and escalation of the war, explosions and suicide bombings on the other hand, have made life wretched for our mortified people.

Following the barbaric lynching of Farkhunda, news of the heart-rending incidents of the slaughter of our compatriots in Badakhshan, Helmand, Balkh, Ghazni, Khost, Nangarhar, Kabul, Farah and elsewhere around the country have spread a dark cloud of suffocation and death in the skies of our country. The kidnapping of 31 of our destitute compatriots, the grisly beheading of Afghan National Army soldiers à la ISIS in Badakhshan, and the infamous nonchalance of Abdullah-Ghani & Co. towards these atrocities have steeped our people all over the country in revulsion against this putrid and corrupt government.

The treachery and villainy of the country’s rulers in regard to the fate of our exhausted people becomes most intolerable when they not only do not lift a finger against the brutal Taliban –who continue to shed blood– but, conversely and with indescribable shamelessness, ask their US masters to officially apologise to the Taliban! The infamy and vileness of the puppet rulers have reached the point where they call the Taliban, the bloodthirsty lapdogs of the Pakistani ISI, “political opponents” and regularly pay tribute to them and play up to their murderous leaders in Kabul and Qatar. Nothing but bombast and demagoguery can be expected of a government composed of the most destructive sold-out warlords and ignorant fundamentalists and their cravat-wearing partners-in-crime. Our contemporary history teaches us that because puppet governments such as ours are installed to implement the devilish plans of neo-colonialists, they have no sympathy with the fate of their people.

We have repeatedly stated to our oppressed people that the slogans of the occupiers and their local minions, such as “democracy”, “war against terrorism”, “human rights” and “reconstruction”, are hollow and nothing but blatant lies which have since years victimized our defenseless people. The criminal Abdullah-Ghani government, the Taliban and ISIS –despite their claims of autonomy– feed from the same manger and get fat in order to better suck the blood of the people. They act as hired killers of the people and road builders for the predatory policies of the US. They are poisonous snakes who sting from different snake pits, but have a common objective: to devastate our captive nation. Groaning and moaning, weeping and crying in the face of the actions of these feral beasts and treacherous slaves will solve nothing. We must stand up as one, all suffering ethnic groups in unity, and like the heroic people of Kobani, give a jaw-smashing response to all enemies of this land. Only thus can we emancipate ourselves from perpetual mourning and enthrallment.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA), as the avant-garde of the country’s progressive movement, is and always will be at its post in defense of its people. We once again, in chorus with all associates of the victims of the recent attacks and the 31 kidnapped compatriots, raise the call to turn the prevailing deadly silence into an energizing force, and to stand up, as one clenched fist, against the oppressors who play dastardly games with the honour of our homeland and the blood of its citizens. We must take our fate into our own hands.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

16th April 2015


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