The Ignoramus Mullah Omar Was A Hand Tool of US and Pak Governments!

The Ignoramus Mullah Omar Was A Hand Tool of US and Pak Governments!

Since two decades, our unfortunate people have experienced bloodshed, destruction and agonizing pain due to given orders from the address of an ignoramus, murderer and unknown man called Mullah Omar. He was symbol of traitor-to-homeland, ignorance and barbarism, and Tehrik-e-Taliban have recorded as most bloodthirsty, inhumane and misogynist group in the history of our country.

It is open secret that Mullah Omar and his group are projects made and nourished by US and UK Governments and were assemble via Pakistan. Mullah Omar as current Mullah-e-Lang (a mullah from south of Afghanistan rebelled against King Amanullah Khan on the order of British Empire), was a passive doll in the hand of devilish system of ISI, who was captivated in the safe houses of Quetta and Karachi in their claws, but in media statements were released in the name of Amir al-Muminin, spreading terror. The day when this stooge’s expiry date ended, his mysterious and ignoble death was announced by his masters.

Taliban carrying the slavery chains in their neck, alike their same-minded Tanzimi partners (the fundamentalist parties made by Pakistan and Iran), drifted Afghanistan into quagmire, and drowned its residents into mourning and unfortunate situation. Taliban were the product of colonial policies of US Govt. during Cold War, and although apparently the White House was in war with them, but to occupy Afghanistan and to emplace their military bases in our country, have taken full advantage out of them. It wasn’t accidental when Joe Biden officially announced, “Taliban are not our enemy.” Therefore, during last fifteen years despite the presence of tens of thousands of occupier forces in our country, were not only uprooted and were empowered day by day, and even a number of their human-eating leaders were placed in the puppet regime of Kabul.

Taliban have announced three days of mourning for the death of their emir, but the disappearance of dirty corpses such as Mullah Omar, Jalaluddin Haqani and all their crime partners and their likeminded Tanzimi brothers, is not a mourning day for our people but the day of expressing their abhorrence along with feast and happiness. It is the vile people such as Wahid Muzhda, Rostar Taraki, Ishaq Nigargar, Nabi Misdaq, Karzai and others who may be mournful for the death of perfidious murders alike Mullah Omar, but not the people whose all essence have been torturous and tormented in the suicide bombing, explosion, kidnapping and other wilderness of Taliban.

The change of faces within the leadership of a force, completely depended with all their warp and woof and ultra-reactionary, will not have any effect in their essence and Afghanistan’s situation. However, even their foreign masters can’t control their internal conflicts, therefore soon we will witness the leaders of Taliban tearing each other apart. If tens of other Mullah Omar are sent to history’s dustbin, unless the blood-stained and traitorous hands of their creator and supporter, US and Pak Governments, are not cut off from our country, these deaths will not bring any benefit to our people.

If Karzai, Ghani, Abdullah and other palace-lounger puppets call Mullah Omar and other Taliban traitors as “armed opposition” and “displeased brothers” a thousand times, but just for destroying of Buddha Statues of Bamyan, our people will not forgive them. Additionally, each of Taliban leaders like Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Abdul Qayum Zakir, Mansour Dadullah, Mullah Abdul Manan, Sirajuddin Haqani, Said Taib Agha, Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil, Mullah Zahif, Khairullah Kairkhaw, Agha Jan Muhtasim and etc. must be prosecuted thousands of times as war criminals and traitor-to-country for massacre of Yakawlang and Mazar, burning grounds of Shamali and their brutality against women.

The so-called intellectuals and sinecures of Taliban, who show this dark forces of middle-ages as “national movement”, on the very first instance exhibit their own filthiness. The force bound with thousands of threads to Pakistan’s intelligence and their spiritual mother, Benazir Batto, had leaked their British and American roots. How can they have a tiny bit of national essence. Currently, a bunch of Taliban have fallen into the lap of inhumane regime of Valayat Faqih, and act as beads of the dirty cleric system of Iran, busy in killing and massacre of our people. This traitor-to-people gang sold themselves cheaply to this and that government, and in accordance with foreign interest, have hit painful and destructive strokes our economy, culture, history and society.

The slave-like life and vile death of Mullah Omar is an exemplary lesson to all criminals and foreigners’ minions. Until they are useful for the masters, interests are taken out of them with insult, but they expire, they are thrown away with insult and infamy. This is unavoidable fate of traitor-to-country elements.

The “National Terror” Government speaks with turgidity of start of peace talks with Taliban, while the project of Taliban has reached to end of its lifespan, and hangovers of Taliban are replacing the white flag with black to start a new surge of fascism and oppression in the name of Daesh – ISIS. This “Peace Process” will never have positive and hopeful result for our nation. The war and bloodshed will continue without stop, because the US and Pak Governments still strictly follow the destabilizing program of the region, and have no interest for peace in any means. These talks are a fraud to clean up some murderers of Taliban, under the name of “moderate”, into the puppet system of Kabul.

The real peace can be only achieved in the country, when all traitors of Taliban, Gulbudini, Tanzimi and Daesh are uprooted from our country, and the hands of their foreign masters are cut off over our fate. Reaching to this big want, can be only achieved through all-out unity and the continuous, aware and resolute struggle of our people. By only learning from the high spirit, honorable and revolutionary fight of women and people of Kobani, we can save Afghanistan out of virus of fundamentalism, reactionary forces and occupation.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) believes that the US Government and its tie-wearing minions, in the covert dealings with Taliban in the beautiful name of “peace”, shamelessly misuse the thirst of our people for security and end of war, are planning secretly to immerge our country further deep into quagmire of insecurity and instability. The current world incidents are proof for regional strategy of Pentagon persuades the options of terror and war-mongering as its last tool to keep US global hegemony, to stick its Asian rivals in its fire. If we don’t shield up our chest unitedly against this surge, Afghanistan will experience more dark and sanguinary days.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

August 2, 2015


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