27th and 28th April, a shameful event in our history!

28th and 27th April,  a shameful stain  of our history!

28th April is the darkest day in our recent history. On this day, factions of warlords along with the traitorous heads of the Khalq and Parcham robbed our pained nation of the freedom gained in the war against Russia; our homeland became a bloodbath at the gesture of their Pakistani and Iranian masters, and in just four years of their bloody rule, they perpetrated the most horrifying disasters. The destructive factional battles, unending terror and fascism, countless horrible crimes committed by commanders who took control of the streets, the massacre of 70,000 Kabulis, and the complete destruction of our beautiful Kabul. In addition, the pillage of people’s property, the raping of 70 year old mothers and 7 year old children, the collapse of our economic system, the looting of 70,000 unique historical artefacts from Kabul Museum, which were gifted off to Pakistani military generals and many other Genghis-styled crimes. All these atrocities, which have escalated till today, were the outrageous gifts of the Jehadi criminals. The brutes of the 27th and 28th April have driven their knife of crimes and treacheries to the marrow of our nation.

With the entry of Jehadi rogues in Kabul, hell rampaged through with their vicious in-fights which even their Pakistani and Iranian bosses, who had dreamt of a united government in Kabul of their seven and eight creations respectively, had never anticipated before. Soon afterwards, Pakistan, the US and Saudi Arabia started creating and supporting another backward group, the Taliban, who were sent to our country for establishing a stooge and united government. Thus, our people fell into the devious trap of yet another ignorant and brutal enemy.

In such an anarchic atmosphere, our people’s wariness and extreme hatred towards Jehadi and Talib gangs who turned Afghanistan into the centre of international terrorism, offered the looter, the US government, a golden opportunity for invading Afghanistan under false banners, and expanding their territories, by intimidating the newborn rivals. This way Afghanistan’s independence from Russian occupiers and its puppets which had been achieved by our people at a heavy price, was again taken away. In addition, our country was being caught up into the gory claws of another tenacious superpower and its stooges.

The US and NATO took to their service Jehadi killers, Khalqis, Parchamis and a group of professional spies and technocrats who have always operated against our national interest, and by putting up odious shows of elections, established a government of murderers and traitors. Over the last decade, these criminals have constantly tried to remove the blood-stained history of the 27th and 28th April and its dreadful outcomes from the pages of our country’s history books. In recent years these barbarous Jehadis have covered themselves in perfume and powder and presented themselves as “democratic” and “patriotic” governors. Yet, they didn’t limit themselves to that. Indeed, they enforced a law of “general amnesty” for themselves, and declared the 28th of April a “National Day” thus stomping the ruins and the unknown graves of the victims of their dark rule with joyful celebrations. Some of the killers responsible for the Kabul disaster were even appointed “heroes” and “martyrs of peace”. Moreover, as a further act of deceit, they omitted the history of the last thirty years from school history books.

But how could our pained people possibly forget the murder of their loved ones or the devastation of their country? How could they ever forgive those responsible of such atrocities? The 27th and 28th of April are two grave, gloomy days in our history. The criminals of the 27th and 28th April may unite a thousand times out of fear of the people, forgive each other and cover up their notorious past, but they will never succeed in washing away the deep wounds of their crimes from the heart and minds of our people. The day will soon arrive when the people will punish these plagues for their acts.

These religious fascists are obliged to depend on a foreign force because of the abhorrence the people have towards them, and don’t refrain from changing camps. Today most of them are chained in bondage to the US and allies and pray for their permanent presence, perform extra supplications that God doesn’t take them from under the wings of their masters. It’s therefore not a coincidence that these champions of destruction and crimes, who shamelessly propagate themselves as the emancipators of Afghanistan from the Russian occupiers, want the invasion of our country by the US and NATO to look like good fortune and blessing today, because it’s thanks to their presence that they have power and have accumulated significant wealth. For them, the absence of the master is equivalent to the end to their shameful era of forced dominance and oppression. The US which also bought Afghanistan very cheaply by placing in power, its stooges of ten years, is now paving the way to legalize its position in our country. The deafening treacherous propaganda by a handful of mercenary “analysts” and American propaganda institutions like Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) in the past months, bruises every aware conscience. Although, this propaganda by RFE/RL, that was set up and supported by the CIA for this specific purpose, comes as no surprise, but the elements that have consciously or unconsciously turned into the speakers of the invaders and call for selling our motherland, are recording their names in our history as traitors and cowardly lapdogs of the US.

Whatever country the US has intervened in, has been gifted with nothing but bloodshed and damage. We have examples of these interventions in Iraq, Libya and recently in Syria where we witnessed how the US caused mayhem in the nation and how its troops practice new methods of criminalities and terror upon the people of countries under its domination. With all this, how can the US possibly bring prosperity to Afghanistan?

Our people’s spontaneous opposition against US occupiers has been seen in different parts of Afghanistan after they commit crimes. These resistances were completely fragmented and decentralised, so the Talib devils shamelessly took credit for some of the heroic acts of our people, whereas the life, education and family background of most of these protestors and attackers of US army officials shows that their actions were patriotic expressions defying the occupiers, Taliban and associates. These oppositions will gain momentum day by day and soon force the humiliating evasion of foreign forces and its submissive lackeys.

Without struggling against occupation, bases and treacherous policies of the US in our country, struggling against Jehadi stooges, technocrats and Khalqi and Parchami elements is not possible; and struggle against the US dominance without resolute struggle against traitorous “intellectuals” who work for the US, Iran, Pakistan and other countries, is incomplete. Therefore, if the forces claiming to be freedom-seeking, timidly remain silent and limit their activities against invaders, fundamentalists and their mercenary intellectuals with a conservative-like attitude by just giving flatulent statements from Europe, US and Canada, the life of our aggrieved people will get worse like the period of roughshod riding of the Jehadi and Talib and the US, Iran, Pakistan and other aggressors will find the apt chance for obliterating our country. The proof of a freedom-loving and revolutionary force is latent in their work and practical activities inside Afghanistan, in organising and mobilising of the fed-up masses.

In the past ten years, our people have also learnt from the activities and suspicious attacks of the Taliban and other terrorist networks that these groups are still connected by their umbilical cords to the US, U.K. and other invaders and are continuing their colonial deals behind the scenes. The suspicious suicide operations of terrorist groups in the most sensitive, fortified areas of Kabul city, that don’t bring as much as a scratch to foreign forces is evidence of the planned hobnobbing and wheeling of foreigner with these terrorist groups. The US still benefits from the Taliban, Gulbuddin’s gang and Haqqani network in advancing with her regional aims and changing Afghanistan to a laboratory and permanent military base. Islamic fundamentalism of the kind of Jehadi and Taliban is still the primary social base of the US and west in Afghanistan because these sordid groups have no sense of patriotism and humanity and accepting servitude to any foreign power is in their nature.

The ridiculous displays of peace by Karzai’s puppet government shows the greater misfortunes and profound sorrow of our nation. Our people have learnt from experience that the return of peace is not achievable by the establishment of a government composed of inferior Jehadi, Talib, Gulbuddini, Khalqi and Parchami criminals. Therefore, suppose the impossible happens and these bands unite in peace, that would mean the tightening of the noose around the neck of the masses. With this unity they will readily offer Afghanistan to their US bosses. Today even the most oblivious elements know that the Taliban, Gulbuddinis and Haqqani network are all the infamous mercenaries of the ISI. Any person or force that calls them “brother” or “Afghan sons”, are themselves devoted agents of foreigners and enemies of independence and democracy in the country.

We firmly believe that until the butcherly hands of all foreigners and their scoundrels, from Karzai to Fahim, Khalili, Sayyaf, Qanooni, Dostum, Gulbuddin, Mullah Umar, Abdullah, Atta and others, is not cut-off from our homeland drenched in blood, attainment of independence, freedom, peace, security and progress will be nothing but a dream and an illusion, and prosperity and fortune will not be our nation’s fate.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan has raised its voice against injustice and treacheries many times. Therefore, once again with this massive demonstration on 27th of April we condemn this dark day and demand the prosecution of the criminal leaders of 27th and 28th of April and the Taliban. Our party is committed to breaking the atmosphere of fear and dread with our poor people’s support and we repeatedly ask all the national and patriotic forces and elements to align themselves with our people and rise against the internal enemies and foreign invaders. Apart from this, there is no other way for liberating our country and people from the chains of ill-fortune and captivity.

Death to and down with the invaders and their chained lackeys!
Long live our nation’s call to freedom against occupiers and fundamentalists!
Let’s eliminate the shameful stains of 28th and 27th April from our calendars by crushing its perpetrators!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

April 27, 2012


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