With the US, NATO and their stooges, peace and prosperity are nothing but mirages!

With the US, NATO and their stooges, peace and prosperity are nothing but mirages!

October 7 is a reminder of the wretched day in which our people were thrust ever deeper into the abyss of foreign dependency, terror, crime and misery. Exactly sixteen years ago, under the guise of “exporting democracy” and “liberating women”, the US and NATO occupiers began dropping their bombs on an agonized nation that had spent three decades under the tyranny of the arch-criminal governments of Khalq and Parcham, the Peshawar seven and the Tehran eight, and the murderous Taliban, who all came to power with full support of their Eastern, Western, and regional masters.

With the occupation of our homeland, the hardships and agony of our people have multiplied:

- Our villages are targeted daily in airstrikes conducted by the bloodthirsty US and NATO, with most victims being women and children;
- the rural population is crushed between the Taliban, ISIS and pro-government militias, and the bodies of city dwellers are torn to shreds in suicide attacks and bombings by the Taliban and ISIS swine;
- the occupation has turned warlord weasels into installed-in-power rabid hyenas, and in the most recent development, the “butcher of Kabul” –Gulbuddin Hekmatyar– has been obscenely welcomed and installed beside his fellow murderers;
- sectarian divisions, whose prime victims are our innocent compatriots, are systematically fanned;
- our homeland has been turned into a hotbed of war and regional and world power rivalries, and threatened by mortal dangers;
- the criminal regimes of Iran and Pakistan have been given a free hand in Afghanistan, turning our homeland into their intelligence agencies’ spy hubs;
- drug production and trafficking constitutes the basis of our economy, with three million addicts as its sinister outcome;
- our hapless women burn in the resulting inferno, and corruption and treachery so embedded in the warp and weft of the puppet regime that purging it would take decades of backbreaking work;
- and this list of occupation-bestowed infamy continues ad nauseum.

By announcing its so-called “new strategy” in Afghanistan on 21 August 2017, the US government breathed new life into its Afghan stooges who after the US presidential campaign kept whimperingly beseeching Trump not to ignore his Afghan darlings and leave them derelict orphans. It was because of this that Ashraf Ghani was making monthly donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Even then, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) warned that neither Clinton’s nor Trump’s election would reduce the pain and suffering of our people, and that in any case the criminal policies of the US would continue ever more savagely than before. With the announcement of this “new strategy”, a handful of the regime’s bootlickers and US embassy mercenaries who pride themselves in their fake epithets of “expert” and “political analyst” (headed by Shah Hussein Murtazawi, the Arg’s modern-day Groom of the Stool), shamelessly wagged their tails for their masters and announced that the new strategy was a “golden opportunity” for Afghanistan and the key to resolving its issues. These individuals are so utterly brazen that their befouled consciences cannot be shocked, neither by the blood of the victims of their US masters’ recent airstrikes in Herat, Logar, and Qarabagh, nor by the piercing screams of the victims’ family members.

All and sundry, even those who have since long been wearing Pakistan’s slave collar, are ecstatic at the thought that Pakistan is about to get a drubbing by the White House for its support for terrorists. But even our children know that it was with US financial and weapons support that throughout the past four decades Pakistan has been a fundamentalist terrorist-producing factory and a safe haven for savage terror groups of the Tanzim, Taliban, and Haqqani network brands. Only two years ago, the Pentagon bequeathed its used-in-Afghanistan military equipment, worth seven billion dollars, to the terrorist-nurturing army of Pakistan, in addition to other advanced weapons worth one billion dollars. Pakistan has during the past half century been the biggest recipient of US aid money, and it is said that after 2001, at least 21 billion dollars have been poured into the country. Today Pakistan is getting a rap across the knuckles by the US in order to remind it not to get too close to China and Russia. Pakistan will never jilt the trusty partner who dedicatedly creates “good terrorists” for it.

This year, the SPA joins several anti-war organizations in the US, Italy, and the Philippines in a Call for Global Action against Military Bases initiative, according to which they will organize solidarity movements and gatherings every year in the first or second week of October. The SPA believes that terrorism and war-mongering powers, headed by the US, are a serious threat to the world, and since they are universally condemned by world public opinion, there is a need to create global solidarity of progressive and anti-war organizations against them.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan invites all internal and foreign progressive organizations unattached to imperialist and reactionary governments to join this international solidarity movement. The SPA once again declares to the people of Afghanistan that neither reactionary foreign forces nor their puppets can herald peace and prosperity for our country. This will only be possible through our united struggle and sacrifice. Let us, through awareness and mobilization, become an undefeatable force against the fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist puppets and their occupier puppet masters!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

October 7, 2017


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