Reaching to peace, democracy and justice, without getting independence, is not more than a dream!

To mark Afghanistan Independence Day, SPA staged a large demonstration in Jalalabad on Aug.19, 2010

Asad 28th (August 19th) is equal to ninety one years of Afghanistan’s restoration of independence. On this day, King Amanullah Khan and his comrades stood with firm avows against the British colonization. And by relying on freedom-loving people of all ethnic groups of our country, took the lead of masses’ uprising bravely and broke the backbone of British Empire and made recognize the independence of Afghanistan.

For the first time after many centuries of autarchy and colonization, the new Afghanistan experienced development and progress under the leadership of national heroes like Amanullah Khan, Mahmud Tarzi, and Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi but after the intrusion of Britain and her interior spies, once again the headband of people’s government of Amanuallh collapsed and Afghanistan traversed to retrogressive course and from that day onwards the anti-people, traitor and corrupt rulers came to the power.

After the shameful coup of 7th Saur (27th April) and invasion of Russians, our people crushed Russians’ and their puppets’ noses by giving lots of sacrifices to get independence but in absence of a democratic and people’s force; the ignorant, criminal and xenophile factions stole the leadership of our people’s spontaneous struggle. We fall from pan to fire, our country and people spent darker and choking period under the rule of wild Jehadis and then Taliban. The foreign intelligence services especially of Iran and Pakistan had an upper hand in the affairs of the country and practically the territorial integrity and independence of Afghanistan was facing a serious thread.

After the 9/11 incident, the government of America and allies misused the present anarchy and disastrous situation of our painful people, and invaded Afghanistan in the name of “peace”, “reconstruction”, “democracy” and other lying slogans but indeed for her strategic, economic and military aims. And thus in presence of tens of thousands of foreign troops, the nominal independence of Afghanistan was stepped over and once again we were converted into a colony of America and other approximately forty countries.

The American government which has a long hand in invasion and looting of the poor countries of the world, has tried to enslave our country and people by most modern methods in more than last nine years and by running her huge machine of propaganda, military and economy, is dirtying and mafia-izing all political, cultural and economic aspects of Afghanistan and playing with our country’s fate. The very first steps of America was, establishment of stench administration and puppet and corrupt institutions composed of her tested slaves and spies, and gave them so called legitimacy through lying and fraud election in the name of democracy and imposed them on our oppressed people.

The puppet government of Karzai gathered the most anti-nationalist, robber and traitor elements and political forces and those elements made up of Jehadis, Khalqi, Parchami, technocrats, Gulbudini and Taliban, by giving them dollar and facilities, and has appointed them in key posts. Practically, the administration of the country fall into the hand of a bunch of spies of aliens and enemy of independence and freedom of the country, which resulted in unprecedented misery and adversity and calamity of our people and conversion of Afghanistan into the poorest and second corrupt country in the world that has the only shameful gift of millions tons of heroine and hashish to the world, its billions of dollars profit is cascaded into the pocket invader, international and local mafia.

Besides the military offensive, our country is also under the unexampled cultural offensive of invaders and regional countries especially the blood-sucker regime of Iran so they can obliterate our people and youths mentally. To kill all freedom-loving and independence morals of our people, they try to employ their local lickspittles that they have invested on them in these last three decades and have made them with no nationalistic conscience, so by the power of dollar, mafia media led by xenophile fundamentalists, NGOization of the society and other colonial plots, they can raise our youths neutralized, torpid, coward and unaware of our historical values. And especially to remove the sting of most of the so called intellectuals and make a mob of “political experts” out of them that justify America’s invasion, war crimes and colonial policies.

Another tick of America and her dirty local actors is to bury our freedom-loving history of our nation by trying to make forget our real heroes like King Amanullah Khan, Ghulam Nabi Khan Charkhi, Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi, Abdul Rehman Mahmudi, Mahmud Tarzi, Abdul Rehman Lodeen, Abdul Khaliq and etc, and propagate for a bunch of hated faces of our country as our pseudo-heroes such as Ahmad Shah Masud, Abdul Ali Mazari, son of water-boy “Habibullah Kalakani”, Haji Qadeer, and name buildings and streets in their vomiting names. But fortunately, their commodity has no market amongst people. Not celebrating Afghanistan’s Independence Day by the corrupt government and slave institutions is in itself a programmed action to neglect the anti-aliens heritage or our forefathers.

Growing the seeds of tribal, regional, lingual, ethnic and religious conflict amongst our people, which has bright history of standing and uniting against foreign enemy, is well-known fraud and wile of America, Iran, Pakistan and their local dogs; that is so dangerous which has jeopardized the integrity of Afghanistan. The already planned partition of Afghanistan which is mostly discussed now, and considering the partition of old Yugoslavia by America and allies, must be taken seriously.

From one side, America and allies is massacring our innocent people in groups under the dogmatic name of “War against Terror” and on the other side have open and covert relations with assassins of Taliban, Gulbudini, Al-Qaeda and their Pakistani and Iranian masters. And to have an excuse for their permanent presence in the region and converting it into the strong military base in Asia, they are arming and outfitting these dark and killer groups. The leaking of tens of thousand of Pentagon’s documents disclosed the uncountable scandals of America and clarified it for very common elements that to reach her aims, America is not avoiding to committing any treason and crime against our people.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) is raising the flag of independence and respect to our past generations; and is warning mournful people and elements and forces defending justice and freedom and democracy that our beloved country is spending her hardest and harshest days; the vultures are gazing at her wretched figure and intending to swallow her. The foreign and internal enemies want to destroy the integrity of our adored country and her brother ethnic groups; and by partitioning our country, they can reach to their grim goals and loot and rob her resources easily. Our martyrs, who fought for independence and liberation of Afghanistan and preferred death than shameful life under the shadow of colonization and autarchy, are yelling from their unknown grave that in such situation, sitting quietly and not struggling against destruction of motherland, is the most unforgivable treason to their left heritage.

SPA in coordination with painful people and freedom-loving elements want to accept any kind of martyrdom and difficulty, and raise the flag under which ninety one years back, our brave mothers and fathers threw away Britain out of our country and handed over a free and seamless Afghanistan to the next generations. Hence, considering this huge trust, our party is taking her first steps, however small, for getting independence, democracy and justice; and is shaking every compatriots’ hands whose hearts are wounded from this tragic situation and asks them to play their role in struggle without any tribal, ethnic, religious, regional and gender insularity against foreign invaders and local defectors ruling in the country; and perform our ancestors’ tradition.

SPA is strictly emphasizing on the slogan of NO to invader, NO to mafia and warlord government of Karzai and NO to slave Taliban; the power should be in the hand of people. We ask friendly to all independent individuals and nationalist-democratic forces to give hand to hand in helping our people for reaching independence, democracy, social justice.

Long live to the flag of independence, freedom, democracy, social justice!
Down with invaders and their internal slaves!
Let’s respect the heritage of our ancestors by getting independence and keeping integrity of Afghanistan!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)

August 19, 2010 - Jalalabad


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