The brutal regime of Islamic Republic of Iran is far ahead of all despotic regimes in torture and killing of different-thinkers and freedom-lovers. In the recent months, the regime has started a wave of execution of warriors and from the start of the year, on average one prisoner is killed in every eight hours. To uncover these crimes of walayat faqih (“government of the theologian”), 29th January has been announced as International Day to Defend Political Prisoners of Iran. Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) is proud to say that we will have demonstrations in many cities and if we didn’t have financial constraints and difficulties, we would have taken action approximately in all over Afghanistan.

In response to the rudely threatening of Iranian ambassador in Kabul

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan staged a demonstration in Kabul on 13 January 2011 to condemn the murdering of some innocent Afghan refugees by blood thirsty regime of Iran on Afghan-Iran border; in addition our party has raised voice to condemn the execution of our innocent people by this murderous regime in the past.

According to the custom of all reactionary and anti-people regimes, who label their oppositions with various accusations, Islamic regime also puts dirty accusations on huge freedom loving movements of Iran. Some months back when Solidarity Party of Afghanistan demonstrated against execution of Afghan refugees and freedom-loving prisoners of Iran by this cruel regime, the foreign ministry of Iran called us “supporters of Jundullah”, a more reactionary group than Islamic regime, and this time, Feda Hussein Maliki the Iranian Ambassador in Kabul, with a fascist and arrogant tune, imputed our demonstration to the “western agents”, you say Kabul is Jamaran, he asked Afghanistan government to “identify and arrest” the protestors.

SPA's Protest against the blood-sucker regime of iran

Mournful Compatriots!

The blood-sucker regime of Islamic Republic of Iran in continuation to her shameless and contumacious executions, once again committed terrible crime of shooting our defenseless compatriots in borderline of Nimrooz Province. These killed ones were not drug traffickers nor “spoilers”, but only defenseless workers who were going to Iran to do the most onerous jobs due to their poverty and distress. The bloodthirsty regime of Iran didn’t find the killings adequate, based on political games stopped the fuel to enter our country in order to purposely put our people under multiple pressures.

To mark Afghanistan Independence Day, SPA staged a large demonstration in Jalalabad on Aug.19, 2010

Asad 28th (August 19th) is equal to ninety one years of Afghanistan’s restoration of independence. On this day, King Amanullah Khan and his comrades stood with firm avows against the British colonization. And by relying on freedom-loving people of all ethnic groups of our country, took the lead of masses’ uprising bravely and broke the backbone of British Empire and made recognize the independence of Afghanistan.

For the first time after many centuries of autarchy and colonization, the new Afghanistan experienced development and progress under the leadership of national heroes like Amanullah Khan, Mahmud Tarzi, and Mohammad Wali Khan Darwazi but after the intrusion of Britain and her interior spies, once again the headband of people’s government of Amanuallh collapsed and Afghanistan traversed to retrogressive course and from that day onwards the anti-people, traitor and corrupt rulers came to the power.

Dear Friends of SEL,

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan sends it salutations to your congress and extends heartfelt thanks to you for inviting us to attend it, but we are sorry that due to visa problems our representative could not attend it. We wish every success to your congress.

We are sending you this message from Afghanistan, a country which is drown in blood and war in the past over three decades and today once again it is a battle field in the chess game of the Western powers in Asia and our suffering people are being victimized from different sides.

In the past nine years, the occupation forces led by the US make fool of the world by saying that they are there to bring democracy and liberation to Afghan people, but in fact they are there to advance their own strategic, economic and military interests and make Afghan people pawns in their bloody game.


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