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Thirty five years back, the Russian social imperialists by their Khalqi and Parchami slaves through the bloody 7th Saur coup, merged the country into the riot which burns our cities and villages until now.

The occupation of 6th Jadi by the Russian invaders to guarantee the existence of puppet regime of Parchami-Khaliqi which continued by bombarding of Afghanistan’s villages, massacres, captivations, torturing and hangings tens of thousands of innocent human beings, placing millions of landmines, disrespecting our believes and cultures and displacement of one third of country’s population to dooms-land of Pakistan and Iran; made the spontaneous resistance movement of our people more stronger and wider.

On March 8, 2013 the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan organized a protest in Kabul in support of Bradley Manning. Our banner was: 'Bradley Manning, you are a hero of suffering Afghans!' and 'Supporting Bradley Manning, who accepted danger to expose the US crimes against our people, is the duty of all justice-loving Afghans!'.

Bradley Manning is a 25-year-old former US intelligence analyst who revealed evidence of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan through the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. He is imprisoned under inhuman conditions.

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international women's day

The continuation of cruelties, insults, sexual harassments, threats, killings and hundreds of other horrendous brutalities, have turned Afghanistan to a big prison for its women. Although the whole nation is wriggling torturously under the domination of ignorant fundamentalists, the US and NATO occupation and the current corrupt government, the burden of this escalating despotism and injustice has been exceptionally heavy and backbreaking on the shoulders of our ill-fated women.

For many years, Afghan women have been the prime and most vulnerable victims of the brutalities of the murderous fundamentalist gangs; but with the occupation of Afghanistan by the US and its allies in the past eleven years, this deplorable and painful situation has been used in a shameful and treacherous way for propaganda and to benefit political aims.

On the 11th anniversary of the US military aggression in Afghanistan

usa crime in Afghanistan

11 years back, on October 7, 2001, the US and NATO invaded Afghanistan. Our suffering nation had not yet recovered from the 14-year occupation of the Russians, the fascist rule of their stooges, and the 9-year rule of the factional and Taliban hyenas, when they fell into the bloody claws of another superpower.

Wherever the US has stepped, it has brought nothing but bloodshed and destruction. The US government has caused the death of 2.5 million people in the Vietnam War and 1.5 million people in the Korean War; killed 100,000 people in the Gulf War; was the first country to use nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing a horrifying humanitarian disaster; orchestrated bloody coups on democratic regimes in different parts of the world; supports with all its might, Israel’s state terrorism against the people of Palestine; caused utter carnage in Iraq; and has now put its blood-stained hands to work in Middle East and North Africa to steer away the people’s uprisings from its revolutionary path, and appropriating the sacrifices of these nations by imposing its fundamentalist stooge regimes. This country has also killed tens and thousands of Afghan civilians in the eleven years of its occupation, and according to official statistics, lost 2000 of its own soldiers who were brought to the battlefield forcefully.

Members of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan place flowers on the tomb of King Amanullah Khan in Jalalabad

Ninety three years ago, in this very same city of Kabul, now encircled in barbed wire, King Amanullah raised his sword and proclaimed Afghanistan an independent country. In the light of unfettered thought, guided by the lofty principle of national unity, and with indomitable determination and intrepidity, he launched a national all-out insurrection against British colonialists and raised Afghanistan to the pedestal of a free and independent nation. By doing so, he showed other Asian nations the road to emancipation from the chains of colonialist domination.

Today, 28th Assad (18 August), is the anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence and the sacrifices the heroes of this land gave to attain it. Afghanistan today is blanketed in silence, and there is no sign of felicity or jubilation in the faces of Afghans commemorating this great day. Surrounded by concrete walls and barbed wire, our cities resemble vast prisons. It is as if history has been defaced; the majesty and glory of the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their afflicted people seem to have faded. Karzai’s puppet regime, which honours the passing away of any old thief and criminal and commemorates our history’s days of shame and catastrophe, seeks to obliterate the glorious memory of Afghanistan’s Independence Day.

afghan refuges in iran

The notorious and murderous Iranian regime, which doesn’t recognize any human values, is world-renowned for killing, imprisoning and insulting freedom-seeking Iranians, women, national and religious minorities and refugees. This is why in the past three decades of Afghanistan's destruction; it hasn’t had the least sympathy towards our ill-fated refugees who suffer boundlessly.

Solidarity Party does not fear terrorist threats of criminals

Breaking the silence on the tyranny of the criminals and traitors of Afghanistan’s recent history, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan mobilized hundreds of people in Kabul to participate in a rally against those perpetrators of the tragedy marked by April 27, 1978 and April 28, 1992, and for the first time burned the portraits of Khalquis, Parchamis, Jehadis and Taliban criminal leaders on the streets of Kabul. This action lit a flame beneath the feet of the traitors, and disrupted the intimidating environment that has been perpetuated by these criminals for more than three decades.

The dealers of “Jehad” and religion brokers who see the blazing flame of justice-seeking by the victims of their own atrocities as a new threat to their mafia domination, now seem frightened by slogans of “Down with Criminals” filling the streets of Kabul. In the past few days, the Solidarity Party has been the target of attacks from officials and non-officials who have been trying to narrow down our circle of activities. Several warlords in the Senate outrageously demanded from the government to make the party illegal and tried to coerce its leadership on the legal panel. They questioned the Director of National Security for not taking action against our party. Similarly, a few warlords in the lower house made hue and cry against us, demanding the Solidarity Party be dissolved. They even asked the Ministry of Justice to postpone its registration. And some cowardly warlord’s crooks gave us threatening phone calls thinking we would after three generations of tyranny be afraid of such threats.

28th and 27th April,  a shameful stain  of our history!

28th April is the darkest day in our recent history. On this day, factions of warlords along with the traitorous heads of the Khalq and Parcham robbed our pained nation of the freedom gained in the war against Russia; our homeland became a bloodbath at the gesture of their Pakistani and Iranian masters, and in just four years of their bloody rule, they perpetrated the most horrifying disasters. The destructive factional battles, unending terror and fascism, countless horrible crimes committed by commanders who took control of the streets, the massacre of 70,000 Kabulis, and the complete destruction of our beautiful Kabul. In addition, the pillage of people’s property, the raping of 70 year old mothers and 7 year old children, the collapse of our economic system, the looting of 70,000 unique historical artefacts from Kabul Museum, which were gifted off to Pakistani military generals and many other Genghis-styled crimes. All these atrocities, which have escalated till today, were the outrageous gifts of the Jehadi criminals. The brutes of the 27th and 28th April have driven their knife of crimes and treacheries to the marrow of our nation.

international women day

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan celebrates the International Women's Day in Kabul.

Add: Qasr-e-Zarin wedding hall, Between parwan 2 and parwan 3 Square
Time: 2-4 pm, Thursday

Let us unite in the face of the latest treason committed by the occupiers and their lackeys!

A decade has passed since the day our country was occupied by the invading US forces under the hypocritical banner of fighting terrorism, bringing democracy, human rights, etc. etc. The Americans breathed new life into the jihadi thieves and sell-outs who, until then, had been cowering like mice in their burrows in terror of their Taliban brethren-in-faith. Each and every one of those same cowards today is a cabinet minister, a provincial governor, a chief of police, a member of parliament, an ambassador or some other bigwig of the mafia regime. In the same manner, the Taliban, who had been created by the Americans in a day, were within a week made to disappear from the geography of Afghanistan and the sight of the “free world media”. In return, during this past decade, tens of thousands of our innocent compatriots have been blown to pieces in the most horrendous manner by aerial bombardments and night-time operations conducted by the occupying forces. Other than that, by staging mock fights with the Taliban and the Golbodin hordes –legitimate progeny of the CIA, but certainly the most illegitimate offspring of the Afghan homeland to pollute the pages of our history– the Americans sought to perpetuate their military presence in our country. At the same time, in order to deceive the world community and our hapless people, they unleashed torrents of propaganda and “academic” but deceitful justifications for their invasion through their mercenary intelligentsia and hired media.


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