Afghanistan Will Not Become an Arena for the Superpowers’ Arms Race!

This time, the US has, without any scruples or hindrance, tested the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, the “Mother of All Bombs”, on our country. If we remain silent in the face of such horrendous tests, Afghanistan will become an open field for the arms race between superpowers, and may even face a nuclear scenario.

With Trump, the War-mongering Nature of the US Will Never Change

The loud hype that the 2016 US presidency elections created was massively far-reaching that some even turned to dogs, cats and monkeys to predict results. Before winning, Trump continuously tried to fool the public by projecting a different image and before going to the White House, made demagogic promises with many ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’. But it is clear that Trump would follow the same policies as the previous head of states, because the US Empire can’t survive without war and terror. By appointing three notorious US army generals in the key posts, he ensures a military-centric American foreign policy, sparking war and bloodshed throughout the globe, worse than Bush and Obama. And our Afghanistan being one of the battlegrounds for the superpowers’ conflicts, will suffer heavier blows as in the past.

Struggle Against Occupation and Fundamentalist Is the First Step for Emancipation of Afghan Woman!

Today we commemorate International Women's Day at a time when the blood Farkhunda and Rukhshana has not yet dried and thousands of women burn in the inferno of violence and tyranny. For the past 15 years, this deplorable and painful situation of Afghan women has been used in a shameful and treacherous way under the slogans of “Afghan women’s freedom” but in reality, the women’s situation is unprecedentedly calamitous and unbearable, with heart-wrenching cries rising from every part of the country.

SPA Solidarity Message to HDP

Dear All Progressive and Revolutionaries Around the World!

During World War II, Martin Niemöller wrote this poem, objecting the fascism of Hitler:

History and People Will Never Forgive Gulbuddin “Rocketyar” and His Criminal Partners!

The occupier US government and its stooges are yet again trying to bring back to power what remains of the criminal Gulbuddin, under the name of “peace”, and impose him on our battered people once more. Although there are many Gulbuddinis who make up the nuts and bolts of the decaying government, but the occupiers, in collaboration with their internal traitorous lackeys, plan to use this corpse and rejuvenate his infamous Hezb-e-Islami (Islamic Party), which has practically reached its demise, and for use in their criminal games.

Torkham Border Clash and Misusing Patriotic Spirit of People

Since many days, the rumors of border clash between Afghan and Pakistan border forces in Torkham is spread everywhere. Going to war with Pakistan is a hot topic in social network site and especially in Facebook. Even the visuals of other irrelevant incidents are depicted as the recent border clash.

Afghanistan is an occupied country and according to official statistics more than 10 million people in the country are living under the poverty line; suicide attacks and explosion have become a routine and everyday take lives of our compatriots; instead of prosecuting war criminal, they sent to presidential palace; based on rankings of Transparency International, Afghanistan is the third most corrupt country in the world; the figures of World Health Organization shows that Afghanistan is the third country in the world highest mortalities of children under age of five; according to findings of UNFPA and UNICEF, Afghanistan is the first country in Asia and second in the world with highest rate of mothers mortality during pregnancy; it is the main producer of opium in the world and accommodates around 3.5 million addicts; its underground natural resources are mostly embezzled by the governmental warlords; the recent findings show that majority of Afghan People are dissatisfied with National Terror Government; and tens of other calamities.

Without the Prosecution of Criminals of 28th and 27th April, Our People Will Never See Peace and Prosperity!

Although, many years have gone by since the dark days of 28th and 27th April, but still our tormented people have no emancipation from the calamitous results of these two ominous days. The two awful days which took hundreds of thousands of victims from our nation; displaced millions; thousands of free and conscientious human beings were disappeared; child of 7 years old to mother of 70 were raped; our economic and social infrastructures were destroyed; our nation’s assets were looted; and hundreds of other brutalities and depravations. It has been proved for our people that the arches of Khalqis-Parchamis and leaders of Jahadis are the main causes of our country today’s unfortunates and trivialities. It is due their betrayal that Afghanistan became the middling ground of the tyrant governments of Pakistan and Iran, and forty occupier countries led by US.

Let Farkhunda’s Blood-drenched Garment Be Our Banner In Our Struggle Against The Fundamentalists and Occupiers!

A year has elapsed since the horrendous day Farkhunda was tortured to death in Kabul, a day which plunged not only our people but the whole world into stunned fear and revulsion. But the comatose conscience of the wretched rulers of the land could not be roused, and Farkhunda’s real murderers and their patrons continue to thumb their noses at justice. Manifold stratagems have been used during the past year to shroud the incidence of the most calamitous savagery in our modern history.

Struggle Against Fundamentalism and Occupation is the First Step  on the Path Towards the Emancipation of Afghan Women!

This year we commemorate International Women's Day at a time when, unfortunately, with every passing day we witness the murder, rape, mutilation and abuse of women in our country. At the same time, we are witness to the fact that the murderers of Farkhunda, Rukhshana and countless other such women in our homeland continue to bully and assault women with impunity and enjoy the hearty support of arch-criminals in the government and outside it.

Democracy and welfare can by only achieved by throwing down invaders and their minions!

Fourteen years have passed since the conspicuous occupation of Afghanistan by US and Allies. The occupiers came forward with the treacherous plot of “War Against Terror”, and converted this homeland into graveyard for its defenseless inhabitant by murder and plunder, unprecedented growth opium, creating war, fattening criminals and drug-lords. The occupiers, for their strategic and economic interests, have placed the most advanced military bases in Afghanistan, to keep our country inflamed in the fire of war and terror.


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