Media Coverage: SPA Protest Condemning Taliban Brutalities

Civil society activists protest against Taliban in Kabul

Source: Khaama Press; August 2, 2015

Media Coverage: SPA Protest Condemning Taliban Brutalities

Dozens of civil society activists took to the streets of Kabul on Sunday in protest against the militant group of Taliban.

Protesters were carrying banners with different slogans condemning Taliban attacks and the organization’s existence.

Protesters were carrying banners mocking the late Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. A turban was drawn on the head of Mullah Omar made of the US flag.

“Mullah Omar was a stooge of US and Pak Governments and perpetrator of these crimes!” a slogan read.

Another banner was reading a slogan seeking prosecution for Taliban.

“Mullah Omar and his crime partners must be prosecuted a thousand times for destroying of Buddha Statues!” the slogan read.

The protesters were shouting slogans saying that any deal with the group is betray to the nation.


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