Civil society activists protest against Taliban in Kabul

Source: Khaama Press; August 2, 2015

Media Coverage: SPA Protest Condemning Taliban Brutalities

Dozens of civil society activists took to the streets of Kabul on Sunday in protest against the militant group of Taliban.

Protesters were carrying banners with different slogans condemning Taliban attacks and the organization’s existence.

Protesters were carrying banners mocking the late Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. A turban was drawn on the head of Mullah Omar made of the US flag.

“Mullah Omar was a stooge of US and Pak Governments and perpetrator of these crimes!” a slogan read.

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The Ignoramus Mullah Omar Was A Hand Tool of US and Pak Governments!

Since two decades, our unfortunate people have experienced bloodshed, destruction and agonizing pain due to given orders from the address of an ignoramus, murderer and unknown man called Mullah Omar. He was symbol of traitor-to-homeland, ignorance and barbarism, and Tehrik-e-Taliban have recorded as most bloodthirsty, inhumane and misogynist group in the history of our country.

It is open secret that Mullah Omar and his group are projects made and nourished by US and UK Governments and were assemble via Pakistan. Mullah Omar as current Mullah-e-Lang (a mullah from south of Afghanistan rebelled against King Amanullah Khan on the order of British Empire), was a passive doll in the hand of devilish system of ISI, who was captivated in the safe houses of Quetta and Karachi in their claws, but in media statements were released in the name of Amir al-Muminin, spreading terror. The day when this stooge’s expiry date ended, his mysterious and ignoble death was announced by his masters.

Condolence  Message of SPA to ESP and SGDF

Dear Comrades of ESP and SGDF,

The awful news of suicide bombing during the gathering of Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF) in Suruç, shocked us here in Afghanistan, especially in the time when the freedom-loving and progressive organizations and parties in different parts of the world are lending hand to reconstruct Kobani. The murderous perpetrators of this crime and their masters, know it very well that the building of a nursery, library and memorial forest will be more effective than their terrorist training camps, therefore they tried to silence it in the roots.

July 06, 2015; Kabul: Malalai Joya had also joined the protesters and during her short speech she stressed that she will seek justice for blood of Farkhunda until the criminals are prosecuted. She added:

“We shouldn’t expect the government composed of arch-criminals to prosecute their fellow criminals who were involved in lynching of Farkhunda. This government knows only knows to put veil on crimes. However, it is for our people to don’t set dull, turn the bloodied cloak of Farkhunda into flag of freedom and struggle for justice. We can achieve justice and respect blood of Farkhunda through mass pressure of people.”

July 06, 2015: Protesters were holding placards carrying the lynched photo of Farkhunda and slogans such as: Dear Farkhunda, It is shameful to set silent unless we don’t prosecute your murderers! Without seeking justice for blood of Farkhunda, chanting slogans of women’s rights is betrayal to women! If the corrupt and traitor courts of Afghanistan forgive them, Our people will not forgive! We should not allow the number one perpetrators of Paghman crime, the real murderers of Farkhunda escape justice! Compatriot, if you stay silent, tomorrow it will be your mother and sister turn! Unless the traitors are removed from power, everyday another Farkhunda will be victimized!

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July 6, 2015; Kabul: More than 600 members and supports of SPA and Kabul citizens gathered in the incineration place of Farkhunda to condemn the lynching of Farkhunda and unjust hearing the court. The protesters including women and me were shouting the slogans: Arise, Our Silence Is Sham! Arise, Our Punch Is Our Gun! We All Are Farkhunda, We Will Perish Ignorance! We Are Enemy of Abdullah-Ghani, We Are Alive For Our Country! Farkhunda, Your Memories Are Alive! The Once Who Have Incirnerated You, Are Our Enemy! They Are A Bunch of Traitors, Walking in Ignorance! The Predators Killed Farkhunda!

The Blood of Farkhunda Is Conscience of Every Honorable Afghan, Let Us Not Allow the Traitors to Step Over Our Conscience!

The lynching of Farkhunda in Kabul, not only shocked Afghanistan but the world as well. Farkhunda became the symbol of terror against a nation, which since four decades have incinerated in the inferno of ignorance, crime and occupation.

However, it was clear from the very first days that the ruling murderers, supporting the main predator of Farkhunda, are trying to hide the case with fraud, and halt the wave of protest of people. First the heads of security forces, with their obvious unawareness, and the high officials who supported the case, were salvaged from trail. Then, they promised to arrest some hangers-on of Shura-e-Nizar (a military faction of Jamiat-e-Islami founded by Ahmad Shah Masoud), perpetrators of this brutality such as Habib of Deh-Afghanan, but to this day there is no news of their arrest.

Let us unite to oppose the suicide-attacker manufacturing center in Kabul

The offer of a blank cheque by the Saudi government for establishing the ‘largest Islamic center in Kabul’ which is actually an official center for training suicide attackers is yet another terrible news for our people. Fortunately, this act was strongly opposed by our compatriots who have been the victims of the terrorism and ignorance of fundamentalist groups and their foreign supporters for several decades. This opposition shows our people’s awareness in recognizing such ploys.

The heads of the Saudi government, who are drunk in their luxurious life, have nurtured Islamic fundamentalism of the ISIL and Taliban type for years and backed the most bloodthirsty beings in our country for decades. This serves them their purpose of dragging our people and the people of other Islamic countries into the trap of ignorance and brutality.


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