History and People Will Never Forgive Gulbuddin “Rocketyar” and His Criminal Partners!

History and People Will Never Forgive Gulbuddin “Rocketyar” and His Criminal Partners!

The occupier US government and its stooges are yet again trying to bring back to power what remains of the criminal Gulbuddin, under the name of “peace”, and impose him on our battered people once more. Although there are many Gulbuddinis who make up the nuts and bolts of the decaying government, but the occupiers, in collaboration with their internal traitorous lackeys, plan to use this corpse and rejuvenate his infamous Hezb-e-Islami (Islamic Party), which has practically reached its demise, and for use in their criminal games.

In addition to granting Gulbuddin privileges such as money, townships, and government posts, the Ghani and Abdullah government has granted this criminal immunity from prosecution and the removal of his name from the UN blacklist. We cannot expect anything other than this from a government that is composed of the brethren-in-creed of “Rocketyar” (a portmanteau that combines “rocket” with Gulbuddin’s last name, “Hikmatyar” due to his infamous record of pelting rockets on Kabul city during the 1992-1996 fighting in Kabul). The Islamic fundamentalist parties along with Khalqi and Parchami criminals passed the bill of their immunity from prosecution several years back, and forgave themselves for the crimes they committed against millions of people. Today, there is no difficulty in adding another murderer to this lot. Granting immunity to Gulbuddin and his criminal party is treason; only our suffering people have the right to prosecute him and make this decision. The foreign occupiers and UN can remove bloodthirsty killers from their blacklist, but no power can erase Gulbuddin, Qutbuddin Hilal, Ghairat Baheer, Qadeer Kuryab, Haroon Zarghoon, Karim Amin, and other treacherous murderers of the bloodthirsty Hezb-e-Islami, from the memory of our history. The day is not far when Gulbuddin and his criminal associates from among the different fundamentalist parties and Taliban, will be prosecuted in the court of our people like their Bangladeshi brothers were recently.

The shameful history of murderous fundamentalist parties in Afghanistan shows that colonial powers, especially the US and Britain, in collaboration with their Arab and Pakistani and Iranian partners, take care of their stooges like infected tumors, so they can order them around when the need arises. Today too, the occupier countries are bringing back Gulbuddin under the banner of the “peace process”. There, however, remains no doubt anymore that the claims of bringing “peace” are as despicably deceptive as the claims of the US’s “war” on its blue-eyed lackey. This process has no outcome other than more bloodshed. Of course, our pained people do not expect less from this decaying government composed of national traitors. When Sayyaf, Khalili, Dostum, Atta, Abdullah, and other murderers of Kabul have immunity and power, their brother and partner in crime will obviously seek his share in this feast of criminals.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan has always been the voice of our sorrowful people, and calls upon our ill-fated nation, and progressive forces, to rise against these national traitors, and free Afghanistan from captivity, bloodshed, horror and terror. There is no other way. Our silence makes criminals like Rocketyar more rabid, and our future generations will have to endure life under their yoke of oppression and captivity.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA)
22 September 2016

History and People Will Never Forgive Gulbuddin “Rocketyar” and His Criminal Partners!


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