Video: A Memorial To Farkhunda Appears In Kabul

An Afghan political party has sponsored the construction of a memorial in honor of Farkhunda, a young Afghan woman who was beaten to death by a mob in Kabul. The brutal assault in March sparked widespread outrage.

Kabul a scene of horror and thuggery again

Every year on 9th September, the death anniversary of Massoud, the people of Kabul experience barbarism of the factional kind (reference to factional infighting during the 1992-1996 civil war and the commission of horrendous crimes during that time). A group of reckless men belonging to Shorae Nizar roamed the whole city wildly, spreading terror, and causing disturbance and concern among the residents of Kabul. Many of them had arms and fired shots into the air without facing any hindrance from security forces. These groups come out on the streets for mourning Massoud but their actions resemble a celebration.

August 10, 2015: The Fierce Protest of Shah Shaheed Massacre’s Survivors

August 10, 2015: The fierce survivors of Shah Shaheed Massacre poured into the streets and chanted slogans against Afghan and US governments. They claim that the Afghan Govt. is hiding the truth of this awful incident. While, it is possible that the real cause of the incident is a missile fired or bomb thrown by US airplane, but the Afghan security forces announced it as suicide bombing. All of the protestors are saying that first they heard a sheering sound of missile, the light went out and then boom. They added, the number of dead ones are more than 100, and corpses are still hidden under the rubble.

Tens of Afghan security forces, including NDS personnel in private outfit, tried to stop the protestors, by spreading amongst the protestors and alluring or even use of violence to silence them. The security forces were acting more violently when the protesters chanting slogans against US Govt. They were encouraging the protestors to only shout against Pakistan.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) will release the complete footage of this protest very soon. Most of the protestors were fierce about the censored reports of the incident by media.

Martyr Ahmadullah’s mother: I saw the light of my future in my innocent son’s eyes

On March 29, 2015, at six in the evening a suicide attack was carried out in the Shah Shaheed area of Kabul by the Taliban pigs, and the victims were once again our people. It is said that the target of the suicide bomber was Gul Pacha Majidi, a member of the Parliament. He survived the attack but the most innocent people were killed. Two of those killed were Mohammad Faisal and Ahmadullah who were already living a life of misery and sorrow.

Martyr Mohammad Faisal and his cousin martyr Ahmadullah were both students who worked part time in a drugstore to help their poor families with the small bit of money they earned. The Taliban brutes wounded this already suffering family. 13-year-old Ahmadullah was martyred at the attack site and 15-year-old Mohammad Faisal was severely injured. Ashraf Ghani visited Majidi in the hospital and all the roads were blocked for his security. Faisal’s family could not cross this blockade to donate blood to their loved one and he died due to severe blood loss.

Residents of Chardara District: Main Victims of War

Since 12 days, the residents of Chardara District – Kunduz are living under the gunfire of wild Taliban and Ghani-Abdullah Government. The local residents, including women and children, are the very first victims of war. The residents of villages such as Qatel-e-Aam, Taal Guzar, Esakhel, Darman, Sarasya, Wardak, Qarya-e-Qasab and Dobandi-e-Arab, have fled to save their life, leaving all their possessions behind, seeking refuge in remote areas.

The war has taken victims from the most wretched people, but the media only spoke of war but not the civilian casualties. The continuous insecurity in Kunduz and the exchange of power between Taliban and Government in the different districts of the province and other areas of Afghanistan, shows that big devil hands are working behind the scene. The presence of Ashraf-ul-Madares madrassa with 6,000 Taliban students in heart of Kunduz city; rapid increase of terrorism and Taliban militants in this province and other northern provinces; all shows that the US Govt. and its puppet regime in Afghanistan are involved in nourishing terrorism rather than fight it.

Ramazan, a victim of the four decades of war and horror

Ramazan, a 53-year-old man left school when he was in the eighth grade during Daud Khan’s regime. He was not able to get a job in the government due to ethnic discrimination dominant at that time, so he was forced to work as a cleaner and transporter to help his family. Later, he started learning work in a butcher shop. Ramazan was the oldest child of his family who had to take charge of his family when his father died. Ramazan recalls that he would bring home the fat, rumen and intestines of the butchered animals from the shop to feed his family. They spent years this way.

After the overthrow of Daud’s government by Taraki, the situation of Afghanistan began to deteriorate worse than before. Many opponents of the puppet regime were tortured and killed under the pretext of being bandits or anti-government. Ramazan says that he lived in fear at that time, “Every day we thought that it is now our turn to be taken to prison or sent to war.” The Soviet invasion inflamed the war which made life harder for the poor people. He added, “We thought that such horror and cruelty does not occur in any other part of the world, and that it would not be repeated ever again. But we were wrong.”

Khadem Hussain

Khadem Hussein, an elderly 75 year old man, is one of the Yakawlang’s poorest famers who has spent most of his life in working on fields in order to find piece of bread for his family of six people. Recently due to decrease in price of the harvest he was forced to leave his village to go to the city of Bamiyan just like thousands of other families.

Khadem Hussain currently lives in the valley of Azhdar in a house without walls and water. He said that he came to the city in hope of finding a piece of bread but the situation in the city is even worse than his village. Hussain was forced to take two of his younger sons off school to work with him. Now they are working in a brick making factory.

Argo – Badakhshan is crying blood!

SPA Medical Team In Argo - Badakhshan

On 2 May 2014, a pair of mudslides occurred in Aab Barik Village, Argo District, Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, where initial reports said that 350 people were killed and 2,500 were missing. Although millions of dollar cascaded into Afghanistan, filling the pockets of criminal warlords’ pocket to buy luxury villas in Palm Islands – Dubai. ANDMA (Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority) headed by Karim Khalil a brutal warlord from Hezb-e-Wahdat and currently second vice-president and a billionaire, simply announced that we don’t have the facilities to remove the dirt and rescue possible survivors and find dead ones.

On 5th May 2014, a volunteer medical team of SPA’s, 20 personnel composed of doctors and health workers and assistants, along with medical packages rushed to Badakhshan to help the survivors. We also sent an appeal to our supporters and members in Afghanistan and abroad, requesting for urgent action to help. It worth mentioning that our appeal was very well-received by the generous individuals. Most of them replied us within few hours, expressing their condolences and support. SPA thanks them for their continuous support!

Noor Ahmad, member of Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) in Farah province

Noor Ahmad, member of Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) in Farah province, west of Afghanistan, was killed by brutal Taliban on 22nd October 2013. His death left his family, friends and fellow fighters in deep sorrow.

Noor Ahmad S/O Khan Mohammad was born in 1971 in a poor family in Targin village, Qala-e-Kah district of Farah. Throughout his life, he had firsthand experience of poverty and scarcity, therefore he could understand the economic difficulties of workers and peasants very well.

Noor Ahmad had studied until grade 12 but due to poverty of his family, he was not able to continue with his education. He had seven children and due to lack of education facility and poverty, he had sent one of his children to a child care center in Herat province, west of Afghanistan, to continue with the schooling. According to Noor Ahmad, his daughter should get educated so she can serve her deprived people in future.

Since 2012, he was working as government employee for rural development in Pusht-e-Koh district of Farah.

Their slogans also included, ‘Independence, democracy, social justice for the missing victims of the murderous Khalq-Parcham, factions (1992-1996), Taliban, and US forces’.

spa demo in kabul

Hundreds protested and demanded the public prosecution of the murders of the victims killed during Communist regime period, in Kabul city today.

The protest started this morning from the Shahe Do Shamshera ziarat area. They raised slogans such as ‘war criminals and demolishers of our country should be publicly prosecuted’, while heading towards Zarnigar park.

Engineer Hafizullah Rasikh, the political and organizational representative of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan told PAN that they are protesting because thousands of intellectuals were killed during the Communist regime of Khalq and Parcham and a list of their names had been released recently.


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