Residents of Chardara District: Main Victims of War

Residents of Chardara District: Main Victims of War

Since 12 days, the residents of Chardara District – Kunduz are living under the gunfire of wild Taliban and Ghani-Abdullah Government. The local residents, including women and children, are the very first victims of war. The residents of villages such as Qatel-e-Aam, Taal Guzar, Esakhel, Darman, Sarasya, Wardak, Qarya-e-Qasab and Dobandi-e-Arab, have fled to save their life, leaving all their possessions behind, seeking refuge in remote areas.

The war has taken victims from the most wretched people, but the media only spoke of war but not the civilian casualties. The continuous insecurity in Kunduz and the exchange of power between Taliban and Government in the different districts of the province and other areas of Afghanistan, shows that big devil hands are working behind the scene. The presence of Ashraf-ul-Madares madrassa with 6,000 Taliban students in heart of Kunduz city; rapid increase of terrorism and Taliban militants in this province and other northern provinces; all shows that the US Govt. and its puppet regime in Afghanistan are involved in nourishing terrorism rather than fight it.

In the airstrike by Afghan Govt. on Qatel-e-Aam, 11 residents including women and children were injured and 2 more were killed. The attack took place on June 8, 2015, when the villagers hadn’t left the village yet.

Chardara war casualties
Right: Farid 11

According to local residents, more than 25 people have killed and injured in Sarasya and Wardak villages, but neither the Afghan Govt. nor the so-called aid agencies have provided any aid to the causalities. Some villagers have been killed during the untargeted Afghan Govt. cannon fires from Kunduz Airport when the villagers were trying to escape to city via the river. These untargeted attacks are done on the villages as well. It is reported that some families are missing.

Faiz Mohammad, a villager from Qatel-e-Aam, was crossing the river along with his family when they were hit with a rocket of National Terror Government. His son, Bashir Ahmad 12, was killed during the attack and later on the village elders collected his pieces and buried him. According to the local residents, all roads towards the city are blocked and casualties are dying before reaching to the hospital. The villagers used to cross the river via two locally made kayaks but they are targeted by government forces and they are too afraid to use this path.

Chardara war casualties
Right: Sher Mohammad S/O Haji Khair Mohammad, 16

Qari Mohibullah, shopkeeper in Qatel-e-Aam village and father of two children, has been killed in this battle as well. He had lost his father in the war when he was child himself. He was earning living for him and his family through the little shop he owned. Now, his mother, wife and two daughters are left in grief in the village without any support.

Once Chardara District was captured by Taliban, they are forcing the villagers to provide them with food. The Afghan Govt. forces are surrounded in Gulam Ali Hill, so the they shell the area to protect their forces and these attacks have caused further casualties in the nearby villages, but the number of casualties and displaced people are unknown.

Chardara war casualties
Qari Mohibullah

In the recent months, the insecurity has reached to its peak in Chardara District due routine battle between Taliban and Urbakis (Afghan Local Police – ALP). The Taliban are forcing villagers to pay them Usher and Zakat (taxation system in Islamic Law) and at the same time ALP are asking for money from local villagers as well. Two weeks back prior to the start of war, Taliban closed some schools and prepare them for their military trainings. Additionally, they forced the teachers and students not wear their normal school uniform, but instead to wear while shalwar kameez and skull cap for students, and black shalwar kameez and turban for teachers. Anybody, not to obey, will be punished.

During the war, most of army bases and headquarters were taken over Taliban and they looted all arms and ammunitions including military vehicle and tanks. The army personnel are claiming, they were forced to retreat due to lack of backup support for the province center. It is said that the central Afghan Govt. are arming Taliban once in while through this tactic They don’t provide backup support to army, so they are forced to retreat and all their arms and ammunitions fell into Taliban’s hand. This practice has been noticed in the other provinces as well.

Now the National Terror Government is claiming to retake the Chardara District, and no media is highlighting the civilian casualties and displacement.


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