We support the inspiring uprising of the weary people of the US!

We support the inspiring uprising of the weary people of the US!

Following the release of the video showing the brutal murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, a wave of widespread protests have once again engulfed many American cities. Although the people’s anger was flared by racism dominating the US system, it became more violent and culminated in burning down of government buildings, the official flag and besiegement of the White House targeting the oppressive ruling system. The current movement is, in reality, the continuation of the “Occupy Wall Street”, “Not in Our Name", “Black Lives Matter”, the Ferguson riots and other movements, but this time the protests are more clamorous and vast than the country has seen in the past half century.

The authoritarian, war monger US government which has been wreaking havoc in many countries including Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and others with occupation and bullying for years, has now deployed troops in its cities to suppress its own people. Donald Trump was forced to take shelter in the underground bunker of the White House and then made an appearance in a church nearby and vowed to suppress the protesters with a Bible in his hand.

While the US government claims to export democracy and human rights to the world, it is itself an anti-people and oppressive system that only protects the interests of the 1 percent super-capitalists and pursues its criminal policies at home and abroad at the cost of poverty and misery for the 99 percent. The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the dying system’s decay. More than 110,000 people have died and the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic has led to the unemployment, poverty and hunger of tens and millions of Americans. The superpower, which claims to be the world’s leader, has itself shown the deplorable state of its people with thousands of hungry people lining up in front of churches and charities to receive a meal, but the government is still pursuing policies to support the capitalist giants to prevent their collapse.

The current uprising is the burst of the hatred of millions of Americans who are fed up with the tyranny, deceit, crimes and war mongering of their rulers and are demanding a fundamental change. It's no coincidence that the slogans have become more radical day by day and people are calling for the overthrow of the system. This has scared Trump who first spoke of the involvement of Russia, China and Iran in the protests and then claimed leftist groups were behind the protests, announcing that the anti-fascist “Antifa” would be included in the list of terrorist groups.

The people of Afghanistan feel the pain of the oppressed people of the US more than any other nation because they have been the victims of the criminal, fascist and colonial policies of the US and its puppets for decades and have experienced the terrorist and barbaric actions of its military. We know that every bomb and bullet that has been fired into the chest of our homeland and people has come at the cost of the livelihood of the American people, especially the African-Americans of the country.

The struggle of American men and women against the leaders at the White House, Pentagon and the Wall Street is, in fact, our struggle and that of other nations under US occupation, for independence and freedom. We learn from the inspiring resilience and courage of the exploited masses of America and will continue our fight against the Afghan lackeys of the US, whether they are the country-sellers in the presidential palace implementing the US’ colonial plans or other groups under the name of Taliban, ISIS, etc. who are pressing the Pentagon’s knife to our people’s necks with unparalleled savagery, to cut off the bloody hands of US fascism and its fundamentalist and terrorist creations from the fate of our ill-fated people forever.

While there are rallies in support of the anti-racism movement in the US in various cities around the world, the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan also joins their ranks, sympathizing with the country’s African-Americans, and sees itself as part of the current anti-imperialist struggle around the world. We believe that the suffering masses of the US will eventually topple the empire of blood and terror in their country with their struggle and will play an important role in freeing humanity from the shameful shackles of colonialism and exploitation.

Long live the struggle of the American people against the ruling anti-humanity system!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

June 7, 2020


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