Only an uprising of our people can end the US occupation and the rule of its minions!

Only an uprising of our people can end the US occupation and the rule of its minions!

Nineteen years ago, the United States and NATO, in the opening salvo of War on Terror, invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the bloodthirsty Taliban regime within weeks. After two decades of death and destruction, the United States and its puppet Afghan government are busy wheeling and dealing in Doha to return the savage and mercenary Taliban to power. The War on Terror, as it was clear from the beginning, not only did not eradicate but increased terrorism. Today Afghanistan has become a hub for terrorism and the drug mafia, twith the Taliban joined by a more brutal group called ISIS, as well as the Haqqani Network, and according to government spokesmen, 24 other small and large active terrorist groups. At the same time, countless terrorists have changed their hats and taken seats in government, or like Gulbuddin, are being fed from the nation's treasury.

For years, the United States and the West have deceived their people by claiming they were “liberating Afghan women”. In reality, barbarism and oppression against Afghan women is now more horrific and widespread than even during the Taliban's medieval rule. During the Taliban era, the Zarmina shooting in Ghazi Stadium shocked the world, but now stoning, acid attacks, shootings, ear and nose and throat cuts, sexual abuse, self-immolation due to oppression and other forms of brutalities against Afghan women have become routine. The shooting of a pregnant woman in Faryab is the most recent case, and the lynching of Farkhunda, beheading of Tabasum, stoning of Rukhshana, enslavement of Sahar Gul and etc, are some of the few cases covered in the international media. However, the Western media, in order to hide the tragedy of women's rights in Afghanistan, highlights a small number of women –the showpieces of presidential palace– as heroines and presents them as an achievement of the presence of the United States and its allies in Afghanistan. They have even nominated Fawzia Kofi –the pro-mafia and pro-warlord figure– for the Nobel Peace Prize.

When the United States and its criminal partners occupied Afghanistan they called it Operation Enduring Freedom. But during all these years they committed the worst betrayals against democracy and justice. From the very start, at the Bonn Conference, the Jihadi traitors and criminals, those who claim that democracy is the same as infidelity, were sugar-coated as “democrats” in the Karzai government. This peculiar relationship persists because The White House needs the jihadis and Taliban fundamentalists to advance its regional strategy. Today, all these fascist groups have a ceasefire with their US and NATO masters, but they continue their "jihad" against our women, children, and our miserable masses with the utmost intensity, destroying our helpless masses every day with suicide attacks, explosions, coercion and treachery.

Another stated goal of the United States and its allies is eradication of drug production. But for the last two decades, our land has produced more than 90% of the world's opium. Their alleged fight against this sinister phenomenon has failed. Our country's economy is based on drug cultivation and trafficking, which Western intelligence agencies are involved in. According to official government statistics, Afghanistan has more than 3.5 million addicts. Hearing the horrific stories of these addicts’ families is heartbreaking. Besides heroin, other ecstasy drugs such as Tablet K pills and cannabis are easily accessible even to schoolchildren, which are ruining their lives and the future of Afghanistan. The United States, which pays most of the cost of the war by taking over Afghanistan's global narcotics trade, is doing little of any effect in the knowledge that an addicted and cannibalized nation can be easily chained and enslaved.

The United States and other occupiers chanted "humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan," but now the vast majority of the population is in poverty, except for a handful of US Government’s surrogates, who are now tycoons through unprecedented looting, embezzlement and corruption, and have converted our country into a narco-state. The poor people are living in grinding poverty that forces the people, especially the youth, to flee abroad to escape extreme hunger, unemployment and injustice. In many cases, they lose their life on their journey.

Those who speak out against this oppression are assaulted. When Ms Belquis Roshan denounced the pact with the US as selling off Afghanistan in the Loya Jirga on 1 December 2013 she spoke for millions of her fellow Afghans. But the majority of the so-called peoples representatives on the government's payroll attacked her, slandering her as a “Pakistani servant” and “Iranian spy” and falsely argued that the constant presence of US military bases will protect us from Pakistani or Irainian attacks. Lina Roozbeh Heydari, the presenter of Voice of America TV, accused Ms Roshan seeking fame. However, the passage of time proved the truth of her words and each of her predictions came to pass. As expected, the US government, in addition to not freeing Afghanistan from the claws of Pakistan and Iran, has remained completely silent in the face of Pakistani missile strikes and cross-border aggression, and their nourishing of the Taliban. And now, in the Doha Talks, officially hands over Afghanistan to Pakistani intelligence agency ISI puppets, a new boon for the Pakistani military to accompany the $7 billion worth of military equipment from the US.

To deceive the public on the eve of the presidential election, the Trump administration announced that it is withdrawing all its forces from Afghanistan. It won’t. The United States will not easily leave this lucrative morsel of Asia to its emerging rivals, especially China and Russia. Undoubtedly, the war-mongering and oppressive US government, which is in a state of economic crisis and mourning, has revealed its weaknesses to the whole world, will temporarily decrease its troops, but is not ready to withdraw all of them so easily, until and unless they are driven out by our oppressed people. On the other hand, the Taliban are mercenary forces of other countries, and their demand of US forces withdrawal is an excuse for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence to wield more power in Afghanistan. While behind the scenes, the Taliban practically ended their "jihad" against the US and NATO years ago.

Oppressed Compatriots!

The Doha “peace” talks are a deceptive maneuver to help Trump’s re-election, not designed to end the war and bloodshed for our people. Peace cannot be achieved through bargaining and paying ransom to murderers and figures on the payroll of foreigners. It is evident that after the release of 5,000 bloodthirsty prisoners by the puppet regime of Ghani, the killing and terror by Taliban have further escalated.

The Afghanistan Solidarity Party (SPA) has repeatedly stated that no foreign force and its local puppets will save us from all this suffering because they themselves are its main cause. Only the conscious brains and capable hands of our sufferers and the pressure of world public opinion can lead to the withdrawal of the US occupying forces and the orphaning of the Taliban and Jihadi leaders from their imperial parents. We can change our destiny with our powerful hands, and only in a democratic state based on secularism can we live in a peaceful and prosperous society –a free and independent Afghanistan where men and women have equal rights and all the people of this land live together in peace and security, away from oppression and discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, language and region.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

October 7, 2020


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