Let us stand up against the traitors and their masters, or watch our children fall!

Let us stand up against the traitors and their masters, or watch our children fall!

The bloodthirsty and ignoramus Taliban have targeted two educational institutions in the recent days: a suicide attack on the Kausar-e-Danish Tuition Center in Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul and the brutal killing of youth at Kabul University. However, to place the blame for these crimes solely at the feet of the Taliban or ISIS is just stupidity. The Taliban and ISIS, like the Jihadist Factions, are mercenaries and chained dogs who are recruited by the imperialist and the reactionary regional countries in collaboration with the Afghan puppet government to wage their masters’ proxy wars in our country. The perpetrators of the massacre of Kabul University students and other atrocities are not only the Taliban and ISIS, but also the US occupiers, the governments of Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the puppet Ghani-Abdullah government that first released Anas Haqqani and then more than 6,000 Taliban fighters.

The US government, and their lackeys — as well as the Afghan Government and so-called “analysts” and “experts” inside of it — claim that ISIS and the Taliban are two separate phenomena. The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) has been emphasizing for years that all the jihadist groups (including the Jihadist Factions, Taliban, al-Qaeda, Haqqani Network, ISIS, and the Fatemiyoun Brigade) are two sides of the same coin, each brought to the playground according to master’s needs, the pakol hats and white turbans of the Jihadist Factions and Taliban replaced with the black turbans of ISIS fighters. We have always said that if not for the jihadists’ political minions, there wouldn’t have been a Mullah Omar, Hibatullah Akhund, Mullah Mansour, Abbas Stanikzai, bin Laden or al-Baghdadi.

Now, Abdul Salam Hanafi, one of the brutal leaders of the Taliban, has declared pompously in an interview in Doha that there is no other armed force in Afghanistan besides the Taliban. We also read that government officials such as Amrullah Saleh (Afghan vice president), Siddiq Siddiqui (the presidential spokesperson),, and Shah Hussain Mortazavi (ex-deputy spokesperson for president Ghani), seem to be warning against the Taliban — the very same officials who advocated for the release during the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly). If Mortazavi, the official responsible for licking the dirt off the government, had a shred of conscience, he would have prosecuted himself after seeing the spilled blood of our innocent youth; instead, he shamelessly attacked Ms. Belquis Roshan, who was the only awakened conscience in the Loya Jirga. Vice President Saleh, pretending to be a Hollywood action hero, hung posters of some wanted thugs across the city to distract our people. Mr. Saleh, you will gain the respect of our people when you stick the portraits of the real criminals s traitors who have been involved in killings, lootings, drug trafficking, rape, and many other barbaric crimes over the past four decades. Of course, any such expectation of a man trained by the CIA is futile!

Controlled by the White House with no will of his own, president Ghani declared a day of national mourning for the massacred youth at Kabul University. The US embassy in Kabul lowered its flag. The Ghani government has no right to offer condolences to our people, and in fact, with this shameless act, it sprinkles salt on the wounds of our people, especially the victims’ relatives. Releasing thousands of Taliban prisoners to bolster Trump's electoral campaign will forever be Ghani’s disgrace. Mr. Ghani, you shouldn’t have declared a day of national mourning, but a day of national shame for yourself and other puppet government officials, whose betrayal has made every moment and every day sorrowful. If there was anyone with any sense of humanity among the government negotiators in Doha, they would have spit in the face of the repugnant Taliban leaders and left these ridiculous negotiations.

Mournful Compatriots!

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan reaffirms that no occupying force or internal servant will bring us peace and security, because their power lies in our misery. The peace and well-being of the Afghan people can only be achieved by throwing off the US occupiers, foreign government agents, of Pakistan and Iran, the terrorists, and all their Afghan lackeys, fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist alike. Only the capable hands of our people can do so. Without awareness, solidarity and united struggle of the oppressed women and men of Afghanistan against the traitors and foreign interventionists, this terror and bloodshed will continue. So, let us rise — so that we are not condemned by history.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

November 5, 2020


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