The Women of Afghanistan Will Rise from the Blood and Ashes!

The Women of Afghanistan Will Rise from the Blood and Ashes!

This year, International Women's Day comes as the most misogynist group, the Taliban, have taken over power in Afghanistan, a group that alike their Jihadist brothers, who overnight became pro democracy and women's rights, pretend to be progressive and apparently just preach the citizens, however, this ISI-born and suicide bombers’ group attempt to put any veil on their bloody faces, their insane opposition to women is obvious from afar. There are many enormities by this anti-women group to be mentioned: depriving women work and not allowing girls to go to school and university; prohibition of female journalists and artists in the visual media; forcing women to wear those types of clothes which are against their will; abduction and murder of women; suppression of peaceful protests by women; detention, physical and psychological torture and forced confession of women protesters in front of the camera; restrictions on women's travel in taxis; semi-decrees depriving women’s movement with male escort; and dozens of other tyrannies.

However if, on one hand, this group of assassins inflict the most oppression on the women of our homeland, on the other hand, women are at the forefront of the struggle against Taliban and Jihadist fundamentalism. It was Afghan women who, in the early days of the Taliban's sinister entry into Kabul, chanted anti-Taliban slogans on the streets of various cities. Let us remember that the more the oppression and brutality of the Taliban and any other reactionary force increases, the sooner or later the resistance of the people, both men and women, will be strengthened to dismantle this dark-minded and nefarious handful. The women of our country have gained the basic knowledge that they should never be deceived by toys such as Habiba Sarabi, Fawzia Kofi, Nahid Farid, Shahrzad Akbar, Malalai Shinwari, Jamileh Afghani, Shah Gul Rezaei, Marie Akrami and a few other dolls, who had became the indirect spokespersons of Taliban and were talking about the change of this gang of killers. Our unfortunate women are aware of the history of the dark rule of the Taliban, as well as of the last 20 years, in which only bloodshed and terror are recorded.

However, we saw that the brutal gang of Taliban blackened their female spokespersons and, in addition to numerous other crimes against women, further revealed their heinous essence, by arresting women and forcibly making them confess. The Taliban fascist group have shown that they are no different in nature from their fellow Iranian regime brothers, and that they are stepping in their footsteps. These forced confessions are just a blot of shame on the bloodthirsty Taliban and their Western supporters’ forehead, who kindly invited Taliban to Norway and Switzerland. Under the most horrific circumstances, these confessions do not diminish the value of those girls and women who, unlike most of the intellectuals who fled with the arrival of the Taliban, remained inside and took to the streets for the first time in their lives to raise their voices in protest.

Let the inhumane women, along with some demon-possessed men, such as Dewa Patang, Zarifa Ghaffari and Asma Asiaee shout loudly to sugarcoat the inhuman and medieval face of Taliban, but the day will come when our fellow oppressed countrywomen and countrymen join hands, away from ethnic, religious, regional and linguistic differences, and stand up against all fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist reactionary forces and do not allow their fate to be decided by the aggressor imperialist governments and regional reactionary regimes such as Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey through their Jihadist-Taliban-ISIS puppets. The day will come when they rise from the blood and ashes and determine their destiny and future towards progress and prosperity with their own capable hands.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

March 8, 2022


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