Two years of Taliban’s despotism is the continuation of twenty years of crimes by the US occupiers and their puppets!

Two years of Taliban’s despotism is the continuation of twenty years of crimes by the US occupiers and their puppets!

Two years have passed since the re-installation of the dark-minded of the century, and just as yesterday their Jihadi brothers were installed over the fate of our people, today these CIA-ISIS-born figures have been kept on their feet with the force of weekly dollars and other hidden aid from US and its partners. Under the domination of Taliban fascism, Afghanistan has turned into a huge prison, especially for its oppressed women.

In 2001, US/NATO criminals deceitfully occupied our land under the pretext of "fighting against terrorism", but they unprecedentedly nurtured various forms of Jihadi, Taliban and ISIS terrorism. They talked about "women's liberation" but ultimately they left women in the bloody claws of rabid wolves and sick misogynists. They spoke of "democracy", but they raised looters and mafia, empowered an army of corrupt people and criminals through a puppet and traitorous regime to rule our people, and they also compromised with the Taliban.

Two years ago, the United States and its allies threw away their Jihadi and Technocrat lackeys like toilet paper, and instead installed their Taliban on the throne of power. During this time, we have witnessed the most horrible crimes all over the country, which the world has turned a blind eye to: in the first days of the rule of this group alien to humanity, they closed the gates of government offices to women; they prevented the education of girls above the sixth grade, and it was not long before women were deprived of the right to study in universities and participate in entrance exams; youths were shot in Kunar and Khost for the crime of listening to music and defending the country's flag; they massacred civilians in Panjshir, Balkhab and Andrabs; by imprisoning protesting women, they were subjected to torture, humiliation and sexual harassment and forced to confess; a large number of women protesters or former military personnel were disappeared or killed; Taliban brought poverty and hunger to a peak and pushed more than 90 percent of the population below the poverty line; in different places under the name of Sharia, women and men were punished with whipping, stoning and retaliation; despite the imposition of compulsory black hijab, women were prevented from going to entertainment and sports centers or training courses; in addition to the pressure and intimidation against the media, Taliban also prevented women from appearing in them; hair salons, wedding halls, and playing music were forbidden; and etc. In short, it can be said that the Taliban went to war against all the manifestations of progress and prosperity and caused hundreds of disasters and calamities to our poor masses.

Due to the collapsed economy, the deep infrastructural crisis, the rise of its new rivals China and Russia, the internal protest movements and acute conflicts, the US bloodthirsty machine is on the verge of collapse. For this reason, they handed over Afghanistan to Taliban –the US Wagner Group– to continue their sinister policies through their medieval creations and at a lower cost. US and NATO troops have left Afghanistan, but our ruined land is still in the clutches of imperialism and their fundamentalist products. The US is leading its minions in a direction so that this region, deprived of any peace and progress, will turn into a ruined place full of superstitions, thus this "heart of Asia" has stopped beating and as a hub for terrorism and terror, it has become a headache for emerging Asian powers. And its export will be solely ignorance, terrorism and drugs. Based on this devilish policy, on the one hand, the gates of educational institutions are closed and science, culture, and education are destroyed, and on the other hand, the construction of religious schools as suicide and terrorist production factories has increased widely.

It is no coincidence that huge sums of dollars have flowed into the pocket of Taliban in a visible and hidden way, and the representatives of the imperialist countries and the United Nations are trying to sugarcoat the brutal face of the Taliban every day, and they are looking for solutions for their recognition and longevity. We have even seen that puppets such as Mahbouba Seraj and Fatima Gailani, and these days a new puppet called Madina Mahboobi, are being marketed to wash away the blood and betrayal of Taliban. Recently, Tom West and Rina Amiri –Khalilzad the Seconds– mated with Taliban Doha, but apparently expressed their "concern" about the situation of human and women's rights in Afghanistan(!) However, it is obvious to everyone that the behind-the-scenes and treacherous goals of these meetings will never be in the media.

The Taliban, these vile minions, sometimes start a so-called dispute against Iran and Pakistan to exhibit their independence, but today it is even clear to the children that these destructive and misogynist group have been in the religious schools and safe houses of Pakistan, and the regime of Iran –their fundamentalist and sanguinary brothers– have been one of their main supporters. Taliban, as an intelligence project and without any roots in our soil, was not supported and armed by US and the West during the past twenty years, they would not have been able to build a position in Afghanistan, nor would he have been able to gain power so easily.

The notorious machinery of US and Allies have not given up on their Jihadi lackeys and have always patted their these long-time surrogates, to keep them as reserve force for future. Jihadists, led by mostly Jamiat-e-Islami, rushed to Pakistan by a chartered airplane of that country, on the day of the Taliban's arrival in Kabul, to run their snouts in front of their old lord, and besides their Taliban counterparts, get the master’s blessings. However since their history has come to an end and the stench of their corruption has risen to the sky, they were not favored by their master. Some people under the leadership of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son are lounging in Europe and bragging about resistance, however, they are hopeful to be installed in the Kabul citadel with the support of US or another power. Our people have seen so much treachery and oppression from the bloodthirsty Jihadis and Jihadis-sons that they do not see any essential difference between the two. Jihadis and Taliban are both the enemies of women's rights, justice and progress, and especially as traders of religion, they see their death in the establishment of democracy and secularism. Jihadis easily get along with Taliban because their decadent thoughts are not much different. Just as the Jihadi filthy figures such as Siddiq Chakri, Allah Gul Mujahid, Gulbuddin, Wadud Payman, Jawed Balkhabi, Keramuddin Karim, Tahir Zuheer, etc. have found a place in the arms of the Taliban, other Jihadi leaders are also waiting for the opportunity so that their foreign masters can find a place for them with the Taliban dark regime in the guise of "inclusive government".

Suffering compatriots!

For decades, we have experienced the puppet and criminal regimes that came to power and collapsed overnight. A government imposed by foreigners has no duty but to guard the interests of the master, so we should not expect to be saved from this darkness and historical humiliation with the intervention of external powers. We can liberate our land only with an informed brain and united and capable hands; We should take advantage of the smallest openings and raise the voice of freedom and democracy. If we remain silent, imperialism and reactionaries with their bloodthirsty policies will play with our fate as in the past and install a more bloodthirsty and disastrous regime. We are the ones who can stand in their way and shape our own destiny. It is up to us inside and our compatriots abroad to fight unitedly and persistently for a better future and to heal the wounds of our barefoot people.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

15 August 2023


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