We Condemn the Brutal Attack of Turkey’s Fascist Government on Rojava!

Since October 9th, 2019, the fascist government of Erdogan, the godfather of ISIS, along with Free Army of Syria (another name for ISIS, directly supported by the bloodthirsty government of Turkey), started an attack, codenamed Operation Spring Peace, on Rojava, making the excuse of creating buffer zone, but indeed it is Operation Spring Blood and Crime. The crime which resulted in displacement of 130,000, killing and injury of hundreds. The awful photos of Turkish Army and their ISIS Brother’s crimes shocked the world, however, the imperialist and Nato government, being the founder and supporter of fundamentalism and terrorism in the region, are acting as spectator. And the government of Pakistan, always nurturing terrorist, shamefully knelt to Erdogan and announced its support for this brutality.

Although, the clips of beheading of Kurdish fighters and the tragic killing of lionesses of this homeland, like Hevrin Khalaf, by the Turkish ISIS are circulating in the social media, and the advancement of this murderous group is broadcasted in the world media, but no oppression and brutality can break the high sprit of Rojava fighters, composed of Kurds, Arabs, Asyrians and other ethnic groups, and heads held up continue the struggle, alike their prideful past. Erdogan is facing scandalous failure everyday inside Turkey, the recent example of losing important municipalities of the metropolitan cities, was imagining to conquer Rojava in one or two days, having advanced ordnance, to earn some honor, but he faced such a resilient resistance from YPG and SDF, which badly destroyed his sweet dreams.

The influence of the propagandists of fundamentalism and savagery
in educational bodies is a disaster!

The Afghan government recently arrested a number of teachers and students from the Sharia faculty of Kabul University on charges of being members of ISIS. A number of these murderers confessed to being involved in a few deadly attacks such as the suicide attack on the wrestling club of Omid Maiwand, the airport, and a bus carrying the workers of Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission. However, these are not the only crimes of the ISIS brutes. They have carried out attacks against our Shia compatriots and the people of eastern Afghanistan. A number of students confessed to having joined ISIS through Kabul University teachers who taught religious subjects.

The Assembly of Hyenas Is Continuation of 8th and 7th Saur Calamities

The dark days of 8th and 7th Saur are forereaching while the criminals are trying to engrave another shame into our history’s calendar. The anti-popular and traitor elements of our country are trying to forgive the bloodthirsty and dark-aged Taliban. The Loya Jirga is a platform for the bloodthirsty and ignorant criminals to deceive our people by disguising their true intentions with a show of their supposed intentions to see an Afghanistan of peace, prosperity and progress. The anti-popular Jirga paves the path to further submerge this unfortunate land into the depth of occupation, fundamentalism, reactionary, bloodshed, insecurity, corruption, injustice and many other catastrophes. There are no real representatives of our suffered people in attendance at these exhibitive Jirgas and talks, but the criminals of 7th and 8th Saur along with Taliban and pro-occupation technocrats to further captivate the nation into their malevolent claws.

The Abduction of Julian Assange by Imperialists Is Attack on the Wakeful Conscience of Humanity!

Once again the fake democracy of imperialism further revealed its sanguinary face. The occupier governments of US and UK, claiming to deliver democracy to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and recently Venezuela, and considering themselves as the world masters, in collaboration with the lackey government of Ecuador pulled out Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Indeed, they abducted this conscientious human and the real friend of oppressed ones, in the guise of law in public and presence of media. While being abducted, Assange with high spirit, was smiling fearlessly inside the police van. Indeed, he was telling the world that by revealing all the dirty secrets, he has shot such a strong arrow to the rotten effigy of inhuman system of imperialism and its corporations that no force can make him kneel. The mainstream media, with their rein knotted to corporations and imperialists’ machinery, while broadcast the stale wedding ceremony of UK’s prince son live for hours, covered this incident as unworthy news, as they are forced to pretend to be impartial and keep their mask of so-called freedom of expression.

Continuation of Afghanistan’s occupation: continuation of war, fundamentalism, and crimes

This year marks the seventeenth year of the Afghan people’s captivity under the US and NATO’s occupation, and their local lackeys’ rule. It is now clear for all Afghans, except those whose eyes and conscience have been blinded with money and power, that the US’s military invasion has pushed our people deeper into the quagmire of war, bloodshed, corruption and misfortune, and has turned our country into a dangerous battlefield of imperialist rivalries. The US occupiers and its allies attacked our tormented land under the beautiful slogans of ‘democracy’, ‘war against terrorism’, ‘women’s rights’ and ‘reconstruction’, but it was clear from the very beginning that they were victimizing our war-ridden nation with their dark plans yet again, for their own strategic and economic interests. The seventeen years of the military presence of the US and NATO are the darkest of our country’s history, marked with the massacre of hundreds and thousands of our people; empowerment of dangerous terrorist gangs; turning Afghanistan into the most corrupt country of the world with the highest production and trafficking of opium and heroin; looting of our untouched minerals; increment of the gap between the rich and poor; brutal oppression of women and misuse of their miseries; mass exodus of our hopeless and unemployed youth; and countless other misfortunes.

With consciousness and struggle, let us rid ourselves of the shameful days of 7th and 8th Saur!

We spent yet another bloody year, and the dark days of 7th and 8th Saur have arrived again, two odious days that open the wounds of its victims every year. Of these disastrous days, one saw the occupation of the social-imperialist Soviet Union, and the other day paved the way for the occupation of our homeland by Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and ultimately the US and NATO. 7th Saur was the beginning of the commission of treason and crimes against our country, and the killing, wounding, and destruction of the lives of millions of people. A nation that hoped to live a humane and peaceful life after the humiliating defeat of the Soviet Union and its puppets, had all its sacrifices and gains destroyed by monsters that took over Kabul on 8th Saur. Upon their entrance to Kabul, these brutes reduced the beautiful city to ruins, killed over 70,000 of its innocent inhabitants, and brought such calamity upon our nation that history has less often witnessed. This is why our people rightfully raise the slogan, “8th Saur more odious than 7th Saur”.

Such is the painful state of our country that the looters of Afghanistan and murderers of our mourning people, have now gathered under the banner of the US and are busy in another round of killing and looting. These criminals are cuddling one another and laughing over the blood and bodies of the people of Afghanistan. Gulabzoi, Tanai, Taqat and other Khalqi-Parchami traitors, whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, have rushed to Gulbuddin “Rocket-yar’s” side, calling “Kabul’s butcher” a dove of peace.

Sisters, let us uproot violence against women with our organized struggle!

On October 17, 1999, the UN designated the 25th of November, famously known as the day of the brutal murder of the Mirabal sisters, as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Perhaps no country in the world received as much discussion on “freedom of women” and “ending violence against women” and other such appealing slogans as Afghanistan, but only in words. Especially, in the past one and a half decades of the US invasion and installation of its lackeys, the Afghan woman has become a tool in their hands to hide their reactionary, oppressive, and filthy reality and treacherously deceive people. The rapid growth of NGOs created for “defending women’s rights” and the millions of dollars poured as funding for this purpose, were all efforts by the West and the US to hide the real nature of their criminal war in our country, and pretend that they did not invade Afghanistan to plunder it, but to better the lives of its women. Only a handful of women like Nahid Farid, Shukria Barekzai, Fawzia Koofi, Amina Balkhi, Qadria Yazdanparast, Fatima Gilani, Amina Afzali, Sima Samar, Azita Rifat, Shinkai Karokhel, and others, who serve foreigners and criminal warlords, were given money, status and fame, and showcased as gains of women. But the majority of Afghan women still mourn and suffer in the ruins of our country under the domination of murderous fundamentalists in the government, the Taliban, and ISIS, and their painful cries echo from all corners of this land every day. Now even international human rights organizations cannot deny that Afghan women are in a more disastrous situation and are worse off today than they were under the dark rule of the Taliban.


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