With consciousness and struggle, let us rid ourselves of the shameful days of 7th and 8th Saur!

We spent yet another bloody year, and the dark days of 7th and 8th Saur have arrived again, two odious days that open the wounds of its victims every year. Of these disastrous days, one saw the occupation of the social-imperialist Soviet Union, and the other day paved the way for the occupation of our homeland by Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and ultimately the US and NATO. 7th Saur was the beginning of the commission of treason and crimes against our country, and the killing, wounding, and destruction of the lives of millions of people. A nation that hoped to live a humane and peaceful life after the humiliating defeat of the Soviet Union and its puppets, had all its sacrifices and gains destroyed by monsters that took over Kabul on 8th Saur. Upon their entrance to Kabul, these brutes reduced the beautiful city to ruins, killed over 70,000 of its innocent inhabitants, and brought such calamity upon our nation that history has less often witnessed. This is why our people rightfully raise the slogan, “8th Saur more odious than 7th Saur”.

Such is the painful state of our country that the looters of Afghanistan and murderers of our mourning people, have now gathered under the banner of the US and are busy in another round of killing and looting. These criminals are cuddling one another and laughing over the blood and bodies of the people of Afghanistan. Gulabzoi, Tanai, Taqat and other Khalqi-Parchami traitors, whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, have rushed to Gulbuddin “Rocket-yar’s” side, calling “Kabul’s butcher” a dove of peace.

Sisters, let us uproot violence against women with our organized struggle!

On October 17, 1999, the UN designated the 25th of November, famously known as the day of the brutal murder of the Mirabal sisters, as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Perhaps no country in the world received as much discussion on “freedom of women” and “ending violence against women” and other such appealing slogans as Afghanistan, but only in words. Especially, in the past one and a half decades of the US invasion and installation of its lackeys, the Afghan woman has become a tool in their hands to hide their reactionary, oppressive, and filthy reality and treacherously deceive people. The rapid growth of NGOs created for “defending women’s rights” and the millions of dollars poured as funding for this purpose, were all efforts by the West and the US to hide the real nature of their criminal war in our country, and pretend that they did not invade Afghanistan to plunder it, but to better the lives of its women. Only a handful of women like Nahid Farid, Shukria Barekzai, Fawzia Koofi, Amina Balkhi, Qadria Yazdanparast, Fatima Gilani, Amina Afzali, Sima Samar, Azita Rifat, Shinkai Karokhel, and others, who serve foreigners and criminal warlords, were given money, status and fame, and showcased as gains of women. But the majority of Afghan women still mourn and suffer in the ruins of our country under the domination of murderous fundamentalists in the government, the Taliban, and ISIS, and their painful cries echo from all corners of this land every day. Now even international human rights organizations cannot deny that Afghan women are in a more disastrous situation and are worse off today than they were under the dark rule of the Taliban.


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