We Condemn the Brutal Attack of Turkey’s Fascist Government on Rojava!

We Condemn the Brutal Attack of Turkey’s Fascist Government on Rojava!

Since October 9th, 2019, the fascist government of Erdogan, the godfather of ISIS, along with Free Army of Syria (another name for ISIS, directly supported by the bloodthirsty government of Turkey), started an attack, codenamed Operation Spring Peace, on Rojava, making the excuse of creating buffer zone, but indeed it is Operation Spring Blood and Crime. The crime which resulted in displacement of 130,000, killing and injury of hundreds. The awful photos of Turkish Army and their ISIS Brother’s crimes shocked the world, however, the imperialist and Nato government, being the founder and supporter of fundamentalism and terrorism in the region, are acting as spectator. And the government of Pakistan, always nurturing terrorist, shamefully knelt to Erdogan and announced its support for this brutality.

Although, the clips of beheading of Kurdish fighters and the tragic killing of lionesses of this homeland, like Hevrin Khalaf, by the Turkish ISIS are circulating in the social media, and the advancement of this murderous group is broadcasted in the world media, but no oppression and brutality can break the high sprit of Rojava fighters, composed of Kurds, Arabs, Asyrians and other ethnic groups, and heads held up continue the struggle, alike their prideful past. Erdogan is facing scandalous failure everyday inside Turkey, the recent example of losing important municipalities of the metropolitan cities, was imagining to conquer Rojava in one or two days, having advanced ordnance, to earn some honor, but he faced such a resilient resistance from YPG and SDF, which badly destroyed his sweet dreams.

The Ikhwani Erdogan has bloody hands in our country as well. Since many years, he has close connection with Gulbuddin, the butcher of Kabul and assassin of Afghanistan, held the murderous Abdul Rashid Dostum in his arms, considered as the godfather of all criminal Afghan Ikwanis, and is an ally of the occupier US government in Afghanistan. In the many years, while the Kurdish fighters were fighting against ISIS, Erdogan had made the border cities of the country as the safe heaven for ISIS forces, sent lorries of aids to ISIS full of arms and ammunitions, and his son was buying the unprocessed oil from them. In the recent attack of Turkey on Rojava, they freed up hundreds of ISIS prisoners from captivity in Rojava to reestablish this highly reactionary mercenary forces and use them for his ominous aims.

The captivated people of Afghanistan and the world should learn the custom of resistance and combat against oppressors from the indomitable Kurdish fighters, who change their destiny with their own powerful hands. According to Masoud Hassanzada, the conscientious artist of Afghanistan, “they, the indomitable women and men, whose only comrade is the mountains, don’t need our mercy and sympathy, but our awakening and stand beside them, and to get conscious and break our chains, alike them. We need them more than they need us. They are the only point of awakening the only point of hope in the world full hopelessness and confusion.”

The attack of the Daeshi government of Turkey started with a green light from US. The US government betraying the Kurds, once again recorded in its history that friendship with this war-mongering and anti-human superpower, according to Henry Kissinger can be “fatal”. And one should never trust this shame of humanity. The Kurdish friends, by revising the recent years of their tactics of their struggle, must have learned that their alignment with US have never been in their favor. The real interest went to the occupier government of USA. The ruling power of US, throughout its history, have always relied on dark, reactionary and criminal forces, and have used all kinds of devil acts and crimes to perish the revolutionary and progressive forces.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA), with “defending the emancipatory and progressive struggles of captive nations of the world” as one of its aims, despite the current calamities in Afghanistan, considers its duty to stand beside the oppressed people of the world, and to reflect their resistance and sacrifices, and to express its solidarity and support with them. The tormented people of Afghanistan should never forget that we have a common pain, therefore, we need to have a common fight and solidarity. We are all suffering from the dirt of imperialism and their local fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist surrogates. So let’s become a joint fist against these murderers.

Erdogan’s blood-stained hands off from Rojava!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

October 17, 2019


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