The Assembly of Hyenas Is Continuation of 8th and 7th Saur Calamities

The Assembly of Hyenas Is Continuation of 8th and 7th Saur Calamities

The dark days of 8th and 7th Saur are forereaching while the criminals are trying to engrave another shame into our history’s calendar. The anti-popular and traitor elements of our country are trying to forgive the bloodthirsty and dark-aged Taliban. The Loya Jirga is a platform for the bloodthirsty and ignorant criminals to deceive our people by disguising their true intentions with a show of their supposed intentions to see an Afghanistan of peace, prosperity and progress. The anti-popular Jirga paves the path to further submerge this unfortunate land into the depth of occupation, fundamentalism, reactionary, bloodshed, insecurity, corruption, injustice and many other catastrophes. There are no real representatives of our suffered people in attendance at these exhibitive Jirgas and talks, but the criminals of 7th and 8th Saur along with Taliban and pro-occupation technocrats to further captivate the nation into their malevolent claws.

Khalilzad is apparently rushing up and down for peace in the country, but the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) has repeatedly stated, “Warmongers can’t bring peace!” He is setting his efforts to ensure the criminal presence of US Government in Afghanistan, otherwise, it is crystal clear for everyone that how come the US, Nato and Allies, with a nefarious and bloody history in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan and other countries, can be supporters of democracy, progress and prosperity in our country? Our people haven’t forgotten the brutalities of the exploiting US Government, including its bombings and nourishing terrorist in Afghanistan, and are still suffering from these hegemonies. They also remember, how the US Government turned the heads of the 7-made-by-Pakistan and 8-made-by-Iran Islamic fundamentalist overnight into wolves, who had become rats, and set them free against our people, who were suffering from the bites of Taliban. And today, it commits another treachery by setting free the barbarous Taliban, besides Rocketyar (Gulbuddin Hekmatyar gained this nickname by Afghans for firing thousands of missiles towards Kabul City during civil war, killing thousands of civilians), on the corpse of our nation.

We ask the question, do the local poulard intellectuals who praise and defend the United States occupation and provide biased analysis on the TV and social media have no conscience? Do they not see the reality that is so clear, the suffering and anger of this nation, because of the corrupt governments continued cooperation with the US and Allies? These poulard intellectuals, because of their lack of respect for the people of this country, are practically submerging the country further into the hurricane of reactionary, occupation and fundamentalism. It is the political stand of an intellectual which makes him/her stand on the side of a progressive indomitable person and friend of people or a reactionary person kissing the boots of the criminals.

Once again, the heads of Islamic fundamentalist parties such as Atta, Muhaqiq, Qanoni, Ismail Khan and etc. showed their filthy essence. Yesterday, they were bluffing about their so-called “resistance against Taliban”, but now they are rushing to Moscow to kiss the feet of Taliban, the lackeys of ISI, and breaking their head for the pilgrimage of the human-eating representatives of this minion group in Doha. Our people have rightly realized, that they are traitors-to-their-homeland, who are ready to embrace any kind of atrocity. Additionally, Ghani & Abdullah who pretend to be against these talks; if they are not fraud and puppet, at least according to the common desire of our people, Anas Haqani –one of the high ranking man in Haqani Network, now imprisoned in Kabul– should be punished in retaliation to the death of tens of thousands of soldiers, policemen and civilians. However, we knew from the repeated experience, that they don’t have any sympathy with the people, but their only love to keep their posts, given to them by John Kerry.

It is once again the responsibility of the citizens of our nation to show solidarity and unite against the occupational government of the US and local minions, Islamic fundamentalist parties and the Taliban, just as they did against the British and Russian invaders. We must create country-wide resistance groups that work to abolish the cruelty and oppression we face. Our country’s women, inspiring from Malalai Maiwand, Meena and Nahid, should raise the banner of resistance against the warlords, Taliban and other Islamic fundamentalist factions. We must reveal to the nation and the world that the assembly of the Loya Jirga is not one of transparency, the likes of Malalai Joya and Bulqis Roshan have both made their voices heard to expose the traitors. We do not want to be the witnesses of another tragedy like the 7th and 8th Saur. Our history has repeatedly proven that the struggle and resistance against the national traitors and their foreign masters, is the only path for peace, justice, democracy and happiness.

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

26 April 2019


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